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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 291


Chapter 291: Chapter 291 - Digging Up Treasures in Jianghuang C

Chapter 291 - Digging Up Treasures in Jianghuang City

“The divine Battle Spirit has leveled up to the ninth-grade Xuan rank!”

Qin Nan’s eyes were filled with a hint of joy.

Each time the divine Battle Spirit leveled up, not only was his speed of cultivation increased, it would also bring great benefits to his power.

“Keep going! Keep going!”

Qin Nan calmed his thoughts and started devouring handfuls of Martial Ancestor Pills once again!

One hundred thousand!

Eight hundred thousand!

Two million!

Two million four hundred and ninety thousand!

When Qin Nan had finished consuming all of the Martial Ancestor Pills, the divine Battle Spirit uttered a roar once again as a tenth green light was emitted from its back, indicating it to be a tenth-grade Xuan ranked Martial Spirit!

“Tenth-grade Xuan ranked!”

Qin Nan took a deep breath.

An eighth-grade Xuan ranked Martial Spirit alone was enough to bring utter astonishment to the Peak Leaders and the Imperial Exterminator. How would they react when they saw a tenth-grade Xuan ranked Martial Spirit?

It was highly possible that his Martial Spirit was one of the top-ranked Martial Spirits within the entire lower district!

“I’ve also accumulated one hundred and fifty one streams of Chaos Qi inside my body!”

Qin Nan’s eyes glistened.

One hundred and fifty one streams of Chaos Qi would be equivalent to one hundred and fifty one Emperor Weapons if he were to use all of them to repair Emperor Weapons, assuming that he had sufficient fragments in the first place.

How crazy were one hundred and fifty one Emperor Weapons?

When used together, it’d be possible to destroy the entirety of Jianghuang City!

If these Emperor Weapons were to be traded, it would result in a terrifying fortune. The thought alone was enough to cause his scalp to turn numb!

“I shall repair all the remaining Emperor Weapon fragments.”

With a thought, the Chaos Qi accumulated inside his body was emitted from the tip of his finger, which landed on two of the Emperor Weapon fragments.

These two Emperor Weapon fragments appeared to be a fragmented pagoda and a fragmented bell. After absorbing the streams of Chaos Qi, they immediately let out brilliant glows as their core formations were restored. Following this, a total of twelve Emperor Weapon fragments shattered into pieces and merged with the two glowing fragments as the Chaos Qi began to evolve into Weapon Spirits. In just less than ten breaths’ time, the magical pagoda and magical bell were completely repaired!

“As expected of the Chaos Qi, extremely fascinating!”

Qin Nan was incredibly joyful, as he stored the two Emperor Weapons and the longsword into his bag.

“Let’s go buy some fragments first. I still have twelve thousand Arcane Realm Stones on me, enough to buy a huge amount of fragments!”

Qin Nan mumbled to himself.

Among the twenty three Emperor Weapon fragments given by the Maple Prince, twenty one of them had been consumed, and the remaining two were not enough for the repairing process.

After making up his mind, he swiftly left the residence.



...On the Street of Gold Scraping...

The news regarding someone finding a Sacred Weapon fragment and the divine Swordmaster’s record at the Ancient Gambling Store had already been spread to the public. This resulted in countless cultivators being astonished and deciding to try their luck at the Ancient Gambling Store too.

As a result, the other vendors on the Street of Gold Scraping were feeling dull, as the profits they earned today was ten times less.

“My friend, what’s the price for these fragments?” Qin Nan stood in front of a stall and pointed his finger at a pile of fragments.

“One hundred Arcane Realm Stones each!” The vendor’s eyes flickered as he immediately spoke, “My friend, the way we sell the fragments are different compared to the Ancient Gambling Store. There is no forbidding aura being added to the fragments. All these fragments were retrieved from ancient forbidden areas. If you are able to identify them, feel free to choose any fragment you are interested in.”

“I see.”

Qin Nan let out a groan, and pretended to have a hard time trying to pick the right fragments. He then took out six hundred Arcane Realm Stones and bought six of the fragments.

With the help of his left eye of the divine God of Battle, he discovered that among these six fragments there was one Dominator Weapon fragment and five Emperor Weapon fragments.

The vendor turned joyful upon seeing this. He had already asked the appraisers of the Trading Alliance to inspect these fragments, and according to their observations, these six fragments were all pieces of junk. Therefore, it would be a total profit to sell them all in one go.

Qin Nan was not interested in knowing the thoughts of the vendor, as he continued to search for valuable fragments within the street.

After spending the entire morning, he ended up ransacking all the valuable fragments from the vendors, which cost him a total of four thousand Arcane Realm Stones. In return, he managed to find ten Dominator Weapon fragments and thirty Emperor Weapon fragments. As for Sacred Weapon fragments, there were none he could find from the stalls.

“It seems like that’s the end of the Street of Gold Scraping. I shall take a look at the Treasure-Selling Street!”

Qin Nan was slightly disappointed. After spending his entire morning buying the fragments, they were only enough to repair a Dominator Weapon and four Emperor Weapons.

However, what he did not know was that, two days after he left, countless cultivators who planned to try their luck at the Street of Gold Scraping could not buy a single fragment that was useful.

It was acceptable for this to happen two or three times, but the same outcome took place over ten or even a hundred times. As a result, the cultivators all burst out scolding at the vendors, as they assumed it was the vendors scamming them.

The vendors were lost for words, but after they were told that the one discovering the Sacred Weapon fragment and the divine Swordmaster’s record at the Ancient Gambling Store turned out to be a young man marked with three black lines, their faces were filled with utter regret.

Since then, Qin Nan had spent his time visiting various places selling treasures. Although the Trading Alliance had totally blacklisted him, Qin Nan managed to buy quite an amount of fragments by offering a much higher price, which resulted in him spending all his Arcane Realm Stones.

“Twenty one Dominator Weapon fragments and sixty three Emperor Weapon fragments!”

Qin Nan stood in the residence staring at the pile of various fragments before him, as his eyes were engulfed in lustful flames.

Without hesitation, he fired nine streams of Chaos Qi onto nine Emperor Weapon fragments, causing them to glow brightly, as their core formations were restored and the Chaos Qi transformed into Weapon Spirits, allowing them to regain their previous outstanding power.

“The Dominator Weapons are next!”

Qin Nan fired three streams of Chaos Qi once again, but this time, although the Dominator Weapon fragments slightly reacted, it was extremely weak.

“Hmm? One stream of Chaos Qi is not enough?”

Qin Nan was slightly startled, but after deducing the reason behind it, he immediately fired streams of Chaos Qi continuously… After emitting twenty seven streams of Chaos Qi, the three Dominator Weapon fragments were finally restored, resulting in a blinding glow.

“It appears that each of the Dominator Weapon fragments requires ten streams of Chaos Qi. I currently have one hundred and eight streams of Chaos Qi left! After spending forty three streams of Chaos Qi and fourteen thousand Arcane Realm Stones, I’ve repaired a total of three Dominator Weapons and eleven Emperor Weapons!”

Qin Nan exhaled his breath.

Three Dominator Weapons!

Eleven Emperor Weapons!

If he were to sell them all, he would definitely earn a fortune from it!

“Ok, time to visit Princess Miao Miao and the others.”

Qin Nan spent some time collecting his thoughts. He had already spent two days here. Princess Miao Miao and the others would be worried if he did not returned soon.

Qin Nan swiftly left the residence and arrived at Houzi’s place.

As soon as he stepped past the entrance, he could hear the Longhu Ancestor Beast’s furious voice, “Qin Nan, you’re finally back! I’ll make this clear, we must declare war against those f**king assholes of the Trading Alliance, and turn their faction upside down! If you are not brave enough to do so, our friendship ends here. I’ll do it myself!”

“That’s right, they shall not be forgiven!”

Princess Miao Miao’s face turned utterly cold as a murderous aura was emitted from her body.

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