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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 297


Chapter 297: Chapter 297 - The Wealthy Mr. Qin

Chapter 297 - The Wealthy Mr. Qin

As soon as they entered the booth, the Longhu Ancestor Beast and Princess Miao Miao both gave him confused looks. It was obvious that they both were aware that something was not right.

“Let’s not care if Jianghuang has discovered our identities. After our plan is executed successfully, even if our identities are exposed, it won’t be a big deal.” Qin Nan spoke in a slow tone.

Princess Miao Miao did not show a significant reaction, but the Longhu Ancestor Beast was utterly excited. As expected of Qin Nan, I’ve made the right choice to follow him here;he never lets go of any chance to create trouble. The Longhu Ancestor Beast could nearly not help himself to go outside of the booth and yell, “This guy is Qin Nan, this guy is actually Qin Nan himself!”

Qin Nan stared at the Longhu Ancestor Beast, causing him to feel guilty for his previous thought. He then focused his attention onto the huge white jade stage.

The booths for the VIPs were made out of a unique material;not only could it prohibit one from peeking inside, it also allowed the people inside to see the scene outside—quite a perplexing invention.

At that instant, the entire auction was fully crowded. Famous people and fresh talents of the lower district were already seated inside the venue, their faces filled with excitement.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to our annual Ancient Dragon Auction. I’m the auctioneer for today. You guys can call me Xiao[1] Jin, or Jin Xin will do!” Following a bright voice, an elegant middle-aged man appeared in front of the crowd.

Behind the middle-aged man stood six gorgeous ladies wearing exposing clothing, with seductive looks as if they had practiced some sort of seduction Martial Art.

“First of all, I’m proud to tell you that there are a total of… five hundred and sixty three pieces of treasure to be auctioned today!” Jin Xin raised his tone toward the end of his sentence. His voice was filled with a magical effect, causing the crowd to feel a great impact in their hearts.

As expected, many of the cultivators who possessed a weak cultivation could not help but uttered a loud cheer, filling the entire venue.

“Since so many seniors are present here, Xiao Jin shall not waste your time anymore;Let’s start with the first item!”

Jin Xin immediately waved his hand.

Behind the white jade stage, eight half-Martial Ancestor Realm cultivators wearing crimson armor instantly appeared. They all carried a huge golden glassy stand. The stand was covered with a piece of red cloth, hiding the appearance of the treasure.


A dull crash was heard as the golden glassy stand was placed in the center of the stage. Following this, Jin Xin immediately uttered in a blasting tone, “This item is a pilla healing medicine to be exact. As long as your cultivation is below the Martial Dominator Realm, any injury to your meridians, your Inner Core, your Nascent Soul will be instantly healed! Its name is known as… the Total Recovery Elixir!”

Following the words, Jin Xin reached out his hand and pulled the red cloth away, exposing a transparent white jade jar. Within the jade jar was a pile of liquid emitting a mystical blue glow.

The price starts at three hundred Arcane Realm Stones;each call should not be lower than a price increase of fifty Arcane Realm Stones!”

Jin Xin sped up his speech, which felt like a succession of bullets.

The cultivators at the auction who possessed a cultivation lower than Martial Dominator Realm were utterly excited hearing this.

After all, in the Martial World, everyone would suffer some sort of injury at times. Some of them would take years to recover. Hence, this Total Recovery Elixir was definitely something that would only appear in their dreams!

“Three hundred and fifty!”

“Four hundred! I’ll pay four hundred!”

“Six hundred Arcane Realm Stones! Stop fighting for it!”


The venue turned lively instantly, as the price was rapidly increased.

The eyes of Qin Nan who was seated in booth number six glistened slightly. His damaged Inner Core had yet to totally recover, hence this Total Recovery Elixir would be quite useful for him. He immediately yelled with his uniquely scornful voice, “Two thousand Arcane Realm Stones!”

After the words were spoken, it was as if a bucket of cold water was poured down on the lively crowd, as they all glanced in Qin Nan’s direction.

That’s a total of two thousand Arcane Realm Stones, instead of two thousand Martial Emperor Pills. Although the Total Recovery Elixir was quite precious, it’s nowhere close to the price of two thousand Arcane Realm Stones!

Inside the second booth, the eyes of the Six-Eared divine Being and the white-shirted lady flickered slightly. Although this Mr. Qin was a little bit too scornful, he was quite delightful when it mattered, to tremendously raise the price of the Total Recovery Elixir in their favor.

“Two thousand Arcane Realm Stones? Anyone interested in raising the price further? One, two… three;very well, this Total Recovery Elixir now belongs to the owner of booth number six. Please settle the payment after the auction comes to an end!”

The smile on Jin Xin’s face grew stronger. With the first item being sold at such an incredible price, at this rate, the auction would definitely be a great success!

“We’ll continue with the second item. The second item is a stalk of a rare plant, which was discovered by the Trading Alliance at the peak of the Icy Mountains, known as the Icy-Heart Unaging Lotus. I believe that most of you will know its uses, so I’ll not mention them again! The auction of the item begins now, starting at a price of two hundred Arcane Realm Stones…”

The crowd turned lively after hearing Jin Xin’s yell.

Inside booth number six, Princess Miao Miao’s eyes flickered as she said, “Qin Nan, I want this!”

Without hesitating, he immediately uttered a roar, “Two thousand Arcane Realm Stones!”

Since he now possessed the Chaos Qi capable of repairing the weapons, together with the current plan, Qin Nan was not worried about spending his Arcane Realm Stones ruthlessly!

The venue fall into silence once again. Although the Icy-Heart Unaging Lotus was quite rare, the price that Qin Nan offered was way too high!

“Two thousand Arcane Realm Stones! Anyone bidding? One, two….three! Congratulations to the owner of booth number six!”

“Let’s move on to the third piece of treasure. It is the Inner Core of a peak Martial Ancestor Realm beast, who failed to survive the tribulation when it was trying to level up to a Dominator Beast…”

Inside booth number six, the Longhu Ancestor Beast’s breathing intensified as he said, “Qin Nan, get that for me;I’ll allow myself to be your mount for three days!”

“That’s what you said!”

Qin Nan could not help but let out a smile. He had always wanted to ride the Longhu Ancestor Beast as his mount. He immediately uttered a roar, “Two thousand Arcane Realm Stones!”

Following this, the place fell into silence once again, as many among the crowd could feel their lips twitching.

Two thousand Arcane Realm Stones again!

In just less than ten breaths’ time, this maniac had already spent six thousand Arcane Realm Stones!

“Congratulations to the owner of booth number six, let’s move on to the fourth piece of treasure…”

“Two thousand Arcane Realm Stones!”

“Congratulations to booth number six, let’s move on to the fifth…”

“Two thousand Arcane Realm Stones!”

“Congratulations, let’s move on to the sixth…”

Two thousand!”

As the treasures were being displayed one by one, Qin Nan was like a hunter who smelled the scent of blood, as he continued to bid two thousand Arcane Realm Stones for each item, causing the crowd to give up on bidding. On the other hand, the auction had just started;therefore, there were more valuable items to come.

As for Six-Eared divine Being, the white-shirted lady and Jin Xin, they were utterly delighted after seeing this. They did not care what Qin Nan was planning to do, since he had increased the price of the items by at least double their expected prices, resulting in a great profit for the Trading Alliance!

However, their smiles immediately stiffened!

The crowd was left in awe!

The tenth item!

The twentieth item!

The thirtieth item!

When the fiftieth item was being displayed, the crowd, the Six-Eared divine Being, and the rest almost vomited blood!

What the f**k, bidding two thousand Arcane Realm Stones for fifty items in a row?

Was this Mr.Qin out of his mind!

Translator: XephiZ

Editor: DOCuinn

[1] TL Note: Xiao(小)here (means little) is the nickname thingy again


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