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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 289


Chapter 289: Chapter 289 - An Unexpected Surprise

Chapter 289 - An Unexpected Surprise

Qin Nan’s gaze landed onto the Maple Prince’s figure.

The Maple Prince could feel a chill in his heart, as he immediately glanced at Peng Yu and Master Mu with a pair of begging eyes.

Peng Yu and Master Mu both remained expressionless. Although Qin Nan was the Trading Alliance’s enemy, it did not mean that the Trading Alliance had the obligation to help Maple Prince.

“Qin Nan…” The Maple Prince completely lost his hope as he clenched his teeth and said, “I only have just over two thousand Arcane Realm Stones, and twenty three Emperor Weapon fragments right now. Is it possible to give you these first, and the remaining next time?”

“Sure thing!”

Qin Nan nodded his head without showing any expression.

This Maple Prince had tried to bully him just then, and although he was quite pitiful now, Qin Nan would not show any mercy.

Do you think your actions are justified just because you are pitiful now?

The Maple Prince clenched his teeth as he handed over his storage bag. He then left the scene swiftly.

“Here are your three thousand Arcane Realm Stones!”

Qin Nan waved his hand and paid the Arcane Realm Stones he owed. He then retrieved the Sacred Weapon fragment, the divine Swordmaster’s record, and a copper mirror into his storage bag.

Peng Yu and Master Mu could feel their hearts bleeding upon seeing this.

Although they had the desire to rob Qin Nan, they immediately gave up the thought after recollecting Jianghuang’s attitude. If they were to rob Qin Nan now, it would bring a great disaster to the reputation of the Trading Alliance. It was not worth the price.

“Let’s go!”

Qin Nan and Sima Kong left the place. After all, they had earned enough Arcane Realm Stones in their trip here.



...In an ordinary looking residence...

Sima Kong said with a pair of lustful eyes, “Qin Nan, I don’t care about anything else, I only want the divine Swordmaster’s record. If you are willing to trade it with me, I’ll teach you how to conceal the black lines!”

“The divine Swordmaster’s record?”

Qin Nan let out calm smile as he said, “This record is an inheritance from the divine Swordmaster, which contains the divine Swordmaster’s Sword Art. Its value has surpassed that of the Sacred Weapon fragment. Do you think this method of concealing the black lines is valuable enough to trade with the record?”


Sima Kong was slightly startled, and his expression switched rapidly, before he clenched his teeth and said, “I’ll teach you how to conceal the black lines, and also the disguising technique! In return, you’ll give me the fragment of the Sacred Weapon too!”


Qin Nan’s eyes glistened.

He had personally witnessed the capabilities of Sima Kong’s disguising technique. It was incredibly magical, which would be quite useful if he were to learn it.


Qin Nan did not hesitate any longer, as he threw the divine Swordmaster’s record and the Sacred Weapon fragment into the hands of Sima Kong.

“Hehe, I like your straightforward attitude!” Sima Kong wore an unwilling expression as he took out a scroll and handed it to Qin Nan.

This time, he was indeed unwilling to trade his techniques, as most of the time he had relied on the disguising technique to roam freely in the lower district. If it were anything else, he would not trade his techniques, but this divine Swordmaster’s record was utterly important to him.

Qin Nan unleashed his left eye of the divine God of Battle and glanced at the scroll. After realizing that there were no problems or nothing missing anything from the scroll, Qin Nan nodded his head slightly.

“Buddy, I’ll leave first. I’ll give you the residence as a present!”

Sima Gong let out a chuckle as his figure vanished with a flicker.

“This Sima Kong is quite interesting…”

Qin Nan thought to himself.

Although his first impression told him that this Sima Kong did not seem to be trustworthy, the fact that he was marked with five black lines and possessed various secret techniques showed that he was no ordinary person.

“Screw it, let’s see how much I earned this time!”

Qin Nan’s eyes turned fiery as he checked his storage bags one at a time.

He had won nine rounds of the gamble on the first-floor of the Ancient Gambling Store, and earned a total of fourteen thousand four hundred Arcane Realm Stones. Together with over two thousand Arcane Realm Stones from the Maple Prince, that would be over sixteen thousand;minus the three thousand Arcane Realm Stones he had paid in the second-floor, that would be a remainder of over thirteen thousand Arcane Realm Stones.

Besides that, the Maple Prince had also paid him twenty three fragments of Emperor Weapons, each with a value of two hundred Arcane Realm Stones!

“I’ve surprisingly earned his much on a trip to the Ancient Gambling Store!”

Qin Nan could feel his heartbeat increasing.

If he were to trade all these Arcane Realm Stones for Martial Emperor Pills, it would result in a terrifying number.

How many levels would the divine Battle Spirit improve if I were to consume such an amount of Martial Emperor Pills?

“Most importantly… I’ve managed to acquire this!”

Qin Nan took a deep breath and took out the copper mirror from his storage bag.

The copper mirror was around two palms large, carved with ancient markings, which were similar to the silhouette of a celestial being during the ancient era.

The copper mirror was one of the fragments that Qin Nan had picked at the Ancient Gambling Store, which was the only fragment that Qin Nan did not show to the crowd. This was because even his left eye of the divine God of Battle had failed to peek through it.

“Wait until my cultivation is stronger, I’ll definitely discover all the secrets you are hiding!”

Qin Nan mumbled to himself. Following this, he calmed his thoughts and began to think about the current situation.

Not only had he displeased the Saintess of the Trading Alliance and the Six-Eared divine Being, basically, the conflict between him and the Trading Alliance was unresolvable.

Since there were two months left until the selection of the two Sacred Areas, he would continue to be targeted by the Trading Alliance within Jianghuang City during this period.

“Trading Alliance, don’t let me find the right opportunity. Otherwise, I’ll surely make you pay!”

Qin Nan’s eyes flickered coldly, before he took out three million Martial Emperor Pills from his storage bag.

These three million Martial Emperor Pills were obtained when he sold the Beast Cores to Ma Qian previously at the Mystic Spirit Sect. After his divine Battle Spirit reached the eighth-grade Xuan rank, he had never had the time to consume the remaining pills.

“Let’s see if I can raise the divine Battle Spirit to the ninth-grade Xuan rank!”

Qin Nan made up his mind, as he began to take handfuls of Martial Emperor Pills and shove them into his mouth.

One hundred thousand!

Two hundred thousand!

One million!

After consuming two million Martial Emperor Pills, the divine Battle Spirit remained silent.

“The amount of pills it needs for every level is crazily higher than the previous level’s amount…”

Even though Qin Nan was quite wealthy now, he could feel his heart aching after consuming two million Martial Emperor Pills in one sitting.

“Let’s continue!”

Qin Nan took another handful of Martial Emperor Pills and shoved them into his mouth.

At that instant, a rare occurrence took place, as his left eye of the divine God of Battle began to jump ferociously, as a mystical force encapsulated Qin Nan’s figure.


Qin Nan could feel his surroundings rotating, before he was devoured by a boundless darkness.

In the midst of the darkness, he could see a glowing ovular object floating. Under the glow was a vast mysterious world, which felt like it had remained unchanged for eternity.

“This is…”

Qin Nan was slightly startled. Wasn’t this the rare occurrence that took place when he had upgraded his divine Battle Spirit back at the Mystic Spirit Sect?


It was as if the ancient world in the middle of the darkness was being summoned, as a stream of aura from it was being absorbed into Qin Nan’s body.

As Qin Nan collected his thoughts, his face turned joyful. The stream of mysterious aura had expanded his divine Sense to be ten times bigger.

At that instant, a shocking rare phenomenon occurred.

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