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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 295


Chapter 295: Chapter 296 - Why Not Be Scornful Until the Very E

Chapter 296 - Why Not Be Scornful Until the Very End?

The cultivators at the entrance of the auction gazed in Qin Nan’s direction, their eyes filled with a doubtful expression.

Which Mr. Qin was this young man?

The Saintess had never allowed any man to enter her palanquin, and yet she was giving him the chance to do so?

Leng Jianxiong, Hong Fu, and the Maple Prince focused their attention on Qin Nan’s figure, and thoroughly observed him. Judging from his appearance, Qin Nan’s age was similar to theirs;It is highly possible that this mysterious Mr. Qin has come to Jianghuang City to participate in the selection of the two Sacred Areas.

“Aren’t you the Saintess of the Trading Alliance? Pardon me, but your words alone are not enough to persuade me to sit inside your palanquin!” Qin Nan said with an indifferent tone.

Since he was now wearing a disguise, preventing the others from seeing his true identity, shouldn’t he make use of the chance to behave scornfully until the very end?

Saintess, huh?

Do you think you are powerful?

Well, you’re still insignificant in my eyes!

The cultivators in the surroundings were utterly dumbfounded. It was their first time witnessing someone talking to the Saintess in such a manner.

The Saintess was the Saintess of the Trading Alliance, and the Trading Alliance was a faction that had spread their influence from the upper district to the lower district. Although it was only a sub-faction in the lower district, it was still considered extremely powerful. Even the two Sacred Areas would think twice before troubling them.

“How bold!”

Both Peng Yu and the owner of the Qingxin Inn became enraged at that instant.

No one in the lower district dared to speak to the Saintess like that!

“How bold?”

Qin Nan let out a smile while placing his hands behind him, “What gave you two servants the right to bark as you wish here! Let me make it clear, you wouldn’t wish to witness my anger. Otherwise, even the Trading Alliance would not be able to guarantee your safety!”

Peng Yu and the owner of the Qingxin Inn were stunned.

We’re both Martial Dominator Realm experts, and this half-Martial Emperor Realm kid dared to look down on them?

At that moment, the eyes of Peng Yu and the owner of the Qingxin Inn were engulfed in flames, but they turned silent, as they could feel the pride displayed by this Mr. Qin to be coming from his bones, instead of him faking it.

If this Mr. Qin in fact possesses a formidable background, it’s true that the Trading Alliance would sacrifice them if they were to offend him!

“Mr. Qin, why would you say such words? It’s fine if you are not willing to sit in my palanquin. Although I will be quite sad, I wouldn’t do anything to trouble you.” The white-shirted lady spoke once again with a gentle voice, which caused the crowd to feel affection for her after hearing the words, resulting in them glaring at Qin Nan.

That’s right!

You can just reject the invitation of the Saintess;why are you being so smug for?

Do you really think you can be disrespectful toward anyone as you please?

“Bastard Qin!” At that instant, the Maple Prince was the first to step forward with a pair of reddened eyes, “You dare to be disrespectful toward the Saintess, I’ll challenge you right——”

“Where does this trash come from, piss off!”

Before the Maple Prince could finish his speech, Qin Nan immediately uttered a roar without raising his eyes.

This Maple Prince was an absolute idiot. Previously, for the sake of the Saintness, he had ended up losing two thousand Arcane Realm Stones and twenty three Emperor Weapon fragments. Currently, with just a mere trick played by the Saintess, he immediately went out of control and challenged him to a battle.

As the prince of a kingdom, as a genius with a second-grade Xuan ranked Martial Spirit, can’t you stop being such a loser?

“I will kill you!”

The Maple Prince uttered a huge roar. He had never felt this mad before. His only thought now was to kill, to end the life of the person in front of him in order to unleash his anger.

“Trying to harm my Young Master? Idiotic!”

The Longhu Ancestor Beast uttered an excited cry. He could no longer hold in his desire as he had been forbidden from using violence after arriving at Jianghuang City, as he lashed out a slap right onto the Maple Prince’s face.

The crowd could only hear a cry of agony as the Maple Prince’s figure was sent flying by the slap, landing one hundred meters away and shattering a wall made of iron into pieces.

“A mere seduction trick, stop embarrassing yourself!”

Princess Miao Miao let out an indifferent harrumph. Each of her words served as a clap of thunder occurring in the surroundings.


The crowd felt like their brains were about to explode, allowing them to collect their thoughts instantly, despite their eyes being filled with a confused look.

The eyes of Peng Yu and the owner of the Qingxin Inn turned icy after seeing this. This Mr. Qin definitely possesses a formidable background. Although his guards are only peak Martial Ancestor Realm experts, their strengths are extraordinary. Even a first-layer Martial Dominator Realm expert would be unable to defeat them.

“Guys, please don’t break the rules of Jianghuang City. If you are still planning to take part in the auction, please enter the venue at once.”

At that instant, Jianghuang’s voice was heard coming from the venue.


Following a piercing sound, the figure of the Six-Eared divine Being appeared in mid-air. He scanned the surroundings and said to the white-shirted lady, “Saintess, the auction is about to begin, please come in now.”

He then switched his gaze onto Qin Nan’s figure and said while twitching his lips, “Mr. Qin, feel free to come in too!”

“Oh, sure!”

Qin Nan immediately entered the venue in a reckless manner, fully displaying his scornful attitude. Although some among the crowd were not fond of it, they did not dare to express their thoughts.

The Six-Eared divine Being let out a sigh of relief;he was quite afraid of Qin Nan stirring any more trouble here. He then brought his fists together and said, “Ladies and gentlemen, the auction is about to begin. Those who are planning to enter should do so now, to avoid missing out on the exciting treasures!”

The entrance to the auction turned lively once again.



The entire Ancient Dragon Auction appeared to be a huge square, with a stage made of white jade being set up at the front. Below the stage were placed tables and seats made of a type of ancient wood, each marked with their respective numbers. There were over three thousand seats, and each table was crowded with people, resulting in an extremely lively and magnificent scene.

On the first-floor were a total of sixty six booths. Each booth was marked with different numbers starting from number one to number sixty six, and had different sizes and decorations, depending on the status of the customer.

“Mr. Qin, you are assigned to booth number six!”

A young man guided Qin Nan and his crew.

“Booth number six? What? Why am I assigned to booth number six? Who’s sitting inside booth number one?”

Qin Nan purposely stared with his eyes opened wide and uttered a roar.

Those who were seated inside the booths close to Qin Nan were immediately startled. After discovering the person to be Qin Nan, they chose to remain silent. The reason being that they were aware of the incident occurring outside the venue just before. Therefore, they would not dare to offend a person that even the Saintess did not dare to offend!

“Uhh... The one sitting in booth number one is Jianghuang.” The maid extended her tone, showing no sign of being troubled. Instead, her eyes were filled with a mocking look.

She had already received the order from the Six-Eared divine Being to teach Qin Nan a lesson!

Weren’t you being smug?

Weren’t you being disrespectful?

Then don’t be a coward;go and challenge Jianghuang!

“HAHA, Mr. Qin, right? If you are not willing to sit in booth number six, feel free to join me in booth number one, since I’m the only one here. Besides, I would like to have a talk with you.” Outside of the maid’s expectations, Jianghuang let out a series of pleasant laughs, loud enough to be heard by the people in the first-floor or the entire crowd in the ground floor.

As expected, after hearing the words, over ten thousand gazes were focused on Qin Nan’s figure with a hint of fear.

To receive such an invitation from Jianghuang;this guy must possess a formidable background!

However, Qin Nan’s reply almost caused them to fall to the ground.

Qin Nan waved his hand and said with a disgusted face, “Forget it, I don’t like to sit with a senior. Senior Jianghuang, feel free to enjoy your peaceful moment. I shall bear with it for the time being and take booth number six!”

“That’s fine, Mr. Qin is always welcome to have a tea in my booth later!”

What’s the definition of being conceited?

This is the f**king definition of being conceited!

Even when Jianghuang personally invited him, he had rejected this offer too with disrespectful words.

Despite that, instead of turning mad, Jianghuang even replied with a respectful tone!

Who among the factions inside Jianghuang City would be able to achieve what he just did?

The eyes of the Six-Eared divine Being and the white-shirted lady flickered vigorously. They were both suspicious toward Qin Nan’s background, but it appeared that Jianghuang had some ideas about who he was. Otherwise, he would not speak to him in such a respectful tone.

However, they had no idea that Qin Nan could not help but frown after entering the booth.

He was now sure that Jianghuang was suspicious of his identity, or should he say, that he had already guessed his identity.

Especially with his words, wasn’t it obvious that Jianghuang was… helping him to build an intimidating disguise?

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