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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 276


Chapter 276: Chapter 276 - Your Son is Unfillial

Chapter 276 - Your Son Is Unfilial

...Inside the peak of Tianfeng Mountain...

Qin Nan sat atop the huge Qi Dragon with his eyes shut. Following his constant breathing, streams of white gas were emitted from his pores, which entered the body of the huge Qi Dragon below him, causing the glow of the huge Qi Dragon to turn more solid.

The Fruit of Good Fortune that Peak Leader Zhang had given him was nothing ordinary. Although Qin Nan was not sure of the exact quality, he could sense the tremendous force being encapsulated within the Fruit of Good Fortune. Therefore, he chose to go into seclusion on top of the huge Qi Dragon. Not only did he recover from his severe injury, but he could also help the huge Qi Dragon with its cultivation, and repay the debt from before.


WIthin Qin Nan’s body, a flame was ignited that spread throughout his body like a furnace.


Within his mind, a series of beastly cries took place, as his divine Sense returned to its calm state.

After a few days of seclusion, with the aid of the Fruit of Good Fortune, Qin Nan had now fully recovered from the previous injuries. Furthermore, his two techniques showed signs of improving, resulting in a greater strength.

“Most importantly, my Inner Core…”

Qin Nan mumbled in his heart. For the past few days, he had controlled the force of the Fruit of Good Fortune to cleanse his Core, allowing it to rapidly recover, but it still lacked its previous power, which still required multiple days for it to regain its previous strength.

“Six days have passed, it’s time for me to head out.”

Qin Nan slowly opened his eyes. He brought his fists together toward the huge Qi Dragon, before leaving the place with a flicker.



The Inner Domain Peak was still the same, with no obvious changes.

When Qin Nan arrived at the third residence, he could faintly hear voices coming out from inside. He was startled after he entered the place.

Before him were Princess Miao Miao, the Longhu Ancestor Beast, Old Shan, Xiao Leng, Chu Yun, Huang Long, Xu You, Mo Zishan, Yang Yiming, Cao Fan, Li Qingyu, and even Bai Heng, whom he had not seen in a long time.

The group of people were gathered around a huge round table, which was filled with various dishes and jars of Icy Blue Mountain.

As soon as Qin Nan arrived, Princess Miao Miao uttered an excited cry, “Xiao Nanzi[1], you are finally back. It seems like the Princess has predicted it right! Come, take your seat, let us drink!”

Following this, she grabbed a jar of Icy Blue Mountain and finished it in one go, causing her to let out a burp, and her face be slightly reddened.

Xiao Leng and the others burst out laughing.

After the previous incident, they were no longer intimidated by Princess Miao Miao. Apart from her interest of robbing people, she was quite a lovely person.


Qin Nan was stunned on the spot.

Huang Long took a sip of Icy Blue Mountain and said in a grateful tone, “Qin Nan, I have always wanted to challenge you before, but I never thought that you would be heading to the two Sacred Areas in just half a year’s time. Today, the Princess told us that you might be coming out of seclusion, hence we all decided to hold a feast as a farewell party!”

Xiao Leng and the others glanced at Qin Nan.

Qin Nan could feel a string deep within his heart being pulled, as he picked up a jar of Icy Blue Mountain and finished it in one go, “I’m extremely grateful to have you all as my friends. Let us enjoy the rest of today together!”


The atmosphere of the third residence turned lively.

Everyone began to chat with one another, boast with one another, and enjoy a merry time together.

At that instant, there was no difference between identities, no difference between cultivations, no difference between talents;all that remained was true friendship.

After a while, Qin Nan had already finished over ten jars of Icy Blue Mountain. His emotions were incredibly raised at that instant, as he took out his seven ancient sabers and placed them on the table.

The crowd was startled. What is Qin Nan trying to do, taking out his sabers all of a sudden?

“My fellow brothers, this world is a very cruel one due to the limitations of the ranks of Martial Spirits! I have no idea if I will have the chance to come back in the future, thus, since everyone is here today, I hope that you all will leave a drop of blood on my sabers!”

“Why is that?”

“I will be bringing these seven sabers with me while I wage wars in the lower district. Even though you are not physically nearby, your presences will always be with me with the blood on my saber!”

Qin Nan spoke at a steady pace.

Xiao Leng, Chu Yun, and the others could feel their nose tingling.

The reason why friendship was rarely emphasized in the Martial World was because of the limitations of the ranks of Martial Spirits. As one’s cultivation continued to improve—resulting in there being a bigger world to be explored—the difference between two people became bigger, thus the two would have less chances to contact each other, resulting in a distant relationship.

This was the cruel yet unchangeable rule of the Canglan Continent, one that no one could break. It was impossible for everyone to improve their cultivation at the same pace!


Xiao Leng waved his hand, producing seven drops of blood.

Chu Yun and the others rose from their seats and produced their blood respectively too.

The seven ancient sabers emitted a continuous icy glow as if they were aware of the significance of the blood, a permanent sign of the friendship between the people here.

They continued to drink and chat, having an enjoyable time together. The voices of the chattering gradually weakened as the dusk approached, and at last, the place fell silent.

Qin Nan quietly exited the third residence and patted his head. He had to admit that this Icy Blue Mountain was truly powerful, that even he was slightly drunk, not to mention Xiao Leng and the others who were lying on the ground snoring.

“Qin Nan, I can still drink…”

Princess Miao Miao, who was fast asleep while lying on Qin Nan’s shoulder, curled her lips and twisted her head, trying to find a more comfortable posture.

Qin Nan glanced at her and then at the familiar third residence. After a while, he carried Princess Miao Miao on his back and left the place.



The Qin Clan had now been relocated inside the Mystic Spirit Sect. Old Shan specifically built a palace for them, where the members of the Qin Clan resided.

Qin Nan’s figure entered the majestic palace. With a flicker, his figure transformed into mist as he arrived at the third-floor of the palace.

On the third-floor, there was a huge room specifically prepared for Qin Nan.

Qin Nan placed Princess Miao Miao down and entered the room. Before he could react, a gentle voice could be heard, “Done drinking?”

Qin Nan was shocked, as he turned his head around and saw Qin Tian sitting on the bed with a smile on his face.

“Father, were you purposely waiting for me?” Qin Nan was slightly startled.

“I was told that you would be having a party with your friends at the third residence.” Qin Tian stared at his son whose reputation had trembled the entire Luohe Kingdom, and smilingly said, “Therefore, I guessed you would be coming here. It seems like my hunch was right. You indeed came.”


Qin Nan could feel something blocking his chest.

Qin Tian waved his hand and exclaimed, “Your mother died at a young age. Since you were a child, I’ve been harsh toward you. As a result, compared to the other children, you did not live a happy life during your childhood. I’ve always worried that it would have a negative influence on you, but it seems like you are doing well, very well. Your father is proud of you.

“I know what you’re thinking. Don’t you feel guilty, don’t you feel sad. This is how the Martial World is.”

Qin Tian gazed at Qin Nan with a serious look and said, “Go and have an adventure in the lower district. Remember to have an outstanding performance, so the news regarding your achievements will be spread to the Luohe Kingdom. That way, I’ll be able to hear your news.”


Qin Nan stared at the sideburns of Qin Tian that had begun to whiten, and knelt down with a thump as he said in a hoarse voice, “Father, I have no idea when I will be back after heading to the lower district. Your son is unfilial;he is unable to take good care of you.”

Heading to the lower district was only the beginning. He would eventually head to the upper district to battle against more heroes.

One’s lifespan was limited;Qin Tian, who only possessed a sixth-grade Huang ranked Martial Spirit, was destined to only reach the first-layer Martial Emperor Realm at most even with unlimited resources, giving him a lifespan of a hundred years.

A hundred years was too short of a period in the Martial World.

While Qin Nan was busy battling against the Heavens and Earth, and returned after a hundred years, he would find Qin Tian aged to his death.

Qin Tian wore a gentle expression as he reached out his hand and patted Qin Nan on his head, “Nan’er, I’m already satisfied as you have never complained about my weak talent. Don’t worry about me, since I’m now at the Mystic Spirit Sect. Spread your wings wide and soar, and remember that I will be forever proud of you.”

Qin Nan’s journey would not stop here.

Qin Tian knew that he could not do anything about it. Although he would miss him, and worry about him, he understood that this was the way it should be. He was not willing to be a burden to Qin Nan.

His son should try his best to soar higher into the sky.

Translator: XephiZ

Editor: DOCuinn

[1] TL Note: Xiao Nanzi here is a nickname for Qin Nan that the Princess came up with. Xiao here is ‘小’, which means small or little. It’s a different word comparing to Xiao(萧) Leng etc. Fun fact: I actually have the same surname ‘萧’ in real life =D


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