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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 281


Chapter 281: Chapter 281 - Exploiting the Loopholes

Chapter 281 - Exploiting the Loopholes

Currently, the three black lines on my forehead alone was enough to cause me to be rejected by the entire Jianghuang City.

How much worse would five black lines be?

What kind of serious crime did he commit that the Trading Alliance would mark him with five black lines?

Most importantly, Qin Nan was aware that the black lines were created by the Trading Alliance using unique methods, which were extremely difficult to be erased or concealed. How did this guy manage to hide the mark?

The skinny young man let out a hideous smile after seeing Qin Nan’s shocked expression, “What do you think? These are authentic Emperor Weapons. I, Sima Kong, have traveled across the lower district for more than twenty years, but how am I still not beaten to death yet? It’s because I’m trustworthy!”

“You sure?”

Qin Nan collected his thoughts and transmitted his voice to the person in front of him, “Being marked with five black lines, I’m more curious to see what the Trading Alliance would do to you if they knew you were here?”

“What the f**k?”

Sima Kong’s face turned incredibly pale.

He was able to hide the black lines using an ancient technique. Only Martial Highness Realm experts would be able to see his real appearance.

This young man only has a half-Martial Emperor Realm cultivation, how could he see through my disguise?

Could it be that his eye technique is extremely superior?

Sima Kong’s expression changed tremendously, before he turned distressed and said, “Buddy, please stop trying to smear me…”


QIn Nan did not answer him, but his left eye flashed with a golden glow.

Sima Kong’s heart was filled with astonishment. It’s definitely his eyes, but how could there be such a terrifying eye technique?

Even the successor of the Godly Eyes would not be able to do that!

“Cough cough.” Sima Kong puffed and said, “Buddy, you also have three black lines on you. In some ways, I could be considered your senior. Why don’t we find a place and have a nice little chat?”

Qin Nan nodded his head.

Sima Kong knew how to hide the black lines. If he was able to learn the technique, he could resolve the situation he was in now.

“Let’s go, buddy, follow me…”

Sima Kong let out a chuckle as he led the way. However, before they had walked over ten steps, Sima Kong immediately raised his speed as his figure vanished into a crowd.

“Oh? What a fascinating disguising technique, allowing him to change his appearance!”

Qin Nan’s eyes glistened.

Sima Kong had now transformed into a bulky man, a complete change compared to his previous skinny appearance. The two bore zero resemblance to each other.

“Humph, a mere eye technique, Your Master Sima has time for you…” Sima Kong glanced at Qin Nan from the crowd as a proud grin appeared on his face.

Although he had to admit that this young man possessed quite a terrifying eye technique, the reason why he was still alive despite being marked with five black lines was all thanks to this disguising technique. Once executed, even a Martial Highness Realm expert—or even the bearer of the Godly Eyes—could not see through his trick.

Not to mention that the young man was merely at the half-Martial Emperor Realm.

All of a sudden, Sima Kong’s expression stiffened, as he could see Qin Nan standing not far from the crowd, smiling in his direction.

“How the f**k…”

“Impossible! Did he discover my trick?”

Sima Kong felt himself being struck by ferocious thunder. Despite his experience, his mind had gone blank at that instant.

If he really can see through my trick, how powerful would his eye technique be? That’s completely against god’s will, right?

“Calm down calm down, maybe he didn’t see me. It was only a mere coincidence that he was looking in my direction…”

Sima Kong tried to comfort himself, but when Qin Nan walked up to him, his words were stuck in his throat.

A cold chill exploded within Sima Kong’s spine!

He really could see through my trick!

What kind of eye technique does this guy have?

“Brother Sima, your disguising technique is quite impressive!” Qin Nan calmly said, “But the trick has no effect on me. If you don’t want the Trading Alliance to be hunting you down, we should have a nice talk.”

“RIght right right, let’s talk, let’s talk…”

Sima Kong forced an incredibly ugly smile onto his face.

Do you think I’m stupid, this guy is most likely interested in the secret technique which could conceal the three black lines on him!

Am I, Sima Kong, really being blackmailed by a half-Martial Emperor Realm cultivator?

Sima Kong was more honest this time, as he led Qin Nan to a small residence. Qin Nan did not waste any time as he spoke, “Brother Sima, as you know, the Trading Alliance is trying to cause me trouble. These three black lines are quite disturbing to me. Is it possible for you to teach me the secret technique capable of concealing the black lines?”

Qin Nan’s attitude was utterly sincere, since he was the one asking for a favor.

Sima Kong’s expression stiffened slightly.

Teach him the technique?

His secret technique was extremely valuable. If he were to teach him for free, it would serve as a great loss.

However, it seemed like he had no other choice. If he did not teach Qin Nan the technique, QIn Nan would notify the Trading Alliance of his whereabouts, and in less than ten breaths’ time, the Martial Highness of the Trading Alliance and the City Lord of Jianghuang City would hunt him down.

The thought of being hunted by overwhelming experts, and the eye-technique of Qin Nan that could see through anything, caused him to feel that the world had gone dark at that instant.

Sima Kong took a deep breath and said in a stiffened tone, “My secret technique is from the ancient era—an extremely rare technique. If I were to teach it to you, what can you offer in return?”

Sima Kong had made up his mind. If this person was planning to get the technique for free, he would not hand it over even if it would lead to a showdown between the two.

This was because throughout Sima Kong’s life, he had been using these techniques to stir great chaos everywhere.

“I’ll definitely try my best.” Qin Nan spoke in a serious tone, “Don’t you worry, I can utter an oath that I will never expose your whereabout to the Trading Alliance. Furthermore, I will be honest with you;the conflict between the Trading Alliance and myself is unresolvable. If I have the chance… I will crush them into pieces!”

Sima Kong’s heart shuddered violently.

Crush the Trading Alliance into pieces?

Such high-sounding words!

However, for unknown reasons, Sima Kong could feel himself being convinced hearing his words, as if this Qin Nan would definitely massacre the entire Trading Alliance if he was given the chance!

The feeling caused Sima Kong’s expression to be slightly relieved.

Sima Kong immersed himself in deep thought. He knew that he had no choice but to give away the secret techniques, but he would not give it for free. He must think of a worthy compensation. After pausing for a while, a sudden thought came to him, causing his eyes to glisten and his breathing to intensify, “Buddy Qin Nan, oh no no, Brother Qin Nan, I’ve got a question for you. If you were to be given the chance, would you want to rob a fortune from the Trading Alliance?”

“Oh?” Qin Nan raised his eyebrows.

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