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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 299


Chapter 299

Chapter 299 - A Surging Turbulence for the Finale

How scornful was that?

He even dared to disrespect a Martial Dominator!

The crowd could feel their lips twitching, but since they had already witnessed how smug this Mr. Qin was, it was not too difficult to survive the shock this time.

The Sly Sword Dominator’s face turned utterly dark.

Despite roaming across the lower district for many years, it was his first time seeing someone disrespect him to this extent!

That being said, he had no choice but to clench his teeth and endure his anger, purely because even Jianghuang had to treat this Mr. Qin with full respect.

“F**king little prick, you’ll definitely regret your smug attitude one day!” The Sly Sword Dominator cursed in his mind.

The incident soon came to an end, as the auction continued in full swing.

Qin Nan kept on bidding for the items;every item that the Longhu Ancestor Beast and Princess Miao Miao were keen for would end up in his hands. After all, money was the least of his concerns at the moment, and it was all thanks to the Trading Alliance, thus he showed no hint of feeling guilty.

As the auction approached the end, Qin Nan had bought one hundred and three pieces of treasure, each bidded with two thousand Arcane Realm Stones, resulting in a total of two hundred and six thousand Arcane Realm Stones!

“The auction is approaching its finale, and I believe everyone has been anticipating the upcoming items from the very beginning. Let’s start with the first item of the finale;five Emperor Weapons!”

Jin Xin uttered a yell, as five Emperor Weapons were displayed on the golden glassy stand before him, emitting a shocking aura.

The crowd was utterly astonished.

“These five Emperor Weapons are no ordinary Emperor Weapons. According to our appraisers, their Weapon Spirits belong to the same type of Weapon Spirit! In other words, if one were to refine these five Emperor Weapons at the same time, the person would be able to freely control five Emperor Weapons in a battle, granting him terrifying strength!”

As soon as Jin Xin’s thunderous voice dissipated, an uproar took place among the crowd.

“F**k me! These five Emperor Weapons are insane!”

“If I were to buy all these five Emperor Weapons, does that mean I’d be able to establish a huge formation?”


The cultivators were all experienced, as they soon realized the uses of these five Emperor Weapons possessing the same type of Weapon Spirit.

Jin Xin immediately grabbed the chance of utilizing the lively atmosphere as he let out a yell, “These five Emperor Weapons will be sold in a bundle, with a starting price of forty thousand Arcane Realm Stones;each bid must be a thousand Arcane Realm Stones higher than the previous price!”

After hearing the words, the huge chatter instantly turned quiet.

That’s forty thousand Arcane Realm Stones;any ordinary person wouldn’t be able to participate in the bid.

“Forty three thousand!” At that instant, the voice of the manager of the Ancient Gambling Store, Peng Yu, could be heard coming from the fifth booth.

He was extremely interested in these five Emperor Weapons. Furthermore, they could also serve as the heirloom weapons of his store.

“Brother Peng, I’m sorry. I’m interested in these five Emperor Weapons too. I’ll bid a price of forty four thousand Arcane Realm Stones.” A voice was heard coming from the sixth booth, who turned out to be the owner of the Qingxin Inn.

Peng Yu’s face remained expressionless as he said, “Then I’ll bid forty five thousand Arcane Realm Stones. After all, they will only belong to the one bidding the highest price.”

“I agree with Brother Peng, I’ll bid forty six thousand Arcane Realm Stones.”


The crowd could feel their hearts racing.

They did not expect Peng Yu and the owner of the Qingxin Inn to compete with one another directly at the auction, as if there existed a conflict between them.

The Six-Eared divine Being let out a grin;he could not care less of the conflict between the two, as long as the price continued to be raised. Upon having this thought, he instinctively glanced at booth number six. It was all thanks to Mr. Qin. If it weren’t for him, he would not be able to make such a profit from the auction.

Meanwhile, Qin Nan himself could not help but chuckle.

Both Peng Yu and the owner of the Qingxin Inn were his enemies;seeing his enemies competing with each other to buy his stuff that would bring him a great profit was quite a joyful sight.

“Sixty five thousand Arcane Realm Stones!” Peng Yu clenched his teeth and bid a tremendous price. Following it, the owner of the Qingxin Inn fell silent, who seemed to have given up on bidding further.

“Congratulations to the owner of the fifth booth, these five Emperor Weapons now belong to him!” Jin Xin said while squinting his eyes. His voice turned softer following it, but the magical effect that was capable of provoking the crowd grew stronger, “Now for the final piece of the auction, we present you our best item as the finale…”

After saying this, his voice came to a halt. As expected, the attention of the crowd was attracted.

Many of the authorities could feel themselves becoming excited.

They were all here for this final piece of the auction!

“I present you the final piece of the auction—five Emperor Weapons and three Dominator Weapons. These weapons will be sold in a bundle, as their Weapon Spirits are all of the same type!” Jin Xin raised his tone to the max. Following this, a beam of light descended from above onto the stage, which contained three Dominator Weapons and five Emperor Weapons within the light, resulting in a shocking aura!


An uproar took place at that instant, as if a grenade had been tossed into the crowd.

“What? Did I hear that right?”

Gasp, what a crazy sight;the Ancient Dragon Auction is going all out this time!”


The rogue cultivators and the authorities were utterly flabbergasted. They did not expect to see such valuables here at the Ancient Dragon Auction.

That was because a Dominator Weapon alone was incredibly rare within the entire lower district, not to mention a bundle of three Dominator Weapons and five Emperor Weapons!

Jin Xin’s face reddened as he let out a roar, “Ladies and Gentlemen, the starting price for this final item will be one hundred thousand Arcane Realm Stones! Each bid must be five thousand Arcane Realm Stones higher than the previous price!”

“I bid one hundred five thousand Arcane Realm Stones!”

“One hundred and twenty thousand Arcane Realm Stones!”

“One hundred and twenty thousand? I am the emperor of Lanxuan Kingdom, I’ll bid one hundred and forty thousand!”

“What a shitty emperor;I’ve never heard of it before. I’m bidding one hundred and fifty thousand Arcane Realm Stones!”


At that instant, the price continued to be increased at a terrifying speed.

The authorities seated inside the booths on the first-floor could no longer remain calm and uttered their bidding prices, as if they were about to wage a war against each other.

Both the Six-Eared divine Being and Jin Xin wore blossoming smiles on their faces. They purposely bundled the three Dominator Weapons and five Emperor Weapons together so that the crowd would go crazy for them, and that was the exact effect they planned to see.

Meanwhile, the price had risen to two hundred thousand Arcane Realm Stones!

The crowd of cultivators was incredibly shocked, as they gulped down mouthfuls of saliva. Although they did not take part in the auction, they could feel their hearts beating rapidly.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, I am bidding three hundred thousand Arcane Realm Stones! By the way, I’m cooperating with Envoy Fang Jian to bid for these three Dominator Weapons and five Emperor Weapons. I hope you are willing to give up on bidding further as a sign of respect. I’ll repay your kindness in the future!” The gloomy voice of the One-Handed Martial Dominator could be heard coming from booth number four.

The lively atmosphere of the scene turned dead at that instant, as the expressions on the faces of the authorities stiffened.

Envoy Fang Jian!

They had no doubt heard of this name before;it was the name of an envoy of the Qinglong Sacred Area, who had become extremely powerful!

According to the rumors, this Envoy Fang Jian had earned the favor of a Peak Leader, which allowed his reputation to grow rapidly. He would no doubt become a Martial Dominator expert in the future with all the available resources!

The Six-Eared divine Being’s expression turned dull at that instant. The bundle of Dominator and Emperor Weapons was expected to reach a price of at least five hundred thousand Arcane Realm Stones, but now with the interference of the One-Handed Martial Dominator, it was highly possible that no one would dare to bid further.

“This goddamned One-Handed Martial Dominator, he dares to use Fang Jian’s name…” The Six-Eared divine Being cursed in his heart, as he tried to come up with a plan to stop the One-Handed Martial Dominator from disturbing his plan.

However, at that instant, a voice that had remained silent for quite a long time suddenly reappeared.

“Fang Jian? Who the hell is that! I’m bidding four hundred thousand Arcane Realm Stones!”

The one speaking was none other than Mr. Qin!

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