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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 273


Chapter 273: Chapter 273 - Whom Did He Kneel Down For?

Chapter 273 - Whom Did He Kneel down For?

An eighth-grade Xuan ranked Martial Spirit!

How significant was an eighth-grade Xuan ranked Martial Spirit?

In the entire lower district, among the two Sacred Areas, such a Martial Spirit would be considered an outstanding presence, with a quantity of less than fifty!

Even the Martial Spirits of the Three Peak Leaders and Tang Qingshan were only seventh-grade Xuan ranked. Hence, in terms of talent, they were mismatched against Qin Nan!

“How is this possible… How is this possible…”

Ouyang Ba’s eyes were filled with a blank expression, as he mumbled to himself continuously.

Even his Martial Spirit was only third-grade Xuan ranked. In comparison to Qin Nan’s Martial Spirit, it was like the difference between Heaven and Earth.

Qin Nan’s gaze was focused onto Ouyang Ba first as he yelled, “Do you really think my cultivation was able to improve at such a rapid speed just because of the fortunate encounters? Do you still think that I’m trash?”


It was as if Ouyang Ba’s face had been vigorously slapped, causing his eyes to be filled with rotating golden stars and his ears to be fully filled with a ringing sound. He opened his mouth but could not say a single word.

Just because of the fortunate encounters?

Why would he need the fortunate encounters when he could improve his cultivation with an eighth-grade Xuan ranked Martial Spirit?


Calling someone with an eighth-grade Xuan ranked Martial Spirit trash?

“Three Peak Leaders, I would like to ask;among the two Sacred Areas, is it true that even with my mere eighth-grade Xuan ranked Martial Spirit, I would still be considered trash?!”

Qin Nan let out another roar.

The three Peak Leaders were indeed the strongest presences within the lower district, as they rapidly collected their thoughts. After hearing the words, their expressions immediately stiffened.

When they had first arrived at the Mystic Spirit Sect, they went enraged after hearing the words of Ouyang Ba. Not only did they scold Qin Nan as trash, they had even planned to murder him.

Now that Qin Nan had turned the tables after unleashing his Martial Spirit, it was like giving loud slaps to their faces!

“An eighth-grade Xuan ranked Martial Spirit…”

The three Peak Leaders did not turn furious. Instead, they could not help but let out sighs after recollecting the incident which had taken place such a long time ago.

Peak Leader Duanmu glanced at Tang Qingshan and hesitated for a moment, before he calmly said, “Second Brother, sorry for my harsh attitude. I initially thought that you had no intention of treating that incident seriously over the past hundred years, hence the reason I was furious. Third Brother and Fourth Brother reacted the same way as I did;it seems like we have misunderstood you.”

The astonished look in Tang Qingshan’s eyes gradually dissipated as a calm expression returned to his face while he shook his head, “I had no idea that Qin Nan possessed an eighth-grade Xuan ranked Martial Spirit.”

“You had no idea?”

At that instant, the three Peak Leaders were startled again.

If Qin Nan did not have an eighth-grade Xuan ranked Martial Spirit, why would he be selected by Tang Qingshan?

While immersed in great doubt, the three Peak Leaders scanned the crowd, and saw the astonished looks on the faces of Old Shan, Ouyang Ba, the envoy of the Qinglong Sacred Area, and countless disciples. They immediately realized that Qin Nan was somehow able to conceal the rank of his Martial Spirit, and no one seemed to have known the truth.

“He shattered the Violet Ocean Full Moon Boulder.”

Tang Qingshan calmly said.


The three Peak Leaders instantly raised their tones, as their eyes were filled with utter shock.

Qin Nan managed to shatter the Violet Ocean Full Moon Boulder?

The others might be clueless, but they clearly knew the significance of this.

They finally realized why Tang Qingshan would still choose Qin Nan as his successor even though Qin Nan’s Martial Spirit was only tenth-grade Huang ranked!

At that instant, the hands of the three Peak Leaders began to tremble slightly, as their eyes were filled with a hint of excitement.

He was capable of shattering the Violent Ocean Full Moon Boulder!

He possesses an eighth-grade Xuan ranked Martial Spirit!

Maybe, maybe, he might have a chance to fulfill the task!

Although it was only a tiny possibility, it was their first time seeing a ray of hope after hundreds of years!

The three Peak Leaders took deep breaths. They no longer glanced at Qin Nan with disdainful looks, but rather with utter passion.

“Qin Nan!”

Peak Leader Duanmu lowered his head and said in a sincere tone, “I would like to apologize for my misbehaviour. We have misunderstood you and Tang Qingshan.”

“Yeah, that was my bad.”

“Hehe, young lad, show some mercy please. Don’t be mad, ok?”

Both Peak Leader Zhang and Peak Leader Liu spoke at the same time, with no signs of feeling ashamed.

The anger on Qin Nan’s face gradually dissipated.

The three Peak Leaders were even more gentlemanlike than he had expected, willing to apologize to him after admitting their faults despite their extraordinary identities.

The result being that, in the Canglan Continent, although it was extremely rare to find good talents, the strength of a person was still the ultimate factor. Even a Martial Ancestor Realm expert with a tenth-grade Huang ranked Martial Spirit would easily kill Qin Nan right now, before his talent had the chance of being developed.

“The three Peak Leaders, shouldn’t you guys be giving him some compensation for bullying him at the start…”

At that instant, a voice was heard, which turned out to belong to Princess Miao Miao.

“That’s right! Compensation is compulsory! Do you guys have any idea how greatly your scoldings emotionally hurt Qin Nan?”

The Longhu Ancestor Beast clamored.

The reason that Princess Miao Miao and the Longhu Ancestor Beast said such was because they were aware that not only was Qin Nan extremely important to the Imperial Exterminator, Tang Qingshan, but he also possessed utter importance to the other three Peak Leaders!


The three Peak Leaders glanced toward Princess Miao Miao and the Longhu Ancestor Beast following their words. When they had arrived previously, their eyes were fully focused onto Tang Qingshan and Qin Nan, hence they did not take note of the two. With a glance, the expressions of the three Peak Leaders changed slightly.

The cultivations of the three Peak Leaders had reached the Martial Highness Realm, completely surpassing the cultivations of Ouyang Ba and the others. They could easily detect something extraordinary in the body of Princess Miao Miao and in the blood of the Longhu Ancestor Beast, although they could not discover the entire reason behind it.

“In this tiny Luohe Kingdom, not only did we manage to find a peerless genius like Qin Nan, these two came from the same kingdom too?”

“It appears that they are quite close to Qin Nan, right?”

The thoughts of the three Peak Leaders were immersed in a series of questions, as they instinctively inhaled deeply. Oh Tang Qingshan, how exactly did you end up finding a freak like Qin Nan?

Peak Leader Zhang who had an appearance of a scholar smilingly said, “I totally agree with you two. Since Qin Nan is severely injured, here is a Fruit of Good Fortune for him!”

With a flick, a sparkling fruit merged into Qin Nan’s body.

Qin Nan’s figure shuddered violently, as he felt his body being encapsulated within an endless warmth, causing the pain on his body to be replaced by a soothing sensation, as the wounds on his body swiftly recovered in a visible manner.

“Fruit of Good Fortune…”

The eyes of Princess Miao Miao and the Longhu Ancestor Beast flickered brightly.

How rich!

These Peak Leaders are f**king wealthy as they thought!


Peak Leader Duanmu waved his hand and glanced at Tang Qingshan, before saying with a complicated expression, “Second Brother, now that you have found your successor, are you planning to return to the Qinglong Sacred Area? If you were willing to, our master will surely forgive you, since it has definitely not been an easy journey for you the past hundred years…”

“Yeah, Second Brother, please come back. Master has always spoken your name.”

“Second Brother, have you forgotten the time when we fought together?”

Peak Leader Zhang and Peak Leader Liu spoke at the same time, with a hint of anticipation in their eyes.

Back then, Tang Qingshan had been given the title ‘Imperial Exterminator’, an indication of his extraordinary strength. However, after that particular incident, he collapsed terribly and disappeared for a hundred years. Now that a hundred years had passed, and the successor had been found, there was no point in blaming anyone for what had happened in the past, as what was done could not be undone. Besides, they finally had a ray of hope now.

“I won’t return for now, I’ve got things to do still.”

Tang Qingshan waved his skinny hand, asking them to be silent. After the Peak Leaders acknowledged his request, he then glanced at Qin Nan for the first time since his arrival, with a look filled with a hint of joy, admiration, and a bit of passionate hope.

It was as if Qin Nan could feel his gaze, as his eyes slowly opened, “Senior…”


A loud bang was heard.

The Heavens and Earth trembled, as the three Peak Leaders and everyone else wore astonished expressions on their faces.

They could only see Tang Qingshan kneeling on the ground, as his pair of cloudy eyes displayed a hint of imploration, “Qin Nan, I beg you, please save her for me, will you?”

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