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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 303


Chapter 303: Chapter 303 - The Total Uproar of the City

Chapter 303 - The Total Uproar of the City

...In the second-floor at the venue of the Ancient Dragon Auction...

The One-Handed Martial Dominator’s hands turned blurry as he used the three Dominator Weapons as the eye of the formation, while the five Emperor Weapons spread out and arrived at the four corners of the formation, causing their auras to merge into one, laying out the foundation for the formation.

“You two, go into positions at once!” The One-Handed Martial Dominator yelled.

“Will do!”

Peng Yu was the first to react, as he controlled his five Emperor Weapons to spread out and descended at five different spots, resulting in one final spot of the formation being vacant.


With a glance, the Sly Sword Dominator discovered the secrets of the formation. Following it, he immediately placed his longsword at the vacant spot, allowing the entire formation to be fully established!


Following a terrifying boom, the three Dominator Weapons and eleven Emperor Weapons began to vibrate vigorously, hinting at the activation of the formation, which began to emit countless rays of light. A terrifying aura could be felt growing within the formation, before it was emitted to the surroundings, which felt like the blazing sun of summer and the chilly wind of winter.

The authorities and the geniuses were utterly shocked.

At that instant, it was as if there were no longer fourteen different weapons, but a single piece of magical equipment that had transformed into a terrifying presence. Even a tiny stream of aura leaking out from the formation was enough to bring utter terror to them, as if they would be crushed into pieces once they approached the formation.

Jianghuang’s eyes flickered with surprise.

The Six-Eared divine Being’s expression turned unpleasant at that instant. He did not expect such a powerful formation to be formed after combining the fourteen weapons together. If he had known from the beginning, he would not have split the weapons into bundles and sold them separately!


The One-Handed Martial Dominator, Peng Yu, and the Sly Sword Dominator were absolutely astonished.

After the fourteen weapons were merged into a formation, allowing the Weapon Spirits to communicate with each other, the power it displayed was at least three times stronger!

How significant was a power that was three times stronger?

If one were to execute this formation, even a half-Martial Highness Realm expert would have a chance of suppressing a Martial Highness Realm opponent!

However, at that instant, the fourteen weapons began to buzz fiercely, as if the Weapon Spirits were uttering endless cries.

The rare phenomenon took the crowd by surprise.

“What’s going on? Does this mean an even more shocking phenomenon will take place when these fourteen weapons are combined into one?” The Six-Eared divine Being immediately discovered the extraordinary behavior of the formation with his sharp senses, as he turned nervous instantly.


The One-Handed Martial Dominator, Peng Yu and the Sly Sword Dominator were startled, before their breathing intensified as their faces were filled with a hint of excitement.

They had surely hit the jackpot this time!

How strong would these weapons be if another rare phenomenon were to take place?

At that instant, the three no longer cared if the asshole Mr. Qin purposely increased the price during the bidding phase, as all their attention was attracted to the scene before them. They did not dare to miss any detail, as they would be the ultimate winners if the weapons did end up evolving!

However, at that instant, the atmosphere of the place suddenly intensified, even the time seemed to have stopped.

The longsword that belonged to the Sly Sword Dominator stopped vibrating. After a breath’s time of silence, a blinding light was emitted from it, as the expressionless Weapon Spirit inside it thoroughly exploded!


A cloud of flames appeared in the second-floor of the venue, lighting up the faces of the crowd.

Gusts of wind vigorously swept the figures of the cultivators following the explosion.

The formation established with the fourteen weapons instantly crumbled, as the vibration of each weapon stopped when the explosion took place, resulting in the place being filled with dead silence.

At that instant.

The One-Handed Martial Dominator was stunned, the Sly Sword Dominator was stunned, and Peng Yu was stunned.

The Six-Eared divine Being was shocked. Jianghuang was shocked. Even the Saintess stared with her eyes open wide as her face was filled with a stiff expression.

As for the crowd of authorities and geniuses, everyone was dumbfounded.

What just happened?

Weren’t the weapons evolving?

Why did the Emperor Weapon explode all of a sudden?

Most of the people at the scene were relatively insightful, who had seen countless magical weapons before. However, it was their first time witnessing an Emperor Weapon suddenly explode.

“This is…”

Master Guang stared at the sight in disbelief. Following this, a sudden thought came to his mind as his expression utterly changed, while he uttered a scream, “Shit! Shit! The reason these Weapon Spirits are of the same type is not due to the influence of the forbidden area. Someone has somehow manipulated the Weapon Spirits to be the same type! In other words, all these weapons here are under that person’s control!”

Following his scream, the Six-Eared divine Being’s face turned extremely pale as he collected his thoughts.

What do you mean by being controlled?

Did that mean that Mr. Qin was the culprit behind the scene?

Did that mean that Mr. Qin was planning to detonate all the weapons here?

Before the Six-Eared divine Being could react, before the One-Handed Martial Dominator and the others could collect their thoughts, the five Emperor Weapons that Peng Yu had acquired exploded at the same time, resulting in stronger gusts of wind slapping at the crowd.

Another five Emperor Weapons exploded!


In just half a breath’s time after the explosions, the five Emperor Weapons belonged to the One-Handed Martial Dominator exploded one after another, resulting in a strong force knocking the crowd back.

At that instant, the entire venue was engulfed in flames, as ferocious gusts swept the surroundings as if the crowd was at the center of a tornado.

Ten Emperor Weapons exploded!


The One-Handed Martial Dominator instantly awakened, as his hands emitted a mystical glow with his face twisted. Before he could organize his thoughts, he instinctively encapsulated the remaining three Dominator Weapons with a protective barrier.

However, he was a second too late, as a blinding light was emitted from the three Dominator Weapons.

The pupils of the One-Handed Martial Dominator contracted into the shape of a needle.


A series of shocking explosions took place, as the three Dominator Weapons were detonated, resulting in a terrifying flame that shattered the roof of the venue into pieces, allowing the crowd to see the sky of Jianghuang City.

The shockwave from the explosion was more terrifying than the explosions of the previous Emperor Weapons, which felt like the impact of an atavistic dragon colliding with the cultivators’ bodies.


Another succession of explosions was heard, causing the faces of the authorities and the geniuses to turn pale. Before they could react, cries of agony were heard as their bodies were sent flying by the shockwave, resulting in a miserable scene.

The terrifying occurrence in Jianghuang City was like a bomb being detonated in a calm lake.

Countless people were startled.

“What’s happening?”

“What’s going on in Jianghuang City?”

“Why is there an explosion at the Ancient Dragon Auction?”

“Quick! Let’s take a look!”


At that instant, the entire city was immersed in an uproar!

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