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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 29


Chapter 29 - Hold On a Sec...

No one could have seen this coming;the Qin Clan one of the top two clans in Lingshui city had lost all its deacons and elders who had left to join the Fang Clan, and this was in less than half the time it took an incense stick to burn. Only a few dozen disciples of the Qin Clan were left;they stood on the spot with blank expressions on their faces.

Even Fang Rulong and Fang Li were shocked by the scene.

As Fang Li collected his thoughts, his face turned red as if he were drunk, and he said disdainfully with an excited tone, ’’Qin Tian, are you seeing this? This is the Qin Clan you put effort into for the past ten years. With just a sentence, they have all betrayed you! Will you acknowledge it now that your Qin Clan is just a bunch of trash?’’

When he heard this, Qin Tian's expression changed; a sudden hint of anger rose within him, but was soon replaced by helplessness and sadness.

The words from Fang Li were the truth, which he could not deny.

Following this, Fang Li had no intention of stopping there. He gave the remaining disciples a cold stare and said with an icy tone, ’’So, do you guys still want to stay in the Qin Clan? Hehe, I'll give you one last chance to join my Fang Clan! If not, you shouldn't bother trying to beg for a quick death later.’’

Fang Li threatened them straight away.

Even though the remaining disciples were not outstanding among the Qin Clan they only had average talents and cultivation bases Fang Li planned to have everyone from the Qin Clan betray their leader.

It would make him delighted if more disgrace was brought upon Qin Tian.

Unexpectedly, after Fang Li finished his sentence, the people who had just betrayed the Qin Clan and joined the Fang Clan including Qin Tieba started speaking.

’’What are you trash waiting for? The master is giving you guys a chance to join us!’’

’’That's right, come over here quick. Are you staying at the Qin Clan to wait for your deaths?’’

’’I see that you guys are tired of living. I'll be the first one to kill you if you aren't joining us!’’


The behavior of these people had left others speechless.

How shameless and ungrateful were these people to say such words?

The remaining disciples of the Qin Clan had their eyes filled with terror as they faced the threats of the enemy. However, their legs were firmly rooted on the ground, as if molten iron was poured onto them, showing no signs of moving to the other side.

’’I'm grateful for your attitude. Now leave the Qin Clan is finished.’’ Qin Tian said.

There was an extremely calm expression on his face.

Qin Tian knew it was over for the Qin Clan. If these disciples were to stay until the end, they would be facing death together with him;it was not worth for them.

’’Master, no extra word is needed. I will not leave!’’

Suddenly, among the disciples, one of them shouted with an agitated tone.

The person who seemed to be extremely weak and would be fainting any second now was Qin Li, who was crippled by Fang Rulong.

Qin Li's eyes were filled with red lines, who yelled, ’’Master, I'm grateful for what the Qin Clan had done for me, why would I betray it? I would not ask to be a person with great influence, but at least I would want to live up to my conscience! I, Qin Li, do not have a valuable life, why would I be scared of death? I'm from the Qin Clan to begin with, so I'll stay with you. Together, we live and we die!.’’

’’Together, we live and we die!’’

’’Together, we live and we die!’’

’’Together, we live and we die!’’


The words from Qin Li acted like a spell which influenced the remaining disciples of Qin Clan.

These disciples had their eyes turned red, and were filled with excitement, no longer terrified of the enemy.

At this moment, even though Qin Tieba and his group were shameless enough, their faces burned with shame upon hearing these words.

However, they remained on the spot. Isn't betrayal insignificant compared to saving our own lives?

’’HAHAHA!’’ Suddenly, Fang Rulong who was on the platform let out a loud, ear-piercing laugh. His face was twisted, ’’How heroic 'live and die together', very impressive. But who do you think you are? You guys are just a bunch of trash;trash has no right to live and die together. In just a moment's time, I'll let you beg for a quick death!’’

A ferocious aura was emitted from Fang Rulong's body.

Immediately, Fang Rulong looked toward Qin Nan who had remained silent the whole time and said in a mocking tone, ’’I do remember how arrogant you were facing my Fang Clan. However, I'm in no rush to kill you;I would like you to witness me becoming a respectful disciple of the Mystic Spirit Sect. Until then, I'll teach you what it means to be cruel!’’

Upon saying that, Fang Rulong turned around to face Xiao Qingxue and Bai Heng as his twisted expression was replaced by a respectful one.

Fang Rulong said, ’’Two elders, am I qualified to be a disciple of the Mystic Spirit Sect? If so, I have a request on becoming a disciple. I hope that you will help me restrain the people of the Qin Clan, so I can kill them all, and show you the power of my Martial Spirit!’’

The words caused the atmosphere to become tense.

Qin Tian and Tie Shan exchanged gazes. Even though they knew the elimination of the Qin Clan was inevitable, they had decided to sacrifice their lives to protect Qin Nan and the remaining disciples.

However, if the two elders decided to interfere, how was it possible for Qin Nan and the disciples to survive?

Xiao Qingxue frowned her eyebrows. She was quite impressed with Qin Nan, plus the reactions of the disciples of Qin Clan were acknowledgeable.

Now that Fang Rulong said that he planned to kill the remnants of the Qin Clan, how would she agree?

Therefore, without hesitation, Xiao Qingxue softly said, ’’Fang Rulong, you are qualified to become a disciple of the Mystic Spirit Sect. Despite that, once you've become a disciple, you must avoid these worldly affairs, what's the point of insisting to kill? It would greatly hinder your pursuit of the Martial Will!’’ Although it was indirect, but there was no doubt Xiao Qingxue had shown her stance.

Upon hearing this, Fang Rulong and Fang Li's expressions changed. They did not expect Xiao Qingxue to continue protecting Qin Nan and the Qin Clan.

Elder Bai Heng's face turned angry too. He was planning to torture and kill Qin Nan for revenge. How dare you, Xiao Qingxue, still try to protect this trash?

Thus, Elder Bai Heng's tone had no respect, ’’Elder Xiao, I disagree with what you're saying. Fang Rulong's Martial Spirit is good for killing. Plus, the Qin Clan and the Fang Clan are enemies. If Qin Clan weren't to be eliminated, it would affect Junior Fang Rulong's cultivation, which would not be a good thing. Furthermore, Fang Rulong is now a disciple of the Mystic Spirit Sect, would it matter if he killed some worldly trash?’’

Even though Elder Bai Heng was terrified of Xiao Qingxue, it seemed like he was being reasonable.

How dare you Xiao Qingxue, protect some worldly people, instead of helping the junior of your sect?

If that were said to be the case, it would not be good for Xiao Qingxue's reputation.

A hint of murderous intent appeared in Xiao Qingxue's eyes, but it was well hidden from the crowd, as she said with a smile, ’’Elder Bai Heng, there's no need for the sarcasm. I'll make myself clear. I'm protecting Qin Nan and the Qin Clan. Go ahead and kill them if you have the guts to do so.’’

Xiao Qingxue spoke with a calm tone, and her voice was pleasant to listen to. However, her words were like lightning strikes on a sunny day for Elder Bai Heng, whose expression changed immediately and his forehead started to fill with cold sweat. He did not expect Xiao Qingxue to be so forceful.

If Xiao Qingxue really insisted on doing so, Elder Bai Heng would not disobey her will, even if he was given ten guts[1] to do so.

Even Fang Rulong and Fang Li had their expressions change again. They did not expect Xiao Qingxue to have such a firm attitude to protect the Qin Clan, which only had a bunch of trash left.

In the meantime, a voice could be heard, ’’Pardon me, elders, I have something to say.’’

It was Qin Nan who spoke.

Translator: XephiZ

Editor: DOCuinn

[1] TL Note: 'giving me ten guts' (给我十个胆子) is a saying in Chinese, which is usually used when someone is not daring enough to do something. Example: ’’I wouldn't dare to do it even if you give me ten guts!’’ 胆 means gallbladder, but since in English we say ’’do you have the guts to do it...’’, that's why I use guts here instead.


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