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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 285


Chapter 285: Chapter 285 - Thousand Hands Ultimate Seal

Chapter 285 - Thousand Hands Ultimate Seal

Peng Yu glanced at Qin Nan and said in a calm tone, “Allow me to introduce you, this is the current Prince of the Maple Kingdom, who has awakened a second-grade Xuan ranked Maple Leaf Martial Spirit, granting him a powerful pair of Maple Leaf Eyes, placing him in fourth place in the Primary Candidates Ranking!”

“Primary Candidates Ranking? What’s that?”

Qin Nan instantly ignored the beginning part of the speech and transmitted his voice to Sima Kong.

“Haven’t you heard of it? Both the Feiyang Sacred Area and the Qinglong Sacred Area will be recruiting new disciples here. According to the strength of the candidates, a ranking is formed. It’s quite impressive that this Maple Prince is placed at the fourth rank.” Sima Kong said in a surprised tone.

Qin Nan nodded his head, but he was slightly disappointed. Despite being placed at the fourth rank of the Primary Candidates Ranking, this Maple Prince’s Martial Spirit was only second-grade Xuan ranked.

If Peng Yu and the Maple Prince were to know Qin Nan’s current thoughts, they would most likely vomit blood on the spot.

A first-grade Xuan ranked Martial Spirit cultivator, in any sect of any kingdom, would be qualified as a core disciple, or even be guaranteed a solid place in the two Sacred Areas, and had the chance of reaching the Martial Dominator Realm.

The Maple Prince’s eyes scanned Qin Nan’s figure as he said, “Qin Nan, is it? Don’t think you can be so smug with your mere eye technique. Be humble and avoid making the mistress mad. Otherwise, I will deal with you on behalf of her!”

After hearing the words, Peng Yu’s eyes flickered slightly.

The rumors are accurate, this Maple Prince admires the Young Mistress. He would not show any mercy against her enemies.

Although Peng Yu was not fond of this Maple Prince, it was not a bad idea to have him trouble Qin Nan for the time being.

That being said, Qin Nan was clear as to what Peng Yu had in mind. Therefore, he had no intention of wasting his time on this Maple Prince, as he glanced at Peng Yu and said, “So, what are the rules here on the second-floor?”


The Maple Prince went enraged after Qin Nan ignored his presence. The two peak Martial Emperor Realm guards behind him wore icy expressions.

Peng Yu let out a grin in his heart as he said with a stern look, “The second-floor is a trial. If you are able to pick three fragments of Dominator Weapons among the fifty fragments here, you will then be allowed to enter the restricted area of the Ancient Gambling Store, and take part in…”

Before Peng Yu could finish his words, Qin Nan raised his eyes and uttered a number, “Twelve!”

Peng Yu and the furious Maple Prince were startled, whose expressions utterly changed the next moment.

The fragment labeled with the number twelve was a fragment of a Dominator Weapon!



Qin Nan consecutively uttered two more numbers, before he glanced at Peng Yu and said, “Am I allowed to proceed now?”

The entire second-floor fell into a dead silence!

The anger on the Maple Prince’s face dissipated. Even with the help of his Martial Spirit and his pair of Maple Eyes, it took him the period for an incense to burn to identify the three fragments of Dominator Weapons. However, it only took Qin Nan a few breaths’ time?

Peng Yu, in particular, was left with a blank expression on the spot.

The fragments of the second-floor were all concealed using a superior concealing technique. Even a person with an atavistic eye technique would not be able to peek through the fragments in just a few breaths’ time!

“This guy’s eye technique is nothing ordinary!”

Almost at the same instant, the same thought flashed across the minds of Peng Yu and the Maple Prince.

Sima Kong was utterly excited after seeing this. This is the true definition of showing off, forcing one to shut up by slapping them to the face with the truth, extremely hot-blooded!

“Damn, that feels so good, pretending to be weak first and strike ferociously like a tiger. I should definitely learn one or two tricks from him!” Sima Kong thought to himself.

As an experienced Martial Dominator Realm expert, Peng Yu soon calmed his thoughts and forced a smile onto his face, “Sure, I’ll bring you to the restricted area of the Ancient Gambling Store!”

With a flicker, he arrived at a corner and reached out his hand. Following a rumble, the walls suddenly sprang open, revealing a secret hall covering an area of roughly twenty meters square.

In the hall were placed one hundred fragments in an orderly fashion. At the center of the fragments sat an old man, who stopped his actions when he heard their movement. He then glanced at Qin Nan and the Maple Prince and said, “Welcome, you can call me Master Mu. All of these one hundred fragments here were sealed using the Thousand Hands Ultimate Seal to cover their auras. You two are allowed to use any eye technique while picking the fragments. Each of you are allowed to pick three fragments, and each fragment will cost a thousand Arcane Realm Stones!”

“A thousand Arcane Realm Stones?”

The Maple Prince’s expression slightly changed.

A fragment of a Dominator Weapon could only be sold for eight hundred Arcane Realm Stones. In other words, even if they ended up picking a fragment of a Dominator Weapon, it would serve as a loss too.

Master Mu said without raising his eyes, “Young man, among the hundred fragments here, only thirty of them are fragments of Dominator Weapons. As for the rest, even our appraisers could not identify them. There is a chance that one of them might be a fragment of a tremendous treasure, with a price of ten thousand Arcane Realm Stones!”

After hearing this, the expression of the Maple Prince turned calm, as his eyes showed a hint of excitement.

Qin Nan’s eyes swiftly scanned the fragments, before he slightly frowned his eyebrows.

Peng Yu was aware of the change of his expression, as he let out a hysterical laugh and said, “Qin Nan, my friend, I hope you didn’t forget the rules. I mentioned that you have to pay ten times the price if you are planning to buy the fragments!”

“Ten times?” Maple Prince’s eyes were filled with disdain.

Sima Kong instantly became enraged.

Ten times again?

If that’s the case, that would be ten thousand Arcane Realm Stones each. Three fragments would be thirty thousand Arcane Realm Stones!

Thirty thousand Arcane Realm Stones;Qin Nan could only prevent losses from occurring by picking three fragments of the tremendous treasures that the old man mentioned!

That being said, in the remaining seventy fragments, even the appraisers of the Trading Alliance could not identify them. Who could guarantee if there existed fragments of tremendous treasures within these seventy fragments?

What if they were all fragments of junk!

At that instant, Peng Yu’s eyes flickered as a sudden thought came to mind. He then secretly conversed with the Maple Prince.

“Qin Nan, I’m aware that your eye technique is extraordinary. If you were to take part in this game, why don’t we have a bet?” Maple Prince smilingly said, “We’ll be picking three fragments each. If your fragments are worth more than mine, I’ll pay you a thousand Arcane Realm Stones. If you lose, you will pay me ten thousand Arcane Realm Stones. How’s that?”

“Ten thousand?”

Sima Kong stared with his eyes open wide. This Peng Yu dares to increase the price by ten times, but where does this Maple Prince get his courage from to have Qin Nan paying ten times the price too?

“Oh, my bad. I forgot to mention that ordinary people have no right betting with me. Therefore, Qin Nan would need to pay ten times the stake in order to bet with me.” Maple Prince said in a calm tone, while displaying his scornfulness to the max!

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