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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 286


Chapter 286: Chapter 286 - Trying to be Sly? No Problem

Chapter 286 - Trying to be Sly? No Problem

No right to bet with you?

Ten times the stake?

Qin Nan almost turned furious. He had no idea where this Maple Prince got his courage from to disrespect him.

“Not that I’m not willing to accept the bet.” Qin Nan said in a calm yet shocking tone, “I think we should increase the stake. If I win, you’ll pay me ten thousand Arcane Realm Stones! If I lose, I’ll pay you a hundred thousand Arcane Realm Stones. Are you brave enough to accept this?”

Qin Nan gradually raised his tone in the end, which resulted in a thunderous roar.

The Maple Prince, Peng Yu, and Master Mu were utterly dumbfounded.

That’s a total of one hundred thousand Arcane Realm Stones!

Was Qin Nan that confident in securing the win?

Previously, the reason the Maple Prince had dared to challenge Qin Nan with a scornful attitude was mainly because of the provocation from Peng Yu.

Qin Nan’s eye technique was indeed powerful, but Master Mu already knew the specific fragments with the greatest value among the pile. Therefore, he could easily let the Maple Prince know in secret, allowing him to win without any doubt!

“Qin Nan…”

Sima Kong’s expression was filled with a hint of panic. Although he did not understand the details of the conspiracy, he could kind of guess the main idea.

Despite Qin Nan’s terrifying eye technique, it was most likely that he would lose due to their enemies’ conspiracy!

“Why are you scared? Don’t worry, let’s rob them big time!”

Qin Nan transmitted his voice into Sima Kong’s mind.


Sima Kong was slightly startled, before he clenched his teeth. Qin Nan is right, let’s rob them a big one!

“Such confidence! I would like to see what capabilities you have to dare and bet with me!” The Maple Prince collected his thoughts, and wore an utterly unpleasant expression.

The eyes of Peng Yu and Master Mu were filled with a mocking look.

This Qin Nan is definitely out of his mind. Did he really think he was undefeatable with his eye technique?

It seems like he would be paying them one hundred thousand Arcane Realm Stones today!

A smile appeared on Peng Yu’s face as he said, “Since you two have decided on the bet, let’s begin with selecting the fragments. The Maple Prince will be picking the fragments first, since he arrived at the Ancient Gambling Store earlier than you!”

Sima Kong’s face turned dull after hearing the words. Wasn’t it obvious that they were letting the Maple Prince pick the highest-valued fragments first?

“Oh Qin Nan, if you were to lose the bet, then I guess I’ll be exposing the true strength of my pair of peerless legs, to run away as fast as possible…” Sima Kong mumbled in his heart, without showing any hint of shame.

“Thanks, manager!”

The Maple Prince said in a dull tone, as he took a step forward. A maple leaf appeared in his eyes, which emitted a mystical glow encapsulating the hundred fragments before him.

Master Mu’s eyes glistened slightly, as he immediately transmitted his voice.

In just less than five breaths’ time, the Maple Prince wore a joyful expression as he instantly uttered, “I’ll pick number eight, thirty-two and ninety-nine. Uncle Peng, here are three thousand Arcane Realm Stones!”

Peng Yu and Master Mu both wore mocking expressions as they glanced at Qin Nan.

Qin Nan’s expression remained unchanged. At the very beginning, he had already scanned the fragments with his eyes. The three fragments which the Maple Prince had picked were all fragments of Highness Weapons, which surpassed the rank of Dominator Weapons!

In terms of the ranks of equipment, they were classified into Houtian Weapons, Xiantian Weapons, Emperor Weapons, Dominator Weapons, Highness Weapons, Sacred Weapons, and Monarch Weapons.

A fragment of a Dominator Weapon was already priceless, not to mention a fragment of a Highness Weapon, which was ten times more costly!

“Let’s take a look at the fragments selected by the Maple Prince!”

Peng Yu spoke while flicking his finger, firing three beams of light into the fragments. Following it, three purple glows could be seen emitting from the fragments, which transformed into the strong auras of Highness Weapons that encapsulated the surroundings!

“Fragments of Highness Weapons!”

Sima Kong’s expression utterly changed. This is bad. Just as he had expected, the Maple Prince, Peng Yu, and Master Mu had planned for this all along!

The Maple Prince’s expression turned joyful upon seeing this, causing his confidence to grow rapidly as glanced at Qin Nan with a smile, “What a surprise, all my fragments are that of Highness Weapons! Qin Nan, go ahead and pick your fragments, although it seems like the bet is my complete victory!”

Peng Yu and Master Mu were both feeling pleasant, especially Master Mu who wore a thick smile on his face.

The truth was, the Trading Alliance had already inspected these hundred fragments. Apart from the three fragments of Highness Weapons, the rest were all fragments of Emperor Weapons, or useless junk!

In other words, no matter what Qin Nan ended up picking, he would surely lose!

Qin Nan glanced at him without saying anything, as his left eye emitted a golden glow.

“What kind of eye technique was that?”

Master Mu’s expression stiffened. At that particular instant, he could feel his soul being suppressed by a sudden pressure.

Was that real or just an illusion?

As Master Mu was feeling confused, Qin Nan suddenly reached out his finger and said, “Number ten!”

“Number ten?”

Master Mu was startled, before he burst out laughing, “HAHAHA, Qin Nan, I’m not trying to trick you, but the fragment with the number ten is a completely useless piece of junk, if you were to pick it…”

A junk?

Did Qin Nan just pick a piece of junk?

The eyes of Peng Yu and Maple Prince were filled with disdain. They initially thought Qin Nan’s eye technique would be quite powerful, but it seemed like it was nothing worth mentioning.

On the other hand, Sima Kong’s eyes flickered with excitement as he remained silent. He was eager to know what kind of fragment would Qin Nan pick with his pair of terrifying eyes!

Qin Nan ignored Master Mu’s ridicule as he calmly said, “Apart from number ten, I’ll take number twenty-one and thirty-nine too! These three fragments will be my choices!”

Master Mu was slightly stunned.

Number ten, twenty-one, and thirty-nine?

After a slight hesitation, Master Mu could not help but burst out laughing, “Qin Nan, you would surely lose if you picked these fragments! That’s because these fragments are all junk, completely worthless!”

The fragments are all pieces of junks?

Peng Yu wore a smug expression. He could now see the scene where Qin Nan suffered a great loss. The Young Mistress would surely be pleased once she knew what he had managed to achieve.

The Maple Prince laughed as his eyes emitted a cold glow, “HAHAHA, Qin Nan, you’ve picked three fragments of junk! You’ve lost the bet. Hand over one hundred thousand Arcane Realm Stones at once!”

“Why are you in a rush?” Qin Nan said calmly, “Let’s get rid of the forbidding auras on these fragments first. You’ll never know if they are fragments of junk until then!”


The Maple Prince’s eyes were engulfed in flames of anger. This Qin Nan is still unwilling to give up under such circumstances?

Master Mu’s expression turned cold too as he said, “Manager, can you erase the forbidding auras on the fragments, so he can see that these fragments are pieces of junk!”


Peng Yu wore a smug expression as he flicked his finger and fired three beams of light to erase the forbidding auras on the fragments.

As expected, after the forbidding auras dissipated, the three fragments showed no sign of any aura, which indicated them to be pieces of worthless junk.

Sima Kong was stunned.

“Humph, I’ve already told you that these three fragments are worthless, but you chose not to believe my words!” Master Mu harrumphed with an icy expression.

“HAHAHA, we’ve won!” Peng Yu could not help but burst out laughing.

“Qin Nan, see that? Those fragments are nothing but junk!” Maple Prince emitted a forceful aura as he uttered a thunderous roar, “Hand over one hundred thousand Arcane Realm Stones at once! Otherwise, I’ll show you no merc…”

At that instant, the Maple Prince halted his speech.

That was because Qin Nan’s figure had walked up slowly and picked up a rusty iron box that belonged to one of the three fragments. He curled his finger and touched the surface of the box. Following this, a terrifying beam of light was fired upward from the iron box!

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Editor: DOCuinn


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