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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 290


Chapter 290: Chapter 290 - The Mystical Chaos Qi

Chapter 290 - The Mystical Chaos Qi

The stream of ancient Qi was utterly different than before. Instead of flowing into Qin Nan’s divine Sense, it circulated within his meridians, exited from the tip of his finger, and dissolved into one of the Emperor Weapon fragments.

The Emperor Weapon fragment appeared to be a broken sword. Only half of the formation remained inside it, with no sign of its Weapon Spirit.

However, the instant the ancient Qi entered the fragment, it suddenly emitted a buzzing sound, as the destroyed formation began to recover, as if its life force was being restored. The fragment itself began to grow, which appeared to be regaining its original shape in just the blink of an eye.


Six other Emperor Weapon fragments close to the fragmented sword suddenly exploded, resulting in rays of light entering the sword, causing it to miraculously grow. In just three breaths’ time, the fragmented sword had transformed into a complete, crimson longsword.


A terrifying Sword Intent was emitted from the crimson longsword, damaging the surroundings. It was no longer a fragmented piece, but a truly powerful Emperor Weapon!

“Could this be repairing?”

Qin Nan wore a stunned expression.

The aura from the mysterious world that the left eye of the divine God of Battle formed was able to repair a fragmented Emperor Weapon?

While being confused, he suddenly felt his blood to be linked to the crimson longsword, as if he had formed a blood pact with it, merging the two together.

“What’s going on?”

Qin Nan ignored the doubts in his mind and unleashed the left eye of the divine God of Battle and glanced at the longsword. With a glimpse, he instantly came to a realization.

It appeared that the core formation located inside the longsword was restored by the stream of ancient Qi. After restoring its appearance, the stream of ancient Qi transformed into a human-figured Weapon Spirit. Although it did not possess any intelligence, it was capable of supporting the longsword, thus allowing it to regain its power of an Emperor Weapon.


Qin Nan uttered a roar.

The longsword suddenly let out a glow, as it emitted a powerful Sword Intent slashing forward.


No one was allowed to unleash any aura within Jianghuang City. Qin Nan immediately uttered the command after realizing this.

The longsword instantly froze in mid-air, as it withdrew the terrifying Sword Intent which it had emitted. The place then fell into a dead silence, as if nothing had happened just then.

“It seems like the stream of ancient Qi is able to repair a fragmented Emperor Weapon! Not only that, the repaired Emperor Weapon is completely under my control!” Qin Nan could not help but inhale deeply.

Repairing fragments of Emperor Weapons, how crazy was that?

Even the Weapon Masters of the Trading Alliance were unable to achieve this!

Most importantly, it only took the stream of ancient Qi six other fragments to fix this fragment of Emperor Weapons. In other words, he would only need seven fragments of Emperor Weapons to produce a complete Emperor Weapon.

Seven fragments of Emperor Weapons were priced around a thousand four hundred Arcane Realm Stones, but a real Emperor Weapon… The price was immeasurable!

“This stream of ancient Qi took the initiative to descend after my left eye communicated with the mysterious world, and fixed the Emperor Weapon fragment straight away. Does that mean that I can also repair a Dominator Weapon fragment? Or even a Sacred Weapon fragment? If I managed to do that…”

Qin Nan took another deep breath, as he did not dare to continue his thought.

In Jianghuang City, a complete Dominator Weapon was extremely rare to be found, not to mention a Sacred Weapon!

“However, I should take note that seven fragments of Emperor Weapons were needed to fix an Emperor Weapon! It’s highly possible that the repairing of Dominator Weapons and Sacred Weapons would also need the same amount of fragments of the same tier!”

Qin Nan mumbled to himself as he organized his thoughts.

“Most importantly, this stream of ancient Qi only appeared when the left eye of the divine God of Battle communicated with the mysterious world, and it has only appeared two times up until now! If I was planning to fix more Emperor Weapons, the first thing I should focus on is the way to obtain more streams of ancient Qi!”

Qin Nan’s pair of eyes gradually glistened.

It did not matter what he was trying to repair, the material was just the secondary requirement. Most importantly, he must have sufficient ancient Qi beforehand!

“The first time I obtained this ancient Qi happened when I was upgrading my divine Battle Spirit. Similarly, I was also upgrading my divine Battle Spirit this time. Therefore, the ancient Qi is only obtainable the same way as upgrading the Martial Spirit, which is by consuming enough pills?”

A thought flashed through Qin Nan’s mind.

Without any hesitation, he immediately sat down with his legs crossed, and began to consume handfuls of Martial Emperor Pills.

One hundred thousand!

Eight hundred thousand!

One million!

When Qin Nan consumed all the remaining one million Martial Emperor Pills, the divine Battle Spirit showed no sign of leveling up, and the left eye of the divine God of Battle showed no reaction either. Unlike last time, it did not take the initiative to communicate with the atavistic world located in the midst of the darkness.

“Let’s go exchange for some Martial Emperor Pills!”

Qin Nan did not give up, as he swiftly went out to trade for some Martial Emperor Pills.

In Jianghuang City, most of the people traded stuff with Arcane Realm Stones, as Arcane Realm Stones were useful to improve one’s Martial Skills mastery, which was more useful than Martial Emperor Pills. Therefore, an Arcane Realm Stone might only be worth one hundred thousand Martial Emperor Pills in other places, but it was worth three hundred thousand Martial Emperor Pills here in Jianghuang City!

Qin Nan immediately took out one thousand Arcane Realm Stones. Since the value was too huge, instead of exchanging them for Martial Emperor Pills, he ended up exchanging for three million Martial Ancestor Pills!

“Let’s try again!”

Qin Nan took a deep breath, and began to devour handfuls of Martial Ancestor Pills.

Three thousand!

Seven thousand!

After Qin Nan had consumed ten thousand Martial Ancestor Pills, the divine Battle Spirit remained silent, but the left eye of the divine God of Battle suddenly emitted a mystical glow, which encapsulated Qin Nan and brought him into the ocean of darkness.

Within the boundless darkness, an ancient world could be seen floating, which emitted a stream of ancient Qi into Qin Nan’s body.

“I’m right! It seems like it is obtainable by consuming pills!”

Qin Nan’s face turned joyful.

This time, he manually guided the stream of ancient Qi to enter his body, and prevented it from exiting from his finger and entering the Emperor Weapon fragments. Instead, it was stored inside his Dantian.

The stream of ancient Qi, despite possessing zero intelligence, was extremely obedient to Qin Nan’s will. It remained stationary in place when Qin Nan commanded it to do so.

“This ancient Qi is so magical, with a cloudy appearance. I should call it Chaos Qi! Furthermore, instead of using it to repair the fragments of Emperor Weapons, I should save up more for the time being, so that I can experiment with its other magical uses!”

Qin Nan thought in his mind.

Previously, the stream of Chaos Qi had expanded his divine Sense to ten times its original size. This time, the Chaos Qi was able to repair the Emperor Weapon fragment. Therefore, it was evident that this Chaos Qi was extraordinary, and hence it might have other unique effects as well.

“I shall devour more pills!”

Qin Nan made up his mind and grabbed handfuls of pills and shoved them into his mouth. The sight of it would cause one to stare with their eyes open wide and their jaws dropped.

Ten thousand!

Twenty thousand!

Eighty thousand!

One hundred thousand!

After consuming a total of five hundred thousand Martial Ancestor pills, Qin Nan’s body had now stored twenty six streams of Chaos Qi. At the same time, the ninth ray of light finally appeared behind the divine Battle Spirit!

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