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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 315


Chapter 315: Chapter 315 - The Heavy Sword with a Sharp Edge is

Chapter 315 - The Heavy Sword with a Sharp Edge is a Saber

The Heavy Sword with a Sharp Edge was something that Jianghuang had discovered incidentally. It was not a magical weapon, but there existed a spirit within it. After being inserted into the ground, those below the Martial Dominator Realm would not be able to draw it out.

After several attempts, those who participated in the selection before finally realized that in order to draw the broadsword higher out from the ground, not only was a tremendous strength required, one would also need to awaken the presence inside the broadsword using the will of the Martial Spirit or the intent of one’s Martial Art. The more awake the presence inside the broadsword was, the greater the distance it could be drawn out from the ground.

However, today, with a mere sentence, the entire Heavy Sword with a Sharp Edge began to emit a terrifying Sword Intent, resulting in a rare sight.


A roar similar to the cries of a dragon could be heard, and before the crowd could react in time, the twelve-foot long broadsword—the sword which nobody could draw out from the ground—ended up being completely drawn out by Qin Nan as if it had turned weightless, pointing at the sky. Its green body captured the attention of the crowd as if it was emitting countless rays of blinding light.


At that instant, the geniuses and the authorities were lost for words, with blank expressions on their faces.

It’s been drawn out?

The entire Heavy Sword with a Sharp Edge was drawn out from the ground?

A mere half-Martial Emperor Realm cultivator managed to draw the sword out after uttering a single sentence?

“How is this possible!” Jianghuang rose from his seat and stared at the sight before him, while speaking in a disbelieving tone, “Impossible! There is no way! How could the Heavy Sword with a Sharp Edge be drawn out with a single sentence!”

The Heavy Sword with a Sharp Edge was Jianghuang’s treasure all along, which had accompanied him for countless years. Therefore, he was most familiar with it himself.

Even until today, he had no idea how to fully awaken the presence inside the Heavy Sword with a Sharp Edge.


The envoy of the Feiyang Sacred Area was stunned.

Wasn’t this Qin Nan appointed by Fang Jian because of his background?

What’s going on here?

Only Fang Jian showed no sign of astonishment on his face. Instead, he reacted as if he had already expected this to happen.

Would Qin Nan fail to draw a sword out from the ground with his eighth-grade Xuan ranked Martial Spirit?

I would be more surprised if that happened!

At that instant, Leng Aotian’s expression thoroughly stiffened. Even after cultivating for a year straight, comprehending the secrets of his Martial Spirit, improving his will, he had only managed to draw the broadsword forty inches out from the ground.

But the result?

This guy before him drew the entire sword out from the ground!

This had never happened in the selection of the two Sacred Areas in previous years!

“No way!”

While Leng Aotian wore a blank expression, he let out a scream, “Your flesh is only equivalent to the first-layer Martial Emperor Realm! And you didn’t even insert any will into the broadsword;how did you manage to wake up the Weapon Spirit within it? You must be cheating;there’s no way——”

Not only Leng Aotian, the other authorities and geniuses instinctively nodded their heads.

They had personally witnessed that Qin Nan had only exhorted brute force with his flesh and unleashed his aura. Following this, he drew out the Heavy Sword with a Sharp Edge after uttering a sentence.

Are you f**king kidding me? Are you implying that one could easily draw the sword out with a mere sentence?

“You think so?”

Qin Nan stood firmly against the suspicious looks of the crowd as he spoke in a calm tone, “Maybe in your eyes, it’s very suspicious that I’m able to draw the sword out from the ground. That being said, it’s time for me to reveal the true appearance of this sword to you all!”

The true appearance?

Everyone was stunned, including Jianghuang too.

“The Heavens and Earth give birth to fascinating objects, and may the true appearance be unveiled after being shrouded for ten years!”

Qin Nan held the hilt and sensed the great joy coming from the Weapon Spirit of the sword. He then uttered a roar and pointed the sword at the sky, as endless flames were emitted from his palms, engulfing the broadsword.

Any magical weapon, or a rare treasure of the Heavens and Earth would never be incinerated by mere flames.

However, the broadsword appeared to be extremely vulnerable to the flames, like a dry branch of a tree, as it was completely ignited after coming into contact with the flames. Furthermore, the flames grew even stronger to a height of sixty feet, causing the crowd’s faces to be lit up.

The broadsword was expected to be destroyed due to the combustion, but the crowd could hear a clear buzz taking place within the flames. Following it, a shocking beam of light was fired into the sky from the flames.


The tall flames instantly dissipated, revealing the true appearance of the sword.

The crowd could now see the difference in the appearance of the broadsword, as its surface was filled with cracks like a spiderweb. A moment later, its entire body shattered into pieces.

“This is…”

Jianghuang’s pupils contracted.

“The Heavy Sword with a Sharp Edge was naturally formed by the Heavens and Earth. It is a rare object, and does not belong to the category of magical weapons. There is no Weapon Spirit inside it, but there exists a powerful conscience.” Qin Nan’s calm voice could be heard, "You guys thought you had to awaken the presence inside it in order to draw it out from the ground, but you were wrong;in order to draw it out, it was not the presence you should awaken, but its real appearance. I’ve managed to discover its real appearance, thus I’m able to draw it out with a single sentence!”

“That is because, the Heavy Sword with a Sharp Edge is not a sword at all!”

“The Heavy Sword with no Sharp Edge is a sword! But the Heavy Sword with a Sharp Edge—it’s a saber!”

It was as if the words were filled with a certain magic, which caused the souls of the crowd to quaver.

The broadsword in Qin Nan’s hand shuddered violently, as if it was extremely joyful. At that instant, the cracks on its surface were peeled off on its own, dropping to the ground. A snowish-white, crescent-shaped, twelve-foot long saber emitting an icy glow appeared before the crowd!

At that instant, an endless stream of Saber Intent burst out from it, as if winter had arrived, resulting in the crowd’s hearts being filled with an icy chill.


The huge saber emitted a terrifying glow that penetrated the sky, as it stood firmly before the crowd.

Countless years later, its true form had finally been revealed to the world!

At that instant, the geniuses, the authorities, and Jianghuang were completely lost for words.

Who would expect the true form of a broadsword to be a saber!

Who would expect this to be the true appearance of the Heavy Sword with a Sharp Edge!

“The Heavy Sword with no Sharp Edge is a sword, and the Heavy Sword with a Sharp Edge is a saber… Who would have thought, who would have thought;so the reason that this sword is unable to be drawn out was because it had always been waiting for someone to awaken its true form!” Jianghuang mumbled to himself after a slight hesitation. Following this, his eyes were filled with utter joy as he exclaimed, “What a surprise, even I, a half-Martial Highness was unable to discover the truth. Qin Nan, what a great surprise you’ve given me.”

After saying this, he straightened his face and uttered a roar, “In the name of the City Lord of Jianghuang City, I hereby declare the winner of the selection to be… Qin Nan!”

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