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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 298


Chapter 298

Chapter 298 - Challenging the Sly Sword Dominator

It was still acceptable for Qin Nan to bid two thousand Arcane Realm Stones for ten items in a row, but to bid for fifty items in a row, although it would result in a great profit for the Trading Alliance, they would feel dismal too.

How are the others going to bid if you keep bidding like this?

Are you trying to bully the crowd with your wealthiness!

Even the authorities who came to the auction were quite astonished. Although they had witnessed many wealthy geniuses since the very first Ancient Dragon Auction, it was their first time witnessing someone bid fifty times in a row, spending a total of one hundred thousand Arcane Realm Stones!

How significant were one hundred thousand Arcane Realm Stones?

It would definitely be a great fortune no matter where you were from within the lower district!

“Change the order of the items!”

The Six-Eared divine Being immediately transmitted a message to Jin Xin. He was aware of Mr. Qin’s wealthiness. The weapons that he put to auction alone were already a huge fortune. If they were to allow this Mr. Qin to continue bidding relentlessly, there was no point in holding the Ancient Dragon Auction anymore.

“Got it!”

Jin Xin’s eyes flickered as he continuously transmitted ten messages at once for the required arrangements. After a while, he finally let out a smile, “Attention, the next item will be a very fascinating one! The item is a sword. According to the appraisal of the Trading Alliance, it is known as the Dark Flame Sword, which appeared over ten years ago….... It’s an Emperor Weapon!”

Jin Xin presented the item with a lengthy introduction. The red cloth covering the golden glassy stand was unveiled after he raised his tone. A crimson longsword could be seen on the stand, which emitted a buzz together with a shocking Sword Intent that filled the entire venue.

Everyone’s expressions were utterly shocked;even the authorities could not hide their interest.

An Emperor Weapon!

A presence worthy to be the heirloom treasure of any clan among the countries of the lower district, which possessed an immense value!

“The auction of the item begins now, starting at a price of one thousand Arcane Realm Stones! Each bid should not be lower than one hundred Arcane Realm Stones of the previous bid!”

Jin Xin spoke in a loud tone. As soon as he finished speaking, the crowd was immersed in a huge chatter.

“One thousand five hundred!”

“Two thousand! Two thousand!”

“Damn it, this Emperor Weapon is exactly what I’m looking for;I’ll pay two thousand eight hundred Arcane Realm Stones!”


In just less than three breaths’ time, the price of the Emperor Weapon was rapidly increased, which was now four thousand Arcane Realm Stones.

A smile appeared on Qin Nan’s face as he witnessed the scene. It appeared that an Emperor Weapon would be extraordinarily valuable. Without any hesitation, he said, “Seven thousand Arcane Realm Stones!”

After hearing the words, the crowd could feel their breathing come to a halt. Some of the cultivators even turned enraged.

This asshole is bidding once again, who increased the price to almost two times the previous bid!

In contrast, the eyes of the Six-Eared divine Being and the white-shirted lady glistened slightly. They were clear that Qin Nan was purposely raising the price. The action had saved a lot of trouble for them, as they no longer needed to place their own minions to place the bid in order to raise the price.

The Six-Eared divine Being, in particular, suddenly felt that this Mr. Qin was not that unforgivable.

A price of seven thousand Arcane Realm Stones was indeed quite intimidating, as the lively crowd turned silent for a moment;only the sound of cursing could be heard.

“Eight thousand Arcane Realm Stones!” The voice of a young man was heard from booth number thirteenth. “Mr. Qin, I’m Leng Jianxiong;I must acquire this Emperor Weapon, thus I hope Mr. Qin would be willing give up on it!”

Many among the crowd were startled. They did not expect Leng Jianxiong to be the first one trying of break his bidding frenzy of fifty times in a row.

Qin Nan nodded his head. Eight thousand Arcane Realm Stones was quite a lot, which was sufficient to buy an Emperor Weapon.

At that instant, a hideous laugh was heard from booth number ten, “Leng Jianxiong? Who do you think you are;you won’t be receiving any respect here! I’m known as the Sly Sword Dominator, and I’m looking for a suitable sword. I bid nine thousand Arcane Realm Stones!”

Many among the crowd took a sharp breath after hearing the words.

“The Sly Sword Dominator, what a surprise;he is a fresh Martial Dominator, who eliminated two sects not long after his level up!”

“Yeah, according to the rumors, this person is extremely cruel and venomous, who is currently hunted by many experts. It’s quite a surprise to find him here at the Ancient Dragon Auction!”

“This will be a great show. I’m not sure if Leng Jianxiong will stop bidding though!”


Following the loud chatter, Leng Jianxiong’s face turned utterly unpleasant. The sect he was currently in was nowhere the opponent of the Sly Sword Dominator.

Did that mean this Emperor Weapon was going to be the possession of the Sly Sword Dominator?

At that instant, a calm voice could be heard from booth number six, “Sly Sword Dominator, is it? From which pile of junk did you appear from? Leng Jianfeng’s behavior was quite acceptable;he knew to notify me beforehand, but you dare not to greet me in the first place. Does that mean that you have no respect for me either? I’ll give you a few options;either you give up on bidding, or prepare to have a taste of my money!”

The crowd could only feel a chill creeping into their spines after hearing this, causing their hair to stand on end.

Have a taste of my money?

It was their first time hearing such prideful words, despite living in the lower district all these years!

Inside booth number ten, the Sly Sword Dominator’s face turned incredibly unpleasant;although Qin Nan’s formidable background had allowed him to gain Jianghuang’s favor, he himself was also a Martial Dominator, an expert that could roam freely within the lower district. Since when had he allowed someone to disrespect him like this?

The Sly Sword Dominator let out a spooky smile and said, “Mr. Qin, I know you possess a formidable background;what’s the point of picking on me? However, I do want to witness with my eyes how Mr. Qin is going to let me have a taste of his money! I’ll bid ten thousand Arcane Realm Stones!”

Ten thousand Arcane Realm Stones!

Normally, an Emperor Weapon would never cost this much.

The smile on the Six-Eared divine Being’s face grew wider. He loved to see cultivators competing with one another in an auction, as the one benefiting the most would be the Trading Alliance.

“You dare to bid with the mere price of ten thousand? I’ll bid eleven thousand!” Qin Nan said.

“Eleven thousand? I’ll bid thirteen thousand then!” The Sly Sword Dominator’s face turned pale;thirteen thousand Arcane Realm Stones were equivalent to a third of his possessions, but he could not let go of his ego just like that!

“I’ll forfeit if you dare to bid fifteen thousand Arcane Realm Stones!”

“Fifteen thousand it is! I’ll bid fifteen thousand Arcane Realm Stones!” The Sly Sword Dominator groaned.

“Wow you are impressive, that toy will be yours then!”

Qin Nan’s words were exceedingly shocking.

At that instant, the Sly Sword Dominator was stunned—the whole crowd was stunned.

What was going on?

Did Mr. Qin just give up on bidding?

What the f**k!

That’s absolutely shameless!

Didn’t he threaten to unleash his wrath using his money, and he even wore a ferocious look on his face;why would he give up all of a sudden?

The Six-Eared divine Being inside the second booth almost burst out laughing. Although this Sly Sword Dominator was a Martial Dominator Realm expert, he was easily baited by Qin Nan to bid two times higher than the expected price!


The Sly Sword Dominator collected his thoughts as he was finally aware of Qin Nan’s plan. That’s a total of fifteen thousand Arcane Realm Stones, and I only ended up buying an Emperor Weapon—such a waste!

“Mr. Qin, I didn’t expect you to give up so easily, I thought you were better than that! It appears that you are only a coward, haha! Although I’ve spent quite an amount of Arcane Realm Stones, to be honest, I think it’s quite worth the value since the crowd is able to see your true face now!”

After all, the Sly Sword Dominator was still a Martial Dominator with abundant experience;he immediately rebuked after he recovered from the shock.

The crowd now glanced at booth number six with disdainful looks. They agreed with the Sly Sword Dominator’s words;This Mr. Qin was so cocky in the beginning, but it turned out that he was only a coward.

Qin Nan would not fall for such an obvious prodding, as he snapped without any mercy, “I can do whatever I please;my plan was to have you pay twice the amount since the very start! If you are not convinced, feel free to fight me! If you don’t dare to do it, then shut the f**k up! I’ve the right to play however I want, and an old man like you should keep your mouth shut!”

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