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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 293


Chapter 293: Chapter 293 - First Step Accomplished!

Chapter 293 - First Step Accomplished!

The Ancient Dragon Auction!

It was held in Jianghuang City once every year by the Trading Alliance. Every time it was held, the experts from all places in the lower district would come to Jianhuang City to take part in it. Even Martial Highness Realm experts or the Peak Leaders of the two Sacred Areas would occasionally turn up if there were any valuables.

However, currently standing in the Ancient Dragon Auction, the Six-Eared divine Being wore an unpleasant expression.

He was the person in charge of the Ancient Dragon Auction this year. However, with the date of the auction approaching, the treasures the Trading Alliance had prepared were not valuable enough for the auction.


The Six-Eared divine Being could not help but let out a sigh.

If the auction this year could not meet the expectations set by the authorities, even with his identity, he would surely be punished. Following this, his enemies would take hold of the chance to suppress him.

“What’s going on? Why isn’t there anyone here to put their treasures up for auction?”

Six-Eared divine Being could not help but mumble.

In previous years, there would be cultivators taking the initiative to put their findings on auction here at the Ancient Dragon Auction. However, despite the great offers they put up, no one was interested in putting their findings on auction.

Following the thought, he immediately remembered the disrespectful Qin Nan. If it weren’t for that goddamned Qin Nan being unwilling to hand over the Sacred Weapon fragment and the divine Swordmaster’s record, he would not be in this miserable state.

At that instant, an old man rushed in with a panicked look, “Master… Master…”

“What is it?”

The Six-Eared divine Being wore an unpleasant expression. The thing he hated most when he was feeling unpleasant was to have someone talking to him. If this guy did not have an important message, he would surely cripple him with a slap.

“Someone is here to put their items on auction! And it’s something extremely valuable! Master Guang is already attending the customer!”

The old man hurriedly said.

“What? Bring me there at once!”

The Six-Eared divine Being immediately rose from his seat.



It was a luxurious private room, filled with a pleasant scene. When the Six-Eared divine Being arrived, he immediately saw a scholarly-looking young man and a bulky man. After discovering their cultivations to be at the half-Martial Emperor Realm and the peak of the Martial Ancestor Realm respectively, he instinctively nodded his head. This young man surely has a formidable background, since he has a peak Martial Ancestor Realm expert as his guard.

Besides that, in the room sat another white-haired elder, whose face was completely reddened. His eyes were engulfed in lustful flames as he stared at the fourteen weapons placed on the table!

The Six-Eared divine Being glanced at the weapons with his divine Sense, and discovered them to be thirteen Emperor Weapons and three Dominator Weapons. His eyes immediately flickered with great joy. If he were to obtain these weapons, that would no doubt satisfy the needs of the auction.

“Welcome, I am the Six-Eared divine Being. I’m the person in charge of the current Ancient Dragon Auction.” The Six-Eared divine Being said in a sincere tone, while bringing his fists together.


Qin Nan, who now had an appearance of a scholar, slightly raised his head without glancing at him.

The Six-Eared divine Being turned slightly mad. He did not expect his customer to be this prideful, but since he had a favor to ask of him, he had no choice but to withhold his anger. He then turned to the white-haired elder and said, “Master Guang, what’s going on here?”

Master Guang frowned as he said, “divine Being, these fourteen weapons here are all real. However, there’s a problem;it appears that the Weapon Spirits in these weapons are all of the same type, which is quite strange.”

“All of the same type?”

The Six-Eared divine Being switched his gaze onto Qin Nan’s figure.

Qin Nan wore a calm smile and said without showing any hint of being nervous, “Master Guang, right? I’ve acquired these weapons from a forbidden area. Thus, it’s quite common for their Weapon Spirits to be of the same type since they are under the same influence of the place. Besides, it’s not necessarily a bad thing for the weapons to have the same type of Weapon Spirits. For example, you can sell three or five of them as a set!”

The eyes of the Six-Eared divine Being glistened.

What he had just said was right, although it was quite strange for Weapon Spirits to be the same type, it resulted in a benefit too. The bearer of the weapons could refine the weapons at the same time, allowing the bearer to be familiar with the weapons more easily.

“Of course, I’m not fond of the Trading Alliance in the first place, and since you have doubts regarding my sincerity, let’s call it off then!”

Qin Nan rose from his seat and took back the fourteen weapons, as he prepared to leave the room.

Master Guang and the Six-Eared divine Being were startled.

It was their first time seeing someone intending to place their items on auction being so scornful.

The Six-Eared divine Being immediately blurted out, “Hey friend, let’s have a talk. Feel free to let us know if you are unsatisfied with anything regarding the Trading Alliance. Besides, only the Trading Alliance could guarantee the best price if you are planning to put these weapons on auction. Furthermore, we will only be taking two tenths of the profit, and the remainder will all be yours!”

“I don’t really care about money.”

Qin Nan’s eyes coldly flickered as he continued, “Also, what the f**k is wrong with the banner at the entrance? Although you guys have no right to know my name, my surname is Qin too, are you guys cursing me with the banner?”

Curse my ass!

The Six-Eared divine Being and Master Guang almost vomited blood after hearing this.

It’s obvious that we are cursing Qin Nan. How the f**k are you offended because of the fact that you both have the same surname?

Six-Eared divine Being withheld his anger and forced a smile on his face, “If Young Master Qin doesn’t like it, we’ll get rid of it at once.”

“Hmm, old man, although your ears are quite ugly, I’m pretty satisfied with your competence.” Qin Nan said with a complimenting look, as if he was utterly sincere with his words!


The Six-Eared divine Being could feel his brain receiving a great impact.

His ears were only formed after practicing a certain Martial Art—known as the godly ears.

And this guy dared to call them ugly?

He hated those who described his ears as ugly the most!


The Six-Eared divine Being let out a furious glare. He was slightly suspicious now that this guy was here to disturb them!

“What about me?” Qin Nan’s expression turned unpleasant, “Six-Eared divine Being, I’m only calling you a divine being just because I’m being respectful. Let me tell you, I really hate seeing such an ugly person standing in front of me! How nice of your Trading Alliance;not only are you doubtful toward my weapons, you even committed such a serious sin. There’s no room for discussion anymore. Servant, we are leaving!”

Qin Nan turned around and headed to the exit without hesitation.


The Six-Eared divine Being immediately lost half of his anger as he blurted out, “Young Master Qin, please don’t leave yet! Let’s discuss more regarding the cooperation! One tenth! We’ll be taking one tenth of the profit! And you will be taking nine tenths of the profit!”

Qin Nan’s footsteps came to a halt, as he turned around, while wearing a smile on his face, “Six-Eared divine Being, as expected of a divine being, to be so generous. I love to be friends with people like you!”


The Six-Eared divine Being and Master Guang were both left speechless on the spot. They finally realized that this Young Master Qin was only pretending to be mad in order to earn another one tenth of the profit.

That being said, the suspicion in their hearts dissipated at that instant. It was reasonable for one to have the desire to earn more money. If this Young Master Qin were willing to sell them the weapons without demanding further, they would be even more suspicious.

“Humph, you will definitely regret after the auction.” The Six-Eared divine Being let out a hysterical laugh in his heart.

Qin Nan and Princess Miao Miao secretly exchanged glances with one another. They both could see a hint of happiness from each other’s looks.

The first step of the plan...was accomplished!

Translator: XephiZ

Editor: DOCuinn


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