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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 277


Chapter 277: Chapter 277 - The Rare Occurrence at Jianghuang Ci

Chapter 277 - The Rare Occurrence at Jianghuang City

The following day, Qin Nan, Princess Miao Miao, and the Longhu Ancestor Beast left the Mystic Spirit Sect and headed toward the lower district.

Before that, Qin Nan tried looking for Xiao Qingxue, but he was told by some disciples that Xiao Qingxue had already left the Mystic Spirit Sect, and that there was a letter addressed to him.

“......I’m really regretful that I asked you to surrender in the first place… I hope that one day I will be strong enough to be your helper…”

Qin Nan read the words written in the letter and let out a sigh. He never blamed Xiao Qingxue, as she only did so as she was concerned of his safety.

“Forget it, we might still see each other in the future if it’s our fate. Let’s take a look at the map Peak Leader Duanmu gave me.”

Qin Nan shook his head and took out the scroll.

The scroll was a type of divine Sense Scroll. On top of it existed various rays of light, which combined into a mysterious formation.

As soon as Qin Nan inserted his divine Sense into the scroll, it immediately fired a ray of light into Qin Nan’s brain, which resulted in a map.

The map glowed brightly, and on it was included over hundreds of countries, sects, and several forbidden areas noted with detailed markings, allowing one to be well informed.


Qin Nan’s sense immediately arrived at a golden glow on the map. Besides the glow was written a tiny line of words, which seemed to have been left there by Peak Leader Duanmu.

“The Feiyang Sacred Area and the Qinglong Sacred Area recruit their disciples every year at Jianghuang City, the place where the first trial will take place. Qin Nan, only two months are left until the trial begins, hence you should head straight to Jianghuang City after you leave the Mystic Spirit Sect.”

Qin Nan immediately opened his eyes and asked, “Longhu, have you heard of Jianghuang City?”

“Jianghuang City?” The Longhu Ancestor Beast wore a prideful smile, “You have asked the right person. This Jianghuang City is known as one of the Three Great Ancient Cities within the lower district, which possesses a formidable background. Even the two Sacred Areas would not try to attack it. This Jianghuang City is also known as the Treasure City, as countless of cultivators—even the Peak Leaders—would head to Jianghuang City to sell their treasures, or trade them for rare materials…”

“Treasure City? Nice, very nice, let’s go there now.” Princess Miao Miao’s eyes flickered brightly, and she made the decision for the crew.

“How about the other two cities?”

Qin Nan was unfamiliar with the lower district as he only knew of the existence of the Two Sacred Areas, thus he was eager to learn more information about it.

“The other two cities are known as the ‘Gambling City’ and the Slaughter City. The Gambling City is a place built specifically for cultivators to gamble. As for the Slaughter City, I don’t think it needs any explanation.” The Longhu Ancestor Beast said.

Qin Nan nodded his head while listening to the words. As expected of the lower district, it sounded far more interesting than the Luohe Kingdom. These three ancient cities alone sounded exciting just from their names.

“Let’s go—our first stop will be Jianghuang City!”

Qin Nan said as his eyes were engulfed in flames. How many geniuses would he meet in two months’ time?



For the rest of the journey, the Longhu Ancestor Beast transformed into his primary form and carried Qin Nan and Princess Miao Miao as they headed straight to Jianghuang City. Although the Longhu Ancestor Beast tried to resist, and insisted that he would never allow himself to be a mount, he ended up subduing to the imperiousness of Princess Miao Miao.

Along the journey, Qin Nan utilized his multitasking ability, expanding his knowledge while observing the culture of people as he continued to refine his Inner Core.

After half a month of refining, the surface of Qin Nan’s Inner Core was now incredibly smooth, surrounded by waves of energy of various techniques and wills, but it still was a distance away from fully recovering.

“We’ve arrived at Jianghuang City!”

The Longhu Ancestor Beast uttered an excited roar, as tears almost rolled down from his eyes. He could finally get rid of his role as a mount.

Qin Nan raised his head hearing the roar, and in his sight, on the valley a distance away firmly stood a huge city, covering an area of thousands of miles, like a giant beast from the ancient era creeping on the ground. Under the sunlight, the walls of the city—which were made of blue rocks—reflected various mysterious lights.

“These are…”

Qin Nan executed his Eyes of the divine Battle Spirit, and immediately discovered that each of the giant blue rocks was an extremely valuable ‘Mystical Blue Arcane Rock’. In addition to that, at least hundreds of terrifying formations were active underneath the city.

Even Qin Nan himself could only peek a little at the formations, and that alone was enough to make his heart beat rapidly.

“Come, let’s enter the city!”

Princess Miao Miao was extraordinarily excited, waving her tiny hand. The three then entered Jianghuang City with a dominant aura.

When they arrived at the entrance, four silver-plated Martial Emperor Realm knights drew out their spears at the same time, blocking the path, and said, “Every person needs to pay three Arcane Realm Stones before entering the city.”

“Three Arcane Realm Stones?!”

Qin Nan was shocked. Three Arcane Realm Stones were equivalent to more than a few hundred thousand Martial Emperor Pills.

Princess Miao Miao and the Longhu Ancestor Beast became instantly enraged. How daring of these guards, to have the balls to rob them.

“Here are twelve Arcane Realm Stones.” Qin Nan frowned slightly and immediately took out twelve Arcane Realm Stones.

The silver-plated knights withdrew their spears and said with expressionless faces, “Within Jianghuang City, you are not allowed to unleash your aura, not allowed to use any violence, and not allowed to fly. Those who break the rules will be expelled.”

Qin Nan nodded his head, and dragged the furious Princess Miao Miao and Longhu Ancestor Beast, who were on the verge of exploding, into Jianghuang City.

As soon as they entered Jianghuang City, they were immediately immersed in a lively atmosphere, as their ears were bombarded by various voices.

“Ay ay ay, young man over there, take a look at this newly acquired Tian-ranked Secret Technique, now selling at a cheap price!”

“Heroes, I’ve got a brand new atavistic magical weapon here, come and check it out!”

“LOWEST PRICE EVER! Now trading Martial Ancestor Pills;one thousand pills for each Arcane Realm Stone!”


The main streets of Jianghuang City were surrounded by merchants and traders. Each stall was unique in its own way, but they all had a common similarity;they all gazed at Qin Nan and his crew with fiery eyes, as if they could not wait any longer to devour them.

“F**k me…”

The Longhu Ancestor Beast was so frightened that he almost burst out screaming.

At that instant, a figure suddenly appeared with a toady expression, “Three seniors, I believe it’s your first time here at Jianghuang City, right? You can address me as ‘Houzi[1]’. For a mere price of one Arcane Realm Stone, I’ll be your guide for the rest of the day, and answer any questions you have.”

A few other figures wore twisted expressions after seeing ‘Houzi’ was one step ahead of securing their ‘prey’.

Qin Nan glanced at Houzi and discovered his cultivation to be at the tenth-layer Xiantian Realm, before he nodded his head.

Houzi wore a joyful expression as he swiftly said, “May I know the reason why you guys are here at Jianghuang City? Are you here to trade your treasures, to participate in the selection of the two Sacred Areas, or are you guys here for the Ancient Dragon Auction?”

“Ancient Dragon Auction?” Princess Miao Miao asked in a curious tone.

“It seems like it’s the first time you three have heard of this term.” Houzi explained, “The reason why Jianghuang City is called the Treasure City—apart from the fact that the Two Sacred Areas recruit their disciples here—every year, the Trading Alliance holds a grand auction. You will find countless epic treasures at the auction which will occur in ten days. More than ten thousand people will be there. Each year, the geniuses from other kingdoms and disciples of the two Sacred Areas come here for the auction.”

“Come! Let’s go to the auction!” Princess Miao Miao said without hesitation. That being said, her intention was not to participate in the auction. She was going to rob the place.

“Trading Alliance? The Ancient Dragon Auction?”

Qin Nan eyes rolled.

Previously at the Martial Serendipity Pavilion, the mysterious girl from the Trading Alliance did mention that if Qin Nan were to enter any auction, he would be hunted down by the Trading Alliance.

That being said, Qin Nan had no intention of caring about being hunted by the Trading Alliance. Instead, he was even more interested in going after the Trading Alliance had told him not to.

However, at that instant, a rare phenomenon took place. At the center of Jianghuang City, a rune was fired into the air, which transformed into a beam of light that was fired at a terrifying speed and penetrated Qin Nan’s body. Following this, three lines of black marks appeared on Qin Nan’s forehead, emitting a bright glow!

Translator: XephiZ

Editor: DOCuinn

[1] TL Note: Houzi(猴子) means ‘monkey’ in Chinese.


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