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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 280


Chapter 280: Chapter 280 - The Man with Five Black Lines

Chapter 280 - The Man with Five Black Lines

After Qin Nan left, the entirety of room number one was enclosed within an icy atmosphere, as if a glacier had suddenly appeared.

Shoosh! Shoosh!

Two piercing sound could be heard, as two powerful figures landed, who turned out to be two Martial Ancestor Realm experts.

“Young Mistress!”

One of the experts grumbled, “That guy is too disrespectful. Should we activate the Ancient Slaughtering Formation and extract his soul, and then interrogate his soul?”

The white-shirted lady waved her hand, as the icy aura emitted from her body was gradually withdrawn, “There is no need for that for the time being. How was it, any news from the Luohe Kingdom?”

“Not yet.” The other expert said in a dull tone, “For some reason, we’ve tried various ways to enter the Luohe Kingdom, but the experts of the Qinglong Sacred Area and the Feilong Sacred Area kept on intercepting us, and attacked straight away, causing us to lose twelve shadows.”

Apparently, the term ‘shadow’ was referring to those who were in charge of gathering information within the Trading Alliance.

Each shadow was a unique talent that the Trading Alliance had discovered among the public. Their presences were extremely rare, and it took lots of resources in order to train a shadow.

Losing twelve of them was no doubt an incredible loss.

The eyes of the white-shirted lady glistened, who was then immersed in lengthy thought, before she slowly said, “Let the remaining shadows fall back. We’ll leave the Luohe Kingdom aside for now. You two, go and follow Qin Nan, and take note of his whereabouts. We can’t allow him to escape our grasp again.”


The two experts disappeared with a flicker.

The white-shirted lady mumbled to herself, “Qin Nan, you will never escape from my palm!”



After leaving the Qingxin Hotel, Qin Nan met up with Houzi and proceeded back to the residence.

In the midst of their journey, Qin Nan’s movements came to a stop as he said, “Houzi, you should leave first. I’ll be right behind.”

Houzi was utterly respectful toward Qin Nan now, as he obeyed the words and left the place.

“Trying to stalk me?”

Qin Nan’s eyes covertly glanced behind him.

If he were to be somewhere else, it would be extremely difficult for him to realize that he was being followed by two Martial Ancestor Realm experts. However, it was quite different in Jianghuang City, as every cultivator was not allowed to unleash their auras or their cultivation. Otherwise, they would be punished by the authorities of Jianghuang City. The same rule was applied to Martial Ancestor Realm or Martial Dominator Realm experts.

Therefore, these two Martial Ancestor Realm experts were trying to follow Qin Nan’s trail merely with their tricks and experience.

Qin Nan immediately raised his speed as his figure became immersed in a crowd, switching his position occasionally, and causing his figure to turn blurry.

The two Martial Ancestor Realm experts were shocked after seeing this.

“Did he find out that we were stalking him?”

Even without using their cultivation, their techniques alone should preventing their target from discovering their presences. Even peak Martial Emperor Realm experts would have a hard time discovering their presences, let alone Qin Nan.

“Even if you know we are following you, there’s no way you can escape our pursuit!”

The two Martial Ancestor Realm experts uttered hollow laughs as they increased their speed. Their movements were now exactly the same as Qin Nan’s, occasionally switching between left and right suddenly. Even each step was exactly the same.

It was a type of ancient technique of the Trading Alliance, known as the ‘Soul-Attaching Steps’. After prolonged practice, when executing the skill, one would imagine themselves to be the target, causing the body and the actions to synchronize with the target.


Qin Nan who was leading the way became aware of this, as he slightly raised his eyebrow and immediately unleashed the Eyes of the divine Battle Spirit.

At that instant, everything within three miles was visible in his eyes, as if he were gazing down from above.

This ability of the Eyes of the divine Battle Spirit had in fact been awakened a long time ago, but it was not as practical, hence QIn Nan had never used it before—but now was the perfect time to do so.

Qin Nan inspected the landscape within three miles of him, and discovered a small alley. With a flicker, his figure vanished into it. The two Martial Ancestor Realm experts followed closely behind, but they were shocked when they arrived at the alley.

The alley itself was a dead end, as the path was blocked by a wall.

The two Martial Ancestor Realm experts immediately went forward and hurdled over the wall. With a glance, as expected, Qin Nan’s figure had long disappeared from the alley.

Gasp, how did he know there was an alley here? And to create such a huge distance in just an instant, there is no doubt that he had been planning for this for quite a while. Otherwise, there is no way he could escape from us without using his cultivation…”

The two Martial Ancestor Realm experts felt incredibly unpleasant at that instant.

It was their first time losing sight of their target, not to mention that he was only a mere half-Martial Emperor Realm cultivator.



“This Jianghuang City is indeed disturbed.”

Qin Nan walked on one of the main streets. When he walked past the stalls, the merchants shuddered and stared at him with icy glances.

“I have to find a way to get rid of this mark!”

Qin Nan took a deep breath. These three black lines were actually very annoying for him, as disturbing as what the white-shirted lady had mentioned.

Even though, with the Eyes of the divine Battle Spirit, Qin Nan was able to discover extraordinary treasures being sold at low prices, he had no chance of buying them as the merchants would not be willing to trade with him.

At that instant, a sudden yell was heard, ‘Buddy, hey buddy, wait up!”

Qin Nan stopped in his tracks and glanced at the stranger.

There is someone calling out to me despite my three black lines?

He could only see a skinny young man with a yellow skin tone and a pair of triangular-shaped eyes standing in front of a stall, showing his teeth as he smiled with quite a perverted expression, “Buddy, I assume that you are feeling down judging by your dull expression. Come over here, I’ve got authentic Emperor Weapons here being sold at a cheap price. If you were to buy some of them, and experience their power, I believe you will be enlightened!”

“Emperor Weapons?”

Qin Nan was startled, before he glanced at the stall and saw a saber, a sword, and a spear lying still on it. The aura flowing out from the weapons was no doubt the aura of Emperor Weapons!

How significant were Emperor Weapons?

The sect heirloom treasure of the Mystic Spirit Sect—the Sect Leader’s Hall—was an Emperor Weapon itself!

“Oh? What price are you selling them for?”

Qin Nan was slightly interested.

The perverted-looking young man seemed to be unaffected by the three black lines on him, and still dared to sell him stuff. There must be something fishy here.

“Not expensive, not expensive at all. One hundred Arcane Realm Stones each…” The perverted-looking young man reached out his fingers and stared at Qin Nan with a pair of fiery eyes, causing Qin Nan to instinctively shudder violently.

“One hundred Arcane Realm Stones? That cheap?”

Qin Nan was slightly surprised.

Although one hundred Arcane Realm Stones was quite a fortune, it was nowhere enough to buy an Emperor Weapon. The lowest price of an Emperor Weapon was at least two hundred Arcane Realm Stones.

“Such a low price, and not being scared of my three black lines, something’s definitely not right!”

Qin Nan could not help but think to himself.

To his surprise, the perverted-looking young man seemed to have read his mind, as he let out a chuckle and said, “Buddy, are you feeling confused? Why is the price so cheap? Don’t you worry, don’t be afraid, if you were to use your eye technique and take a peek at these Emperor Weapons, you will find them to be authentic!”

Qin Nan squinted his eyes.

He was aware that some of the merchants would use some kind of secret technique to manipulate Houtian Weapons so that they would emit the auras of Emperor Weapons, to trick the buyers.

“This guy is behaving so strangely. I shall see what he is trying to hide.”

Qin Nan was not too interested with the Emperor Weapons. In fact, he was more interested with the young man, as he gazed at him with his Eyes of the divine Battle Spirit. Following this, his expression was replaced by utter shock.

Five… Five black lines?

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