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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 30


Chapter 30 - Martial Spirit Showcase

No one had expected Qin Nan to say something.

Just now, Elder Xiao Qingxue had already declared that she would be looking after the Qin Clan. What was Qin Nan planning to do, if he had something to say now?

’’Qin Nan, speak as you will.’’ Xiao Qingxue's beautiful face remained calm, as if she did not mind Qin Nan's sudden interruption.

’’I have a question for Elder Bai Heng.’’ Qin Nan gave a humble and respectful look toward Bai Heng, which seemed like he was keen to learn something from him, ’’Elder Bai Heng, is it true that when a person had become a disciple of the Mystic Spirit Sect, that person would be allowed to destroy other Clans at his will? Oh, I mean the ordinary worldly Clans that you just mentioned.’’

Upon hearing this, Elder Bai Heng's face twisted slightly and he let out a cold 'humph.' He initially wanted to ignore the question, but on second thought it was better to not make Xiao Qingxue angry, thus he held in his anger and said, ’’Of course, disciples of the Mystic Spirit Sect are highly respected. Worldly people's deaths are none of our concern.’’

After finishing his sentence, Elder Bai Heng let out a wry smile.

Do you Qin Nan, a trash really think that you could become a disciple of Mystic Spirit Sect?

You, Qin Nan, and the Qin Clan should be more worried about surviving the disaster before you!

’’I see.’’ Qin Nan nodded his head as though he had just learned something new.

The people at the scene were completely confused about the question. What was Qin Nan thinking?

It did not matter what Qin Nan wanted, the people of the Fang Clan had terrible looks on their faces.They originally thought after Fang Rulong had become a disciple of the Mystic Spirit Sect, they would be able to wipe out the Qin Clan. However, they were not sure why Elder Xiao was so fond of the Qin Clan, that she decided to protect them.

Alternatively, Qin Tian and Tie Shan were relieved.

Even though Qin Tieba and the others had betrayed them, to them, Qin Nan and the remaining disciples surviving was the best ending they could hope for.

The ones with complicated feelings were people like Qin Tieba and Qin Changkong.

They assumed the Qin Clan would be facing destruction. Hence, they did not hesitate to betray the Qin Clan and join the Fang Clan. Outside of their expectations, they were not sure why the Qin Clan was so lucky as to receive Elder Xiao's protection to survive this predicament.

’’Let it be. Since Fang Rulong is definitely going to be selected as the disciple of the Mystic Spirit Sect, his future has no limit. Maybe it's just a spur of the moment that Elder Xiao decided to help the Qin Clan. She won't be protecting them for eternity the Qin Clan will still be eliminated.’’ Qin Tieba and the people with him thought as such.

However, Qin Nan was not bothered by the atmosphere, and spoke again, ’’Elder Bai Heng, I've one more question that I hope you could answer.’’

Elder Bai Heng frowned his eyebrows and asked in a cold tone, ’’What question?’’

Qin Nan reached out his hand pointing at Fang Rulong and said, ’’I thought the results of the second round was decided after everyone has shown their Martial Spirit. How come Fang Rulong was selected to be the disciple before me and the other three had shown our Martial Spirit?’’

His tone felt like a scold.

Following it, Elder Bai Heng was stunned. The people of the Fang Clan were stunned. Even Qin Tian and his followers were stunned.

What did the words of Qin Nan mean? Was he arguing that the second round's trials were unjust?

Fang Rulong had released a sixth-grade Huang ranked Martial Spirit. Wasn't the result of the trial obvious? Did Qin Nan with a trashy first-grade Huang ranked Martial Spirit have the confidence to surpass Fang Rulong?

What a joke.

Even Xiao Qingxue slightly frowned her eyebrows. She did not expect Qin Nan to ask about the fairness of the trial after she had spoken out to protect the Qin Clan.

Were there any doubts as to the results of the trial?

’’Don't be silly.’’ Xiao Qingxue said. ’’There's no point in continuing the trial. Fang Rulong is indeed qualified to become a disciple of the Mystic Spirit Sect!’’

With this statement from Xiao Qingxue, it was assumed that it would be the end. However, out of everyone's expectation, Qin Nan spoke again.

’’Elder Xiao, I don't agree with you.’’ Qin Nan had a calm expression on his face, ’’The trial is not over yet. According to the rules, it must be continued. At least until we show our Martial Spirits, then the results can be determined. Now that the trial is not over yet, Fang Rulong is yet to be confirmed as the disciple of Mystic Spirit Sect.’’

Upon hearing this, everyone was stunned. This Qin Nan dares to talk back to Elder Xiao, is he mad?

Doesn't he know that if not because of Elder Xiao's words, his Qin Clan would be wiped out? And what do the last few words mean?

Is he implying that with Fang Rulong's sixth-grade Huang ranked Martial Spirit, he is not worthy enough to be a disciple of the Mystic Spirit Sect?

Qin Tian and Tie San's expressions changed after hearing the words. Their hearts had dropped into an abyss.

The words from Qin Nan were so idiotic!

’’HAHAHA!’’ Fang Rulong let out a laugh suddenly, with an excited expression. ’’Well said, what Qin Nan said is right. The trial is not over yet. My sixth-grade Huang ranked Martial Spirit is not confirmed to be the highest grade yet. Elder Xiao, I do request the trial to be continued.’’

Elder Bai Heng collected his thoughts as well as he smilingly said, ’’Yes, the trial should indeed be continued, if not it would be a huge loss if we were to miss better talents. Plus, the trials must be fair.’’

The two worked well together with one sentence each.

It was because Fang Rulong and Elder Bai Heng were extremely happy. They were forced to keep their anger to themselves and were not allowed to do anything to Qin Nan and his people under Xiao Qingxue's protection.

However, now that Qin Nan had gone against Xiao Qingxue with those stupid words, why would Xiao Qingxue continue to look after him?

That's impossible!

Hence, Qin Nan had sentenced himself to death with his own words.

If Qin Nan was looking for a death trip, Bai Heng and Fang Rulong would be happy to send him on the journey!

As expected, Xiao Qingxue's expression was unpleasant. She initially had admired Qin Nan's firm character, but now she knew now the young lad was being stupid and ignorant, instead of being courageous.

Continue the Martial Spirit Trial just to be fair?

Whose Martial Spirit would be better than Fang Rulong's?

He is no doubt embarrassing himself.

’’FIne.’’ Xiao Qingxue gave a displeased look toward Qin Nan and said, ’’Since you prefer to be fair, then I'll give it to you. I would like to see what the Martial Spirit you have awakened looks like.’’

The words made Fang Rulong, Bai Heng, and their faction grow even more excited.

As they expected, because of Qin Nan's idiotic behavior, Xiao Qingxue was no longer fond of him. If that was the case, then she would not protect him anymore.

Without Xiao Qingxue's protection, what would Qin Nan consider to be? A trash, an ant.

’’HAHAHA!' Elder Bai Heng laughed out loud with joy, and then waved his hand, ’’Let the trial continue. Remaining contestants, please show us your Martial Spirit! I'm curious to see if there's any Martial Spirit higher than the sixth-grade!’’

Upon hearing the words of Elder Bai Heng, the two Qin Clan disciples who had advanced to the second round had no intention of disobeying. They took turns to release their Martial Spirits, which were both fourth-grade.

In just a brief period, among the five people who advanced, Qin Nan was the only one left.

’’Qin Nan, what are you waiting for? Show us your trash Martial Spirit now.’’ Fang Rulong was filled with pride, and raised his head while looking down at Qin Nan, ’’You're merely a first-grade Huang ranked trash. I have no idea where you get your confidence from, to ask for a fair trial? Furthermore, you even said that I'm not confirmed to be the disciple yet, didn't you? Show me the reason which made you daring enough to say such thing.’’

Since the series of events had escalated into such a situation, Fang Rulong decided not to conceal his anger anymore and mocked his rival.

Elder Bai Heng and the others were excited too.

As Qin Tieba and his crew saw that the situation had changed, they directed their insults at Qin Nan.

’’What's the point of this? We have already witnessed Qin Nan's first-grade Huang ranked Martial Spirit.’’

’’HAHAHA, I think his Martial Spirit was a sword, a first-grade Huang ranked sword.’’

’’He's definitely embarrassing himself. I think Elder Xiao Qingxue will no longer help him.’’


The whole place was filled with countless mocks and gloats.

They could not be blamed for this. The main reason for it was that Qin Nan was initially safe under Xiao Qingxue's protection, and was able to save himself. However, instead of keeping quiet, he spoke out wildly.

Did you, Qin Nan, really think that you could alter the situation with your first-grade Huang ranked Martial Spirit?

Xiao Qingxue shook her head slightly, her eyes filled with disappointment.

She admired people who were honest, unyielding, and loyal, not people who were stubborn, arrogant, and presumptuous. There was a big difference between the two.

In Xiao Qingxue's mind now, Qing Nan was no doubt classified as the later type.

Despite that, Qin Nan started to smile at this moment.

His smile was frivolous, prideful, and imperious, as if nothing in his vision was worthy of his attention.

’’Do you know how long I have waited for today?’’ Qin Nan said with an honest tone while looking at his father Qin Tian and Tie Shan.

He then turned toward the people of the Fang Clan and Qin Tieba and his crew, and said, ’’Do you also know I have been waiting for today?’’

Following this, he raised his head looking at Xiao Qingxue and Bai Heng and said, ’’Two elders, do you have any idea how long I have waited for this?’’

The same sentence was repeated three times;as the last sentence was finished, an aura rose up from Qin Nan's back.

A dominating aura was emitted together with bright golden rays. An enormous yet blurry outline of an ancient human figure appeared floating behind Qin Nan, staring down at the ground.

divine Battle Spirit unleashed!

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