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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 283


Chapter 283: Chapter 283 - Let the Light of Emperor Weapons Shi

Chapter 283 - Let the Light of Emperor Weapons Shine

At the entrance of the first-floor, a middle-aged man with an icy square face was wearing a robe and stared at Qin Nan and Sima Kong, as if he were looking at two ants.

The middle-aged man was named Peng Yu, and was the current manager of the Ancient Gambling Store, with a Martial Dominator Realm cultivation.

Peng Yu was not familiar with Qin Nan, but after receiving the order from his Young Mistress, he instantly turned furious. A mere hick from the Luohe Kingdom dared to disrespect the Young Mistress?

If it weren’t for the rules of Jianghuang City, instead of rising the price ten times, Peng Yu would teach this native the definition of power straight away!

Sima Kong’s face turned enraged as he screamed, “You are the manager, right? My big bro is here to buy stuff, who gives you the right to increase the price by ten times?”

The current Sima Kong had used his disguising technique to change his appearance, resulting in a plump physique and his tiny eyes squinting into a line. Even when he was mad, he still displayed a perverted look.

Peng Yu glared at Sima Kong coldly. He had no intention of wasting his time explaining to the idiot before him, as he continued to speak to Qin Nan, “I’m sure you know what’s up, so it’s better if you leave at once, instead of shaming yourself!”

After saying this, Peng Yu left the scene, without glancing at Qin Nan any longer.

Qin Nan squinted his eyes, as his body emitted a chilly aura.

It appeared that the mysterious white-shirted lady had completely blacklisted him within Jianghuang City.

The Trading Alliance is fair and just?

Very well!

If you guys have gone this far, I won’t be showing any mercy either!

“Qin Nan, what is going on…”

Sima Kong glanced at Qin Nan with a confused look.

“Nothing, let’s go!”

Qin Nan waved his hand and proceeded forward.

The first-floor of the store was filled with the presence of Qi and a pleasant scent, as over thirty cultivators were seated while enjoying their tea, their eyes curiously glancing at Qin Nan and his companion.

What did these two guys do, that even the manager had to personally condemn them?

“The second round will begin now!”

At that instant, an elder wearing a robe on first-floor smilingly said, “In the second round, there will be a total of five hundred fragments. These fragments were all acquired from the ancient forbidden areas. Each fragment is not to be underestimated, as it might possibly be the core of a certain magical equipment. Besides that, we’ve also mixed the fragments of fifty Emperor Weapons and three Dominator Weapons within the pile, resulting in a higher chance of winning for you guys. Let’s start, each fragment will cost twenty Arcane Realm Stones!”

“Hmm, I’ll be taking number one, eight, thirteen, and fifteen!”

“HAHA, being so generous today? If that’s the case, I’ll pick ten of the fragments for fun!”

“Hehe, if I were to get a fragment of a Dominator Weapon, it wouldn’t be a loss for me. I’ll be taking twenty fragments!”


The cultivators in the first-floor took their turns to voice out and place their bets, a different atmosphere compared to the noisy scene on the ground floor.

“Lend me six thousand Arcane Realm Stones!”

Qin Nan said without showing any expression.

He was currently running short on Arcane Realm Stones, and since the price was increased by ten times, he could no longer afford to buy the fragments.

“Six thousand?” Sima Kong stared with his eyes open wide, who said while clenching his teeth after a short hesitation, “Six thousand it is, these are all my possessions, I’ll lend them all to you! But on one condition: I’ll be taking forty percent of the profits!”


Qin Nan glanced at Sima Kong with a surprised look. It seems like this guy has a much more formidable background than what I expected, to be able to take out six thousand Arcane Realm Stones straight away.

“I will take number thirty-nine, seventy-two, one hundred and fourteen…” Qin Nan uttered thirty numbers in a single breath, as he threw the storage bag into the hands of the elder.

Following this, the entire first-floor fell into a dead silence, as everyone glanced at Qin Nan in shock.

That’s a total of six thousand Arcane Realm Stones!

Is he seriously going to buy thirty fragments with six thousand Arcane Realm Stones?

Even if he managed to get three fragments of Dominator Weapons and seven fragments of Emperor Weapons, it would still be a total loss!

Sima Kong could also feel his heart racing, as he instinctively held his hands together.

Even the elder was stunned on the spot;he had received an order from Peng Yu, which told him that the person before him was the enemy of the Ancient Gambling Store. He was about to utter some scornful comments, but he was lost for words when he held the six thousand Arcane Realm Stones in his hands.

Who among the younger generations would have the guts and background to put six thousand Arcane Realm Stones at stake without blinking his eyes?

“Qin Nan, it seems that I’ve underestimated you!” At that instant, Peng Yu showed himself once again, as a hollow smile appeared on his face, “Having the courage to buy thirty fragments with six thousand Arcane Realm Stones. I’m quite impressed to be honest! Elder, bring him the thirty fragments at once!”


The elder swiftly reacted, as he immediately placed thirty fragments in front of Qin Nan. The fragments varied in sizes and shapes.

The attention of the crowd was instantly attracted by the sight, as they all stopped their actions of buying the fragments. Since it was such a ridiculous transaction, they were eager to see what these thirty fragments would turn out to be.

Peng Yu let out a calm smile and said, “Everyone knows that the fragments of our Ancient Gambling Store is processed with a unique method to prevent anyone from peeking at their contents. Our friend here, Qin Nan, has placed a total of six thousand Arcane Realm Stones on his bets. Therefore I, as the manager, will personally erase the forbidding auras of the fragments, and reveal their true appearance!”

Despite the calm appearance, Peng Yu had long let out a series of laughs in his heart. As expected of a hick, he can’t even resist such a slight provocation.

Did he really think he could get all the valuable fragments?

What an absolute joke!

These six thousand Arcane Realm Stones would serve as profits for the Ancient Gambling Store soon!

Following this, Peng Yu flicked his finger, firing a beam of mystical light and immediately erased the forbidding aura on the first fragment, resulting in a shocking Emperor Weapon intent to be emitted.

The crowd was slightly shocked, as they broke out in a chatter.

“That’s a hit, the first fragment is a fragment of an Emperor Weapon!”

“But he spent two hundred Arcane Realm Stones on it, it’s not a profit either!”

“Sigh, even if he ended up getting twenty fragments of Emperor Weapons out of the remaining twenty nine fragments, he would still suffer a great loss!”


A fragment of an Emperor Weapon possessed a value of two hundred Arcane Realm Stones. The first fragment that Qin Nan had bought was worth exactly two hundred Arcane Realm Stones.

Peng Yu’s expression remained the same as he calmly said, “Qin Nan, it seems like you have quite the luck. Allow me to reveal twenty of the fragments next!”

Peng Yu flicked his finger again, as twenty beams of light were fired, erasing the forbidding auras on twenty of the fragments.

At that instant, the entire first-floor was filled with twenty bursting Emperor Weapon intent, which caused the whole floor to tremble vigorously.

“This is…”

The crowd of cultivators stared with their eyes open wide.

Even Peng Yu, a Martial Dominator Realm expert, the manager of the Ancient Gambling Store, was utterly stunned.

Are you kidding me, these twenty fragments are all fragments of Emperor Weapons?

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Editor: DOCuinn


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