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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 308


Chapter 308: Chapter 308 - The Rage Change of the Copper Mirror

Chapter 308 - The Rare Change of the Copper Mirror

“What is going on right now?”

Qin Nan’s forehead was covered in a cold sweat.

Previously, the divine Battle Spirit was perfectly fine, and he did not notice any sign before it turned out this way.

“It’s possible that the amount of pills required after the divine Battle Spirit reached the tenth-grade Xuan rank increased tremendously;I’ve encountered this situation a few times before. Therefore, after consuming all the Martial Dominator Pills, my divine Battle Spirit should be able to level up to the Di rank!”

Qin Nan reached a conclusion after a slight ponder, as he swiftly grabbed the Martial Dominator Pills with his hands and devoured them continuously.

One million three hundred thousand!

Two million!

Three million two hundred thousand!

Four million seven hundred thousand!

Qin Nan’s hands had turned blurred as he continued to devour the Martial Dominator Pills at a terrifying speed.

Every time he opened his mouth, despite expanding it to the limit, he could only devour just over two hundred Martial Dominator Pills at most. He had now consumed a total of five million Martial Dominator Pills. He had no idea how many turns he had repeated, as he could feel his mouth turning numb and his hands turning sore.

However, he did not stop.

It was as if he had entered a frenzied state;all that remained in his thoughts was—Devour, devour, devour!

Six million!

Seven million nine hundred thousand!

Eight million eight hundred thousand!

Nine million nine hundred thousand!

Four hours after, Qin Nan remained as still as a statue in the residence, his eyes glaring at the pile of pills. The speed of his hands never decreased. Despite the fact that he could feel his arms trembling, he showed no sign of stopping.

People might say that Qin Nan was a natural born Martial Addict. The fact was, not only was he a Martial Addict, he would be addicted to anything he decided to do.

What was the significance of suffering?

What was the definition of tiring?

I must endure it even if I clench my teeth.

Eleven million!

Thirteen million!

Fourteen million four hundred thousand!

After Qin Nan had consumed a total of fourteen million nine hundred thousand Martial Dominator Pills, it was as if he had lost his soul, whose actions came to a halt as he shut his mouth, while his eyes were filled with the utmost shock.

“Fourteen million nine hundred thousand Martial Dominator Pills, and the divine Battle Spirit still hasn’t leveled up?”

“Nevermind about the level up, not even a stream of Chaos Qi was acquired?”

Qin Nan clenched his fists tightly, causing veins to pop up on the surface of his skin as he trembled slightly.

He was now aware of a problem;Something must be wrong with the divine Battle Spirit!

Even if a huge amount of pills were required to level up to the Di rank, it’s impossible that the divine Battle Spirit showed no sign of leveling up after consuming fourteen million nine hundred thousand Martial Dominator Pills!

How significant were fourteen million nine hundred thousand Martial Dominator Pills?

That would be one billion, four hundred and ninety million Martial Ancestor Pills, or one thousand four hundred and ninety billion Martial Emperor Pills, not to mention Xiantian Pills or Body Tempering Pills!

“Could it be that Martial Dominator Pills possesses no effect?”

A sudden thought came to Qin Nan’s mind.

Previously, he had been consuming Martial Ancestor Pills when the divine Battle Spirit leveled up. Maybe there was some restriction on the type of pills, and for some reason, the rank of the pills must not be higher than Martial Ancestor Pills?

“Let’s have a try!”

Qin Nan immediately went out and traded all of his one hundred thousand Martial Dominator Pills for Martial Ancestor Pills, a total of ten million!

“Here we go!”

QIn Nan clenched his teeth and consumed a healing medicine in order to recover his strength. He then stabilized his breathing, before his hands turned blurry once again as he started consuming the pills.

One million!

Two million!

Six million!

Another four hours later, and the sky had now thoroughly darkened. Jianghuang City was lively as usual, but not a single pill was left in Qin Nan’s storage bag. It was as if he had received a great shock, causing him to lie flat on the ground with a blank expression.

Fourteen million nine hundred thousand Martial Dominator Pills!

Ten million Martial Ancestor Pills!

The divine Battle Spirit did not level up, nor was a stream of Chaos Qi acquired.

The divine Battle Spirit that had stood imperious previously was like a pool of still water. It showed no reaction despite the amount of pills that Qin Nan had consumed.

“Could it be that the divine Battle Spirit’s maximum limit is only the tenth-grade Xuan rank? Maybe it’s not able to level up to the Di rank?”

Qin Nan’s mind was filled with a sudden thought.

Under such circumstances, it seemed like this explanation was the most reasonable.

However, he swiftly shook his head. He was utterly confident in his divine Battle Spirit. There is no way my divine Battle Spirit has a limit of the tenth-grade Xuan rank!

There must be something crucial that I’m missing!


All of a sudden, a faint buzz could be heard from the storage bag, as a copper mirror flew out from it on its own. The surface of the copper mirror was filled with countless mysterious patterns, as if the dust on it was being cleared, revealing the true appearance of the copper mirror. A green glow could be seen emitting from its surface, which felt like the surface of a green lake.


Qin Nan was slightly startled.

This copper mirror was one of the three fragments he had acquired on the second-floor of the Ancient Gambling Store.

Previously, he was unable to discover its secrets even with his left eye of the divine God of Battle. Why did it fly out from the bag at this moment?


It was as if a portal was activated within the glowing copper mirror, as an atavistic aura could be felt coming from it.

Qin Nan’s hair instantly stood on end as his left eye turned incredibly hot while it emitted a golden glow.

“This is…”

Qin Nan’s face was filled with astonishment.

He was incredibly familiar with this atavistic aura;it was the same aura that he felt when the left eye of the divine God of Battle was communicating with the mysterious world.

“I can answer your doubts.” At that instant, a cold female voice could be heard coming from the copper mirror.

It was as if the voice had originated from above the nine Heavens, something that did not belong to this world. It appeared to be emotionless, but felt like a glacier at the same time. There was no emotion to it, but the voice alone felt like the icy chill of the wind in winter, penetrating one’s bones.

Qin Nan could feel his hair standing, and his mind was extremely unstable. For some reasons], although the voice was incredibly calm, he could feel an indescribable pressure from it.

It was as if he must submit himself to the voice.

However, after merging with the left eye of the divine God of Battle, his resistance was no longer the same as before. He swiftly regained control of his body, and instinctively said, “My doubts? What doubts do I…”

Qin Nan’s face turned pale at that instant.

My doubts?

Weren’t my doubts related to the divine Battle Spirit being unable to level up, and failing to acquire the streams of Chaos Qi?

Does this copper mirror know the answer?

“Who are you, and why do you know about them!”

Qin Nan snapped.

The divine Battle Spirit was his greatest secret. He would not allow anyone to know about its existence.

“I know everything about this world.” The icy voice appeared once again. However, her voice was softer now, which no longer had the same pressure as before, as if it was growing weaker, “I know that your Martial Spirit was not the one you were born with. I also know that your left eye has merged with another eyeball, and I know that it does not belong to the Canglan Continent.”


Qin Nan’s face turned incredibly pale.

How did this copper mirror know all this?

“Who exactly are you?! I’m asking you one last time!”

Qin Nan let out a growl. His voice was filled with a murderous intent.

“Who am I?

“Are you asking who am I?

“I have no idea either.

“I only know that your Martial Spirit has the right to know who I am.

“As for you, you don’t have the right.

The female’s voice was exceedingly icy.

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Editor: DOCuinn


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