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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 269


Chapter 269: Chapter 269 - The Imperiousness of the Imperious E

Chapter 269 - The Imperiousness of the Imperial Exterminator

Time gradually passed. No one dared to speak;even the wind did not dare to blow, as the rain of blood continued to pour onto the ground, thoroughly dying the destroyed White Jade Dojo red. Even after the rain finished pouring, no one dared to speak. All that remained was dead silence.

When over hundreds of experts were completely shredded into a rain of blood in just a split second, apart from the shock, the crowd also received a stone cold impact after witnessing the terrifying massacre.

In the Canglan Continent, those with strong cultivations were highly respected, while the weak were treated like ants.

How could humans be compared to ants? As a matter of fact, they were just like ants. Before they could blink their eyes, before their hearts could beat once, despite possessing outstanding strength and a famous reputation among the cultivators of the Luohe Kingdom, they were all dead in just a blink of an eye.

“F**k me… F**k me… F**k me…”

The Longhu Ancestor Beast stared with his pair of dragon eyes opened wide, such that his eyeballs were about to pop out from his sockets. As a descendant of the Heavenly Dragon and Thunderous Tiger, apart from being tremendously shocked by Qin Nan previously, this was his first time witnessing a human expert carrying out a massacre which caused his heart to beat vigorously, which had even caused him to say ‘f**k me’ three times in a row.

“This old man…”

Princess Miao Miao frowned slightly after a short period of losing her thoughts. In her memories, it was her first time witnessing a mere human in the lower district killing people in such an extreme way.

Qin Nan’s eyes were filled with astonishment. Although he already knew this old man was nothing ordinary ever since their first encounter, he had not expected his strength to be this terrifying.

“You three.”

The old man switched his gaze onto the figures of Zhao Fang, Wei Tong, and Lin Xuan.


Zhao Fang and his companions could only feel a chilly explosion in their hearts. Looking at the pair of calm, ordinary eyes before them, a supreme fear began to rise within their hearts. However, as they were Martial Ancestor Realm experts after all, they immediately screamed with all their might.

“Run! Split up!”

Zhao Fang and his companions instantly transformed into beams of light as they crazily escaped in three different directions.

“How disobedient…”

The old man shook his head. Instead of moving his feet, he only pointed his finger in Zhao Fang’s direction.


A painful shriek filled the sky, as Zhao Fang’s figure suddenly stiffened. His face was filled with a twisted expression as if he had encountered the scariest object in his life, and his eyeballs almost popped out from the sockets.

Following this, his body instantly expanded, which exploded after three breaths’ time, resulting in a bloody fog with no sign of his body.

“I’ll grant you a less painful death since you are a woman.”

The old man glanced at Lin Xuan and waved his hand.

Lin Xuan, who was crazily running away, felt a cold sensation from her neck. Before she could turn her head around, the space behind her trembled vigorously all of a sudden, as an invisible saber appeared out of nowhere and slashed at her neck, beheading her in less than a breath’s time.

Two Martial Ancestors were slain.

The madly escaping Wei Tong had transformed into a giant fireball, causing the surrounding space to emit a crackling noise due to the rapid combustion. It was a secret technique which he had kept to himself for a long time, which was known as the ‘Life-Consuming Fire Escaping Technique’. It was capable of making his speed ten times greater at the price of his lifespan.

“I should be able to survive after creating such a huge distance…”

After Wei Tong had escaped a hundred Li away from the old man, he instinctively wore a smile on his face as he felt like he had just survived from the grasp of the Grim Reaper.

With a distance of one hundred Li, even if the Imperial Exterminator was extremely powerful, it would be impossible for him to harm him now.

However, at that instant, despite being a hundred Li away, the same calm yet clear voice could be heard in Wei Tong’s ears, “Since you ran the farthest away, you should die the slowest now.”

Meanwhile, at the White Jade Dojo, the old man flicked his finger.

A hundred Li away, Wei Tong’s face reddened as his left leg exploded all of a sudden, resulting in a cry of agony.

“Do you still want to run away?”

The old man flicked his finger once again.

Wei Tong’s right leg suddenly exploded.

The old man flicked his finger again.

One of Wei Tong’s hands exploded. Following this, the old man flicked his finger another ten times, causing Wei Tong’s remaining hand, his chest, his head to explode in an orderly fashion, which cost him his life.

The three Sect Leaders of the three sects had fallen!

“How about you two?”

The old man’s gaze landed onto the figures of the envoy of the Qinglong Sacred Area and Ouyang Ba.

The envoy and Ouyang Ba were now utterly terrified. It was their first time witnessing the strength of the Imperial Exterminator. His immeasurable strength caused their souls to shiver.

“Se...Se...Senior...I...I am the Mystic Spirit Sect’s… Sect Leader… Is it possi…”

Ouyang Ba totally lost his previous imperious appearance, whose face was filled with absolute fear as he stammered.

“No way.”

The old man said, “Your name is Ouyang Ba, right? Aren’t you the one who keeps on telling Qin Nan to drop to his knees?”

“Senior, I…”

Ouyang Ba’s face turned incredibly pale.

“Ouyang Ba, come here.” The old man waved his hand.

“I…” Ouyang Ba had no idea what would happen to him. The shock from witnessing the massacre was enough to terrify him, despite his identity as a Martial Dominator.

“Don’t make me say it twice.” The pitch-black saber in the old man’s hand began to vibrate.

A sudden terrifying chill exploded from Ouyang Ba’s spine, causing his scalp to turn numb. He did not doubt the possibility of him ending up like the three Martial Ancestors if he were to hesitate any longer.


Ouyang Ba’s figure immediately arrived before the old man. The old man did not even look at him, as he pointed his finger at Qin Nan and said, “Kneel down before him, and apologize.”

Ouyang Ba’s expression stiffened.

The Imperial Exterminator wants me to kneel down before Qin Nan?

I’m a Martial Dominator, and you still ask me to kneel down before Qin Nan?

A true warrior would rather be killed than to be humiliated!

The old man gave him a glance and said, “If you do what I told you to do, I will not cripple your cultivation.”

“......” The courage in Ouyang Jun’s heart vanished after hearing this, as his expression constantly switched as if he was having a struggle, while his mind kept on reminding him of the devastating scene he had just witnessed. After a slight hesitation, it was as if he had lost all his strength when he spoke, “Senior...I....I’ll do it…”

After saying this, Ouyang Jun’s figure arrived before Qin Nan with a flicker. While staring at Qin Nan’s face which was covered in blood, he clenched his teeth and with a thump, dropped to his knees.

His head almost touched the ground as he forced the words out from the gap of his teeth, “Qin Nan… I…”

In the midst of his speech, for unknown reasons, the final word was extremely difficult to be said, as if it were stuck in his throat. He could feel the gazes of the thousands of disciples being focused onto him, which penetrated his soul like needles.

His figure began to shiver uncontrollably, as his eyes were filled with a thick hint of aggrievance and hatred.

How could I, a Martial Dominator, be forced to kneel down before Qin Nan and admit defeat!

Who does Qin Nan think he is?

A mere cultivator with a tenth-grade Huang ranked Martial Spirit!

An ant with a mere cultivation of the half-Martial Emperor Realm!

“Imperial Exterminator, Qin Nan, today, I Ouyang Ba was forced to kneel down and apologize. However, when I become an expert in the future, I’ll definitely avenge myself for the shame I’m experiencing now!”

Ouyang Ba let out a roar in his heart, as he then forced the last word out from his throat, “Sorry…”

At that instant, a surprising occurrence took place!

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Editor: DOCuinn


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