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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 284


Chapter 284: Chapter 284 - Maple Prince

Chapter 284 - Maple Prince

Together with the first piece, that was a total of twenty one fragments of Emperor Weapons, resulting in the entire first-floor being encapsulated within a blinding glow, so bright that the crowd was unable to open their eyes.

One or two pieces would still be considered luck, but twenty one pieces at a time, is that still luck?

That’s pure strength!

Sima Kong’s chubby face turned excitingly red after seeing this. He had bet it right this time. I’m going to be rich!

Peng Yu’s face turned incredibly dull as he withheld his anger and said, “Qin Nan, I didn’t expect you to be quite extraordinary. It seems like your eye technique is indeed powerful. However, the forbidding auras on the fragments of Dominator Weapons are stronger than the ones on the fragments of Emperor Weapons. Even your eye technique would not be able to peek through them!”

After hearing the words, the crowd instinctively nodded their heads.

The crowd had witnessed the capabilities of the forbidding auras invented by the Trading Alliance. If it was that easy to overcome, wouldn’t the Trading Alliance suffer great losses?

Following the thought, the crowd felt better. Even if Qin Nan managed to pick thirty fragments of Emperor Weapons, so what?

He could only at most get his capital back!

“If I was able to pick a fragment of a Dominator Weapon, you will give me another three of them. If I wasn’t able to do so, I’ll give you three—how does that sound?”

Qin Nan said without mercy.


Peng Yu’s face stiffened. He did not believe Qin Nan would be able to pick a fragment of a Dominator Weapon, but hearing his words, he did not dare to accept the bet.

What if Qin Nan did pick one?

Not only would I suffer a great loss, I would lose my reputation too.

“Humph!” Peng Yu coldly said, “As your senior, how could I win over the possessions of my junior? Let’s take a look at the remaining nine fragments!”

After saying this, before receiving the acknowledgment from Qin Nan, he flicked his finger, firing nine beams of light into the fragments.


At that instant, three fragments of Dominator Weapons and six fragments of Emperor Weapons emitted terrifying intent, causing the entire first-floor to be encapsulated within a golden glow.

“How is this possible…”

At the same instant, Peng Yu and the others were utterly astonished.

Did he really pick all three fragments of Dominator Weapons?


Sima Kong could not help but let out a swear, as his figure almost jumped into the air.

Twenty seven fragments of Emperor Weapons were worth five thousand four hundred Arcane Realm Stones. Three fragments of Dominator Weapons were worth two thousand four hundred Arcane Realm Stones!

In just a few breaths’ time, they had earned a total of one thousand eight hundred Arcane Realm Stones!

Qin Nan glanced at Peng Yu and calmly said, “Even if you have raised the price by ten times, I can still earn a fortune! Now that the round is done, shall we continue with the next round? It’s likely that you still think it’s my luck, hence I must show you my strength today!”

Peng Yu almost cursed after hearing the words, as his face turned exceedingly dull.


He dared to say it’s luck after picking thirty valuable fragments?

Only an idiot would think it’s all luck that he’s able to pick the right fragments!

As for continuing to the next round?

If Qin Nan were to pick thirty valuable fragments every round, there wouldn’t be any treasure fragments left. Would the cultivators still buy the fragments?

No f**king way!

“Qin Nan!” Peng Yu took a deep breath and forced a smile onto his face, “I didn’t think your eye technique would be this powerful. It seems like I’ve indeed underestimated your ability! How about you follow me to the second-floor? The second-floor is far more interesting than the first-floor!”

The words caused the crowd to be astounded.

The second-floor of the Ancient Gambling Store was off boundaries to ordinary people, unless you possessed enough fortune.

However, it was reasonable for Qin Nan to enter the second-floor, as he did have the ability to do so!

“The second-floor?”

Sima Kong’s eyes glistened. Even he had never had the chance to pay a visit to the second-floor of the Ancient Gambling Store.

Peng Yu immediately said in a prodding tone after seeing Qin Nan remaining silent, “What is it, are you scared?”


Qin Nan let out a calm smile and said, “I will surely visit the second-floor, but before that, I would like to play a few more rounds on the first-floor!”

Peng Yu’s expression stiffened slightly.

Although he was dying to drive Qin Nan away, there was no way he could do so, as there were so many cultivators gathered here. If he were to drive Qin Nan away, if the public knew what had happened, it would cause great damage to the reputation of the Trading Alliance.

As the saying went, ‘good news stays indoors, while the bad news is spread a thousand miles away’!”

“Fine, enjoy yourself.” Peng Yu forced the words out from the gap of his teeth.

The following outcomes of the rounds were similar, as Qin Nan managed to pick three fragments of Dominator Weapons and twenty seven fragments of Emperor Weapons eight times in a row.

Qin Nan and Sima Kong had earned a total of fourteen thousand four hundred Arcane Realm Stones in these eight trials.

At that instant, Peng Yu—who was still on the first-floor—could feel blood dripping from his heart. Over the past ten or more years, it was the first time that the Ancient Gambling Store had suffered such a great loss.

“Qin Nan…” Peng Yu’s groan shocked the crowd. It seemed like the manager was on the verge of going insane.

“Come, let’s head to the second-floor.”

Qin Nan stopped betting on the fragments and headed to the second-layer together with Sima Kong.

“Qin Nan, you really have the guts to go to the second-floor. In the second-floor, I’ll surely have you spit out all the Arcane Realm Stones that you earned. All of them!” Peng Yu mumbled to himself as he proceeded to the second-floor.

The second-floor of the Ancient Gambling Store was utterly different than the previous two floors.

The entire second-floor did not have a single seat, nor the presence of Qi. There were only over fifty fragments of various appearances hanging on the wall.

These fragments were different than the ones in the ground and first-floor. Each fragment emitted a unique and strange aura, preventing one from identifying its true appearance.

At that instant, a proud-looking young man wearing a red robe was accompanied by two guards who were standing behind him. A piece of a leaf could be seen rotating in his eyes, which were emitting a red glow, a magical sight indeed.

Hearing the footsteps behind him the red-robbed young man turned around and smilingly said, “Uncle Peng, these fifty fragments are quite interesting. I’ve made my choices…”

The voice came to a halt as the young man’s gaze landed onto Qin Nan and Sima Kong, while frowning his eyebrows.

At that instant, Peng Yu’s figure appeared, whose eyes flickered as he spoke, “Maple Prince, allow me to introduce you;this is Qin Nan marked with three black lines, one who has been blacklisted by the Trading Alliance. I received a personal command from Young Mistress to drive him out from the Ancient Gambling Store. Unfortunately, after raising the price of the fragments by ten times, it had no effect against him. That’s because this lad’s eye technique is capable of peeking through the fragments on the first-floor. Therefore I’ve brought him here to the second-floor.”


A hint of shock flashed across the Maple Prince’s eyes. Being able to peek through the fragments in the first-floor meant this guy with the name Qin Nan most likely possessed an extraordinary eye technique.

The shock only lasted for a slight moment, as the eyes of the Maple Prince turned utterly cold.

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