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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 274


Chapter 274: Chapter 274 - The Birth of the Prince of the Lower

Chapter 274 - The Birth of the Prince of the Lower District

Even Ouyang Ba, who was a Martial Dominator, had struggled when Tang Qingshan had used his cultivation and forced him to kneel down before Qin Nan and apologize.

However, Tang Qingshan now knelt down before Qin Nan without any sign or hesitation.

Qin Nan was clueless as to the identity of the woman who Tang Qingshan had mentioned in his words, but as Tang Qingshan had dropped to his knees, it was as if he had knelt down deep within his soul, resulting in a thunderous explosion.

Over hundreds of years ago, the Imperial Exterminator had appeared out of nowhere, stirred great chaos and roamed freely across the lower district, but ended up bending his knees now merely because of a woman.


Peak Leader Zhang, Peak Leader Duanmu, and Peak Leader Liu wore complicated expressions as they blurted out.

Could they blame Tang Qingshan for what had happened back then?

In the past hundred years, he had gone missing as he traveled across the world, just to find a sign of hope.

Now that the hope was found, he was willing to bend down the figure which had been proudly standing for the past hundred years.

Tang Qingshan did not answer their calling, as he remained kneeling down and stared at Qin Nan with adjuration. Instead of the appearance of the Imperial Exterminator, he was more like an old man at a declining age.


Qin Nan immediately recovered from the shock and reached out his hands to pull Tang Qingshan up, but failed to do so since it was as if Tang Qingshan weighed a tonne. He immediately panicked and said, “Senior, the debt I owe you is as weighty as a mountain. If you have anything that I can help with, I will never defer it, but I seriously can’t afford to have you kneeling down before me!”

“Is that… a promise?” Tang Qingshan’s eyes burned with a light of hope, as he then said in a dull tone, “Qin Nan, I won’t lie to you. I want you to save a person, because only you have a chance of saving her. The place is called the ‘Ocean of Death’. There is a chance of you dying if you go, and I won’t blame you if you reject my request.”

“The Ocean of Death?”

Princess Miao Miao and the Longhu Ancestor Beast both wore surprised expressions.

Peak Leader Duanmu exclaimed at that instant, “The Ocean of Death is known as one of the Top Ten Forbidden Areas within the lower district. It is said that those who enter the area, including Martial Dominators and Martial Highnesses, are most likely to encounter death. Its survival rate is even less than a tenth.”

Tang Qingshan remained silent as he stared at Qin Nan.

At that instant, Princess Miao Miao spoke with an indifferent tone, “A mere Ocean of Death is not enough to intimidate us. Qin Nan, I also need to pay a visit to the Ocean of Death when the time comes. There is something I must acquire there!”

“Let’s go, let’s go, the Ocean of Death is on my bucket list too!” The Longhu Ancestor Beast blurted out, “I want to go too. Apparently, the corpse of one of my tribesman is being suppressed in the Ocean of Death. If I were to find it, it wouldn’t be a problem for me to achieve the Martial Highness Realm!”

The three Peak Leaders were utterly stunned after seeing their reactions.

It should be a solemn atmosphere, why is it now different all of a sudden?

Why does it sound like the Ocean of Death that is listed as one of the Top Ten Forbidden Areas contains zero hazards according to their words?


Qin Nan’s expression returned to calmness as he said, “You’ve heard them too, please rise. I’ll definitely go to the Ocean of Death. Don’t worry.”

The sentence was not lengthy, but everyone could definitely hear the firm will from his tone.

It was not Qin Nan trying to act tough. He owed Tang Qingshan a favor, hence he would never decline his request of rescuing a person.

As for the Ocean of Death, which was one of the Top Ten Forbidden Areas. Even a Martial Highness could die in it, but was that terrifying enough to stop him?

Princess Miao Miao despised it.

The Longhu Ancestor Beast treated it as a place to improve his cultivation.

As for Qin Nan?

His journey had always been a legendary tale from the very beginning. If he did not have the guts to go to the Ocean of Death, how could he declare himself to be the bearer of the divine Battle Spirit?

“Qin Nan…”

Tang Qingshan’s voice began to tremble due to excitement, but as he was nowhere close to a sentimental being, he swiftly recovered, rose from the ground and stared deeply at Qin Nan as he said, “The Ocean of Death will be activated in three years’ time. Therefore, in the next three years, you should head to either the Qinglong Sacred Area or the Feiyang Sacred Area to improve your cultivation. In three years’ time, I’ll visit you when the time comes, as I still need to prepare something beforehand! Qin Nan, here is a badge for you. I will give you three chances;if there is anyone trying to kill you, summon me with the badge, and I’ll kill that person for you, regardless of what kind of identity the person has!”

Tang Qingshan flicked his finger, firing out a white-colored badge. Following this, his figure vanished straight away after a shoosh.

Qin Nan held the badge in his hand and was slightly lost in his thoughts for a moment.

Did he just leave?

Had the Senior Imperial Exterminator left just like that?

Princess Miao Miao and the Longhu Ancestor Beast almost vomited mouthfuls of water.

A while ago, the old man who was known as the Imperial Exterminator had displayed a stern behavior, but left the scene without hesitation in a rash manner.

“Sorry about that.” At that instant, Old Shan stepped forward and brought his fists together, as he said with a wry smile, “Senior Brother has been waiting too long for this, hence he is not willing to waste a single second.”

The crowd was left speechless after hearing this.

No one among the crowd could understand the feelings of the Imperial Exterminator.

Qin Nan’s left eye slightly moistened. For unknown reasons, the words ‘has been waiting too long for this’ caused tears to roll down from his left eye.

“Qin Nan!”

At that instant, Peak Leader Duanmu said with a blossoming smile, “What do you think? Are you interested in coming with me to the Qinglong Sacred Area? Don’t you worry, Peak Leader Zhang, your master, and I are friends of life and death. We would surely take good care of you if you were to follow us back to the Qinglong Sacred Area, and we wouldn’t allow anyone to trouble you. Your two friends can come with us too.”

Peak Leader Duanmu did not forget to mention the bit at the end.

The eyes of Princess Miao Miao and the Longhu Ancestor Beast flickered with excitement, as they could not wait for Qin Nan to accept the offer.

Being supported by two Peak Leaders!

If they were to be involved in any kind of trouble at the Qinglong Sacred Area, what would they need to be afraid of?

Eldest Brother, how could you say that!” Peak Leader Liu panicked and said, “Qin Nan, you must follow me to the Feiyang Sacred Area. I will back you up even if you were to commit serious offenses such as arson, murder, robbing, etc. at the Feiyang Sacred!”

Princess Miao Miao and the Longhu Ancestor Beast could feel their hearts racing. This Peak Leader Liu is even more imperious;he even mentioned ‘arson, murder, robbing, etc.’.

Qin Nan could not help but let out a wry smile after seeing this. At the same time, he kind of made up his mind as he spoke in a serious tone, “Three seniors, I would like to apologize. I still have quite a bit of unsettled business here in the Luohe Kingdom. After I’m done with it, I’ll then proceed to the Sacred Areas. That being said, I haven’t decided which Sacred Area to go to yet. Besides, three Seniors, I’d prefer to join the Sacred Areas with my own strength so that I could strengthen myself too through the process.”

If he were to be brought to the Qinglong Sacred Area by the Peak Leaders, it was most likely that there would not be any battles before he could join the Sacred Area.

Qin Nan was not fond of being protected. He preferred to fight his way upward!

The eyes of the three Peak Leaders wore blank expressions. They had not expected Qin Nan to give them such an answer.

Princess Miao Miao and the Longhu Ancestor Beast instantly became enraged. How could this asshole say such thing. Before they could express their thoughts, the three Peak Leaders spoke.

“Sure then, I’ll respect your decision, but you have to keep this badge. It’s good that you plan to strengthen yourself, but some people might harm you while abusing their power. Feel free to use this badge!”

The three Peak Leaders exchanged glances with one another, before Peak Leader Duanmu took out a badge.

Qin Nan was the hope of their future, hence they would not allow him to be harmed in any way. Qin Nan had the right of choosing the path to strengthen himself, but they would not allow him to be bullied by Martial Emperors, Martial Ancestors, or Martial Dominators!

Princess Miao Miao and the Longhu Ancestor Beast rolled their eyes after seeing this, with their anger half dissipated. The badge seems to be not bad either.

The envoy of the Qinglong Sacred Area stared at this with a blank expression.

The badge from the Imperial Exterminator!

The badge from the three Peak Leaders!

An eighth-grade Xuan ranked Martial Spirit!

A man whose background and talent were utterly formidable. If this man were to enter the two Sacred Areas…

The envoy recollected the scene where Qin Nan had swung his saber slaying Ouyang Jun. His figure shivered for unknown reasons, as he could faintly feel that a great storm was about to be stirred within the lower district!

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