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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 270


Chapter 270: Chapter 270 - The Entry That Resulted in a Tremend

Chapter 270 - The Entry That Resulted in a Tremendous Shock

The Canglan Continent was split into the upper district and the lower district. The upper district consisted of an extremely vast land. In comparison, the lower district was totally different. It was like comparing an enormous modern city to the wilderness. That being said, the lower district was comprised of more than a hundred countries and countless sects, not to mention the existence of forbidden areas where countless secrets were yet to be discovered. In the eyes of ordinary cultivators, it was still a vast district.

Within the lower district, the two factions at the top of the hierarchy were none other than the Qinglong Sacred Area and the Feiyang Sacred Area;they were in charge of countless sects, similar to the Mystic Spirit Sect.

...Meanwhile, within the Qinglong Sacred Area...

An incredibly powerful presence opened his eyes as if he had become aware of something. He then glanced into the distance and mumbled to himself, “It has been one hundred years, have you finally shown yourself? Does it mean that you have found the one you are looking for? If that’s the case, I might still be willing to forgive you… Fourth brother, let’s go!”

The terrifying presence let out a roar, transmitting his voice into the void.

A short while later, two powerful auras were suddenly fired into the air from the Qinglong Sacred Area shocking countless experts within the sect.

“What is going on?”

Gasp. Two Peak Leaders heading out at the same time. Could it be that a formidable foe has shown himself?”

“Or maybe the existence of a shocking rare treasure is unveiled!”


...Meanwhile, in the Feiyang Sacred Area...

“Isn’t this Second Brother’s aura?”

A strong presence deep within the Feiyang Sacred Area slowly opened his eyes, emitting a fiery gaze capable of penetrating the Heavens, “How long has it been! How long has it been! Second Brother, have you finally found the person you are looking for? HAHAHA, what a relief! What a relief!”

Following a series of laughs, several areas of the Feiyang Sacred Area suffered total destruction as the powerful presence took a step forward and reached out his hands;he then tore the void apart and entered the gap.


The Luohe Kingdom—over thousands of cities—could be seen from a distance of over a hundred thousand Li. The greatest city of all was no doubt the Grand City of Luohe, where countless cultivators resided.

All of a sudden, two figures flashed across the sky above Grand City of Luohe like meteorites.


The entire city quavered violently, causing the faces of countless cultivators to turn pale as they experienced great fear. It was as if they could feel the Heavens and Earth being shattered in that particular instant;the sign of an apocalypse, which would bring utter destruction to the entire world.


...In Tianfeng Mountain, in the Mystic Spirit Sect...

A strange pressure suddenly encapsulated the entire mountain, as if the Heavens and Earth suddenly turned oppressive. A sense of fret rose within the hearts of the crowd, turning the disciples insane as they felt themselves lose control of their limbs.


The sound of the Heavens and Earth trembling vigorously could be heard. It was not loud, but there was something magical about it, which caused the crowd’s expression to change slightly. Everyone could sense something approaching them at a great speed from a distance away.

Buzz Buzz Buzz Buzz!

The sound of the vibration suddenly intensified, as an unimaginable pressure arrived from above!

“Could it be…”

The Longhu Ancestor Beast, Princess Miao Miao, Ouyang Ba, and the envoy of the Qinglong Sacred Area were flabbergasted.

The old man floating in mid-air above the Mystic Spirit Sect raised his head and glanced in the direction of the incoming pressure.


Countless terrifying explosions took place, starting from the bottom of the Tianfeng Mountain and spreading all the way to its peak.

Two figures suddenly appeared above the Mystic Spirit Sect like celestial beings. Their auras alone were enough to cause the Halls of the Mystic Spirit Sect to drop an inch deeper into the ground.

The crowd of disciples was lost for words as their faces turned pale. At that instant, it felt like their souls had collapsed.

“Martial Highness Realm experts!”

The Longhu Ancestor Beast screamed.

What the f**k is going on, the presence of the old monster alone was terrifying enough, let alone the sudden entry of two Martial Highness Realm experts.

Martial Highness: a presence surpassing the Martial Dominator Realm, which was also referred to as the divine Being of the Martial World. Any Martial Highness would be an absolute ruler within the lower district—the most powerful presence.

However, at this little Mystic Spirit Sect, a mere incident had attracted two Martial Highness Realm experts?

Ouyang Ba’s mind went blank as he instantly forgot the shame he had just experienced when he had dropped to his knees a moment ago. It was his first time witnessing the presence of a Martial Highness Realm expert!

The envoy of the Qinglong Sacred Area on the other hand not as surprised, but when he raised his head and looked at the two figures, his expression utterly changed as he blurted out, “Peak peak peak… Peak Leader Duanmu! Peak...Peak.. Peak Leader Zhang!”

The envoy of the Qinglong Sacred Area was left completely in awe!

How significant was the rank of a Peak Leader?

Within the Qinglong Sacred Area, one rank above envoy was Peak Leader!

Every Peak Leader would at least possess a cultivation of the Martial Highness Realm, which was also known as the true authority among the entire Sacred Area, possessing a power just below the Leader of the Sacred Area!

Even at the Qinglong Sacred Area, it was extremely rare to meet a single Peak Leader, but two Peak Leaders were now right in front of him!

“Peak Leader?”

Princess Miao Miao and the Longhu Ancestor Beast were startled.

Meanwhile, Ouyang Ba’s figure began to shiver violently. Every expert within the lower district would have to know the authority possessed by those who were referred to as ‘Peak Leaders’!

“Hmm? An envoy? Why are you here?” The first one to speak was a white-haired old man who wore a stern look on his baby face and possessed an unfathomable cultivation like a deep abyss. With just a glimpse at the White Jade Dojo, he instantly interpreted the details of the incident.

“Peak… Peak Leader Duanmu… I… I…” The envoy stammered as he spoke, a totally different behavior compared to before.


The other Peak Leader calmly spoke. He had the appearance of a scholar, who possessed a gentle aura. His pair of calm eyes directly stared at the old man holding the pitch-black saber, before he let out a smile as his eyes were filled with a hint of sorrow and happiness at the same time, “Second Brother, it’s been so many years, why did you never pay us a visit?”

Second Brother!

The words served as a grenade exploding in the hearts of Ouyang Ba and the envoy of the Qinglong Sacred Area!

The name of the Imperial Exterminator was made known to everyone within the lower district. However, no one knew the Imperial Exterminator who was previously hunted by the two Sacred Areas would be referred to as Second Brother by one of the Peak Leaders of the Qinglong Sacred Area!

At that instant, a rare occurrence took place once again!




A series of crackling sounds similar to an egg being cracked open occurred all of a sudden, as a pitch-black tear appeared in mid-air. It appeared that the crack was being pulled apart by an enormous force, causing the crack to spread wider toward its surroundings.


Following a shocking explosion, the crack that was less than half a meter wide was struck by a terrifying force, causing the space within a mile from the crack to collapse.

From the collapsing crack, a bulky middle-aged man with red hair could be seen appearing, whose chest filled with countless scars was exposed. A murderous aura was emitted from his body, which encapsulated the entire Mystic Spirit Sect!

As soon as he appeared, it was as if the Heavens and Earth were filled with countless troops and horses, resulting in endless battle cries of a legendary war.

“Peak...Peak...Peak Leader Liu from the Feiyang Sacred Area!”

The envoy burst out screaming.

As an envoy of the Qinglong Sacred Area, he was not overly familiar with the Peak Leaders of the Feiyang Sacred Area.

However, this Peak Leader Liu was extremely famous within the entire lower district. This was because he had once slain two Martial Highness Realm experts of the Qinglong Sacred Area!

He was present at the scene when Peak Leader Liu murdered the two Martial Highness Realm experts. Thus, the peerless appearance which Peak Leader Liu displayed back then had long been carved into his soul.

More importantly, why is this Peak Leader Liu here too?

Could it be that he is planning to wage war against the two Peak Leaders of the Qinglong Sacred Area?

Or could it be...

As soon as Peak Leader Liu arrived, his pair of big eyes were instantly focused onto the old man standing in mid-air, before he burst out laughing, “Second Brother, you asshole, if you didn’t show yourself today, I would assume you to be dead already! So, where is the successor you’ve been looking for? I would like to see what kind of peerless genius have you found after spending a hundred years searching for him!”

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