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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 314


Chapter 314: Chapter 314 - There's No Need to Draw the Sword Ou

Chapter 314 - There’s No Need to Draw the Sword Out—It Has a Spirit

Clash Clash Clash!

The broadsword was drawn thirty inches out from the ground by the One-Armed Martial Spirit!

“The Heavy Sword with a Sharp Edge, the huge sword with a Spirit, I’ve managed to pull you twenty eight inches out from the ground last year, and after spending a year cultivating in seclusion in order to discover the secrets of my Martial Spirit, you can now reveal your true appearance to the world and become the sharp edge in my hand, keeping me company in the upcoming battles!”

Leng Aotian uttered a roar once again, as his will burst out from his body and penetrated the broadsword.


Another explosion was heard.

It was as if the broadsword was being summoned, allowing it to be pulled another ten inches out from the ground, resulting in a total of forty inches!

The place fall into silence, as everyone stared in disbelief. After a period of ten breaths’ time, a shocking cheer took place among the crowd.

“Forty inches!”

“My god, he managed to pull the sword forty inches out from the ground!”

“Is there anyone who managed to pull the sword forty inches out from the ground in the past? I don’t think so!”


The geniuses, the rogue cultivators of Jianghuang City, and the authorities were utterly astounded.

The famous Heavy Sword with a Sharp Edge;countless geniuses had competed with each other judged on the distance one could draw the sword out from the ground. One who managed to achieve thirty inches was worthy to be considered peerless, while forty inches right here was enough to conquer all those in history!


JIanghuang rose from his seats as his face turned red due to excitement.

“HAHAHA.” The envoy of the Feiyang Sacred Area burst out laughing, “Leng Aotian, an impressive performance. As expected, you did not let me down. However, don’t be too excited for now, as the envoy of the Qinglong Sacred Area has also selected a genius with the name Qin Nan. He will be your opponent this time, and shall compete with you in the trial!”

The crowd wore a blank expression after hearing the words.

“Qin Nan? Isn’t this guy the one who passed the first two rounds by abusing his relationship?”

“Is he going to compete with Leng Aotian?”

“Hehe, Leng Aotian possesses the real strength, but Qin Nan only possesses a formidable background;it’s not me looking down on him, but he would surely lose!”


The geniuses uttered harsh words against Qin Nan, as they were never fond of him since the start of the trial.


Leng Aotian stared at Qin Nan while placing his hands on his back, before he said with a prideful smile, “Qin Nan is it? Feel free to compete with me;I will still come first in this round of sword drawing!”

He was not being disdainful toward Qin Nan;instead, the fact that Qin Nan dared to challenge him resulted in excitement growing in his heart.

The reason being that he was completely smashed last year while competing against the genius, causing him to greatly lose his reputation, filling his heart with shame. Therefore, he ended up spending a year cultivating in seclusion so he could shine brightly in the selection this year, shocking the entire crowd.

As a result, he hoped that there would be more people challenging him, and if he ended up defeating them all, he would be able to cleanse his shame with the winning streak.

Fang Jian’s lips twitched even more vigorously after seeing Leng Aotian’s expression, as he uttered a few sighs in his heart.

On the other hand, Jianghuang frowned his eyebrows. He was quite joyful after seeing Leng Aotian’s performance, and he assumed that it would be a difficult task to surpass his achievement. Thus, he immediately transmitted his voice to Qin Nan, “Qin Nan, the trial this time is quite difficult for you. If you choose not to participate, I’ll try my best to resolve the conflict.”

Jianghuang sincerely admired Qin Nan, thus he did not wish to see him suffering a great shock if he were to be defeated here.

Every genius would be somewhat confident in their capabilities. Once defeated, some geniuses might not be able to accept the truth easily. For example, after Leng Aotian lost, he immediately forfeited the selection and went into seclusion for a year, just to regain the glory he seeked for.

Qin Nan gave Jianghuang a glance without saying anything, before he glanced at Leng Aotian and let out a laugh, “Brother Aotian, pleased to meet you!”

After saying this, his figure landed at the broadsword with a flicker.

At that instant, the crowd gathered their attention onto his figure while holding their breaths.

After all, Qin Nan was specifically appointed by Fang Jian, thus his talent should at least reach a certain level. Therefore, the crowd was eager to see what result Qin Nan would be able to achieve.

Jianghuang let out a sigh in his heart and shook his head, but he had no intention of saying anything further.

The envoy of the Feiyang Sacred Area wore a grin on his face. In his eyes, Qin Nan would definitely lose the competition.

“Rise at once!”

With a roar, a scorching flame was ignited within his body, resulting in waves of heat being emitted from his body. He then leapt onto the hilt of the sword and grabbed it with his hands, causing a series of explosions to take place in the air, astonishing the spectators.

“Such powerful flesh!”

“His flesh alone is able to match the strength of a first-layer Martial Emperor opponent!”


A surprised look could be seen in Leng Aotian’s eyes, but he immediately shook his head and let out a mocking laugh, while saying in a loud tone, “Qin Nan, I agree that your flesh is powerful, but the Heavy Sword with a Sharp Edge possesses some sort of conscience;even if your flesh is able to fight a Martial Ancestor Realm, you won’t be able to draw the sword out still!”

The authorities nodded their heads in agreement. Only those whose flesh possessed a strength on par with Martial Dominator Realm experts were able to move the sword with brute force.


Qin Nan raised his eyebrows and said, “I shall thank Brother Aotian for the reminder!”

Following the words, Qin Nan showed no sign of changing his actions, who reached out his hands and grabbed the hilt.

Leng Aotian was startled.

Many among the crowd were startled.

Even after being reminded that brute force alone would not be able to drag the sword out from the ground, this Qin Nan still insisted on following his own will?

Jianghuang let out a sigh;he was the most familiar with the Heavy Sword with a Sharp Edge, hence in his eyes, there was no doubt that Qin Nan would lose the competition.

The grin on the envoy of the Feiyang Sacred Area’s face grew thicker. This Qin Nan is absolutely overestimating his own strength.


Qin Nan uttered a roar as his arms exhorted a great force while pulling the sword upward.



The entire broadsword immediately emitted a buzz, as it was pulled two inches out form the ground, before coming to a stop.

Upon seeing this, Leng Aotian immediately burst out laughing, “Qin Nan, I’ve already told you that the sword possesses some sort of conscience. Your flesh alone is not enough to draw it out from the ground! However, you insisted on following your own way. A person like you does not have the right to be my oppo…”

Leng Aotian’s eyes were fully filled with disappointment.

Initially, he had assumed this Qin Nan to be a worthy opponent. However, it seemed like the words of the crowd was the truth;this Qin Nan was only being appointed by Fang Jian due to his background.

The outcome had no doubt crushed Leng Aotian’s thoughts of using the corpses of geniuses as stepping stones to acquire the first spot of the selection.

However, before he could finish his words.

A rare phenomenon took place all of a sudden.

A terrifying aura was emitted from Qin Nan’s body, causing his hair to dance wildly. At the same time, his left eye emitted a brilliant glow, together with an indescribable pressure.

It was as if he had transformed into a superior emperor, staring down at the crowd and the Heavy Sword with a Sharp Edge.

“Follow my lead, and I shall reveal your true appearance to the world.”

Qin Nan uttered the words, not to the crowd, but to the broadsword.


At that instant, the broadsword had been drawn two inches out from the ground began to vibrate vigorously, as a copper-colored Sword Intent was emitted from its body. Deep inside the broadsword, the sleeping Weapon Spirit was awakened all of a sudden, which wore great shock on its face.

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