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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 307


Chapter 307: Chapter 307 - A Shocking Change to the Martial Spi

Chapter 307 - A Shocking Change to the Martial Spirit

The expressions on the faces of the Six-Eared divine Being and the others changed rapidly. In the end, they clenched their teeth and left the scene. Under such circumstances, staying any longer would be the same as shaming themselves.

Qin Nan entered the residence, followed by Jianghuang and Fang Jian. As for the One-Handed Martial Dominator and the Sly Sword Dominator, they knew their place and stood at the entrance to the residence. Despite being Martial Dominators, they were more like guards now.

“You little brat.” Jianghuang said with a smile, “I was wondering why you were this ballsy, but it now appears that you have a formidable background, what a surprise.”

Fang Jian was shocked after hearing the words. Did that imply that Qin Nan really was the ‘culprit’ of the incident that occurred after the auction?

Having this thought, he could not help but take a deep breath.

As expected of Qin Nan, with an eighth-grade Xuan ranked Martial Spirit and a mere cultivation of the half-Martial Emperor Realm, he was able to trick the Six-Eared divine Being and the rest to dance in his palm, and caused them a severe loss.

Although, I, myself, was a victim of it, too…

“Thanks for helping me, senior!”

Qin Nan brought his fists together and said with a stern look.

Jianghuang was not even related to him, but he had been willing to help him twice in a row;thus, it was a must for Qin Nan to be thankful to him.

Upon seeing this, Fang Jian glanced at Jianghuang with a hint of admiration. Although he was the one who contributed the most in the end, Qin Nan had not shown any hint of gratitude towards him. However, he was clear that Qin Nan still bore a grudge against him due to the incident at the Mystic Spirit Sect;hence, he was not too fussy about it. He believed he still had the chance to fix their relationship in the future.

Jianghuang was aware of Fang Jian’s thoughts, which caused him to be even more curious of Qin Nan’s background. That being said, Qin Nan’s talent and background was not the reason he was fond of him, as he was rather impressed by his personality. He then waved his hand and let out a smile, “I’m only ensuring that the rules are followed. By the way, don’t leave too soon;you must take part in the upcoming selection.”

“Jianghuang, regarding the selection…” Fang Jian appeared to have something to say but he halted his speech.

“What is it?” Qin Nan glanced at him.

“Young Master Qin Nan, there are a few ways the Qinglong Sacred Area and the Feiyang Sacred Area pick their disciples. The first one is through the selection taking place at Jianghuang City. The second method is to have the experts of the Sacred Areas recommend the suitable candidates and then test them all at once. Most of the geniuses have already been selected by these experts. Therefore, you won’t find many geniuses in the selection of Jianghuang City…” Fang Jian explained in a slow manner.

In his eyes, there was no need for Qin Nan to participate in the selection. If Qin Nan were to take part, wouldn’t he just be a bully to the others?

“What Fang Jian said is the truth but since you, little brat, are nothing ordinary, you have to take part in it and earn some reputation for Jianghuang City.” Jianghuang said smiling.

“If senior says so, then I’ll do it.”

Qin Nan spoke immediately without hesitating.

Since he had yet to repair his Inner Core, he had planned to go into seclusion here at Jianghuang City, and by the time he finished repairing it, he would be able to partake in the selection.

Fang Jian showed no intention of lingering on the topic as he brought his fists together and said, “If Young Master has decided so, then I’ll excuse myself. Jianghuang, is it ok if I pay your place a visit?”


Jianghuang agreed to the suggestion, as they both left the residence together.

Inside the residence, Houzi had completely transformed into a statue. The series of events he had witnessed today was like a dream. He had never expected this trio who were being suppressed by the Trading Alliance to have such a remarkable comeback toward the end, revealing their outstanding background.

“Houzi, I’ll be cultivating in seclusion for a month, is it ok if I rent your place for the time being?” Qin Nan asked while throwing a storage bag into Houzi’s hands.

“No problem, no problem!” Before checking the contents of the bag, Houzi’s face immediately reddened due to the excitement of being able to serve Qin Nan. He swiftly left the residence and with a peek inside the storage bag, he was stunned as if struck by lightning, before he burst out crying, and took an oath—I must become an expert like Young Master Qin Nan!

“Longhu, Miao Miao, here are your splits.”

Qin Nan wore a smile on his face as he took out the items which the two had requested during the auction, including two hundred thousand Arcane Realm Stones for the Longhu Ancestor Beast and two hundred and eighty thousand Arcane Realm Stones for Princess Miao Miao.

He had ended up earning a great profit this time, and it was so easily obtained as if all that he had done was pick them up from the ground. Therefore, he would not be stingy to these two close friends who kept him company.

“Holy shit! Master Qin, I f**king love ya!” The Longhu Ancestor Beast was extremely excited as he uttered a roar, “I’m gonna buy everything!”

He then left the place in a hurry.

In contrast, Princess Miao Miao did not show any shocked expression. She only shuddered violently, her nose twitching and her eyes turning teary, which caused one to feel affection for her.

It was Qin Nan’s first time seeing her tear up, who felt his heart tighten as he said, “What is it? Are there not enough Arcane Realm Stones? I can give you more!”

“It’s not that!” Princess Miao Miao shook her head.

“What is it?” Qin Nan said with a confused look.

“It’’s…” Princess Miao Miao stared at Qin Nan with a pair of big teary eyes, as if she was filled with a hint of grievance and excitement at the same time, “There are so many Arcane Realm Stones here. Their glow is too blinding, and it kind of hurts my eyes.”


Qin Nan’s face turned exceedingly dull, as he ignored her words and left the residence to trade the Arcane Realm Stones for Martial Ancestor Pills.

Each Arcane Realm Stone was worth three hundred thousand Martial Emperor Pills, which were equivalent to three thousand Martial Ancestor Pills. Since Qin Nan had five hundred thousand Arcane Realm Stones remaining, he could exchange them for one billion five hundred million Martial Ancestor Pills!

How significant were one billion five hundred million Martial Ancestor Pills?

He could literally stack them into a mountain!

Even Qin Nan felt his brain buzz when he thought about the figure, and could feel his body turning light-weighted. He almost miscounted the pills when he was trading them. Fortunately, the traders did not dare to mistreat him after witnessing his influence, and handed him fifteen million Martial Dominator Pills!

“Fifteen million…”

“It’s fifteen million Martial Dominator Pills!”

Qin Nan held the storage bag in his hand and peeked at the golden pills stacking like a mountain. He mumbled to himself with a blank expression on his face, and it took quite a while for him to collect his thoughts.

“Awesome! Fifteen million Martial Dominator Pills! I’m not sure how many streams of Chaos Qi I will be able to produce after devouring all these pills. It’s likely that my divine Battle Spirit could be upgraded to the tenth-grade Di rank too, right?”

“At least, it should be able to level up to eighth-grade Di ranked!

Qin Nan’s eyes flickered with passion.

An eighth-grade Di ranked Martial Spirit!

Who among the lower district could match his strength?

Not a single person!

If all went according to his plan, he could be considered as the top genius of the lower district!

“Let’s do it!”

Qin Nan’s breathing intensified as he immediately grabbed handfuls of Martial Dominator Pills and consumed them continuously.

Three thousand!

Eight thousand!

Twelve thousand!

It was as if Qin Nan had turned into a puppet, who kept on reaching out his hand, grabbing the Martial Dominator Pills, and shoving them into his mouth. However, after devouring twenty thousand Martial Dominator Pills, he was aware that something did not seem right. Twenty thousand Martial Dominator Pills were equivalent to two million Martial Ancestor Pills, which were two hundred million Martial Emperor Pills.

Let’s say if two million Martial Emperor Pills would grant him a stream of Chaos Qi, he should have acquired at least two hundred streams by now!

As a matter of fact, not a single stream was produced!

“Strange, strange, I shall continue to consume the pills!”

Qin Nan took a deep breath, and started consuming handfuls of Martial Dominator Pills once again.

One hundred thousand!

Two hundred thousand!

Three hundred thousand!

After consuming one million Martial Dominator Pills, Qin Nan’s expression utterly changed.

Not a single stream of Chaos Qi was produced!

The divine Battle Spirit showed no sign of leveling up!

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Editor: DOCuinn


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