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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 268


Chapter 268: Chapter 268 - A Violent Art Showcase
Chapter 268 - A Violent Art Showcase

The entire Mystic Spirit Sect fell into a dead silence once again. Everyone’s breathing came to a stop. It was as if they could still smell the bloody scent of the rapid deaths of the two peak Martial Ancestor Realm experts—the Disciplinary Hall Leader and the Leader of the Treasure Vault.

Zhao Fang, Wei Tong, Lin Xuan, the Hall Leaders, and the authorities trembled with fear, while the disciples were lost for words.

A name which only existed in the legendary tales was recalled in their minds. They had never met the person personally, but due to the advice given by the older generations, the name was carved into their souls.

The Imperial Exterminator!

Hundreds of years ago, a peerless genius was born in the Mystic Spirit Sect. After becoming a Martial Dominator, it only took the genius a period of less than sixty breaths’ time to slay two Great Elders of the Flying Sword Sect who had both reached the peak of Martial Ancestor Realm.

After that, the Imperial Exterminator left the Luohe Kingdom and headed to the lower district.

Although the younger generations had no idea of the achievements which the Imperial Exterminator had accomplished in the lower district, Zhao Fang, Wei Tong, and Lin Xuan, these Sect Leaders and the Hall Leaders from the older generations knew the truth!

In just over ten years, the Imperial Exterminator stirred a great chaos in the lower district, killing countless people, including lots of geniuses of the two Sacred Areas. In the end, the two Sacred Areas had to send a huge number of experts to lay out a terrifying trap in order to surround the Imperial Exterminator and eliminate him!

They were clueless as to how tragic the battle was, but since the two Sacred Areas were so crazy in hunting him down, it showed how powerful the Imperial Exterminator was back then!

Therefore, Ouyang Ba and the envoy of the Qinglong Sacred Area were willing to set up such a detailed trap using the Nine Yin Nine Evil Spirit Extracting Formation in order to retrieve the Imperial Mortal Scriptures from Old Shan, merely because the Imperial Mortal Scriptures were the invention of the Imperial Exterminator.

Initially, everyone assumed him to be dead, but now, after one hundred years, together with the pitch-black saber, he had reappeared!

And the reason he did so was to rescue Qin Nan!

“Senior Brother!’

Old Shan wore a slightly excited expression. If Senior Brother is here, it means that Qin Nan had earned his approval!


The old man nodded his head and glanced at the sky.


The entire Nine Yin Nine Evil Spirit Extracting Formation was instantly shattered by a tremendous impact, resulting in countless sparkling dots pouring down from the sky, bringing utter fear to the hearts of the crowd.

Although what they heard was just mere legend, they personally witnessed the ultimate ancient formation—which required the support of two Martial Dominators and three Martial Ancestors in order to function—being shattered into pieces before them!

“F**k me…”

The Longhu Ancestor Beast wore a blank expression. Where exactly did this old man come from, who possessed such a terrifying strength.

“Qin Nan!”

Princess Miao Miao’s face was filled with panic, as her figure sprang in Qin Nan’s direction. However, at that instant, a calm voice could be heard, “I know you are nothing ordinary, and you are close to Qin Nan, but I won’t allow anything alive within five Li from myself.”

Princess Miao Miao’s figure immediately came to a stop five Li away from the old man. Even with her identity, she would not doubt the validity of his words.

“Don’t worry, he’s fine.”

The old man reached out his hand and patted Qin Nan on his shoulder. When he saw the sign of an awakening force from from Qin Nan’s eyes, his eyes glistened before he uttered, “Wake up, everything is fine now.”


The terrifying aura emitting from Qin Nan’s body instantly vanished. The look in his eyes gradually recovered as he regained his consciousness. He had no clue of what had just happened, thus he was shocked when he saw the old man before him, “Senior...why...are you here…”

The old man before him was none other than the mysterious old man he had stumbled into on the Island of Versatility. He was the one who taught him the Heavenly Accumulating Strike.

However, Qin Nan’s thoughts failed to interpret the scene before him. What on Earth is going on?

“You should enjoy the upcoming show first, and try to learn something from it.”

The old man glanced at the envoy, Ouyang Ba, Zhao Fang, and the others, and said in a calm tone, “The countdown begins now;one!”

The old man raised his finger.

The envoy, Ouyang Ba and the others could feel their hearts skip a beat. Was the so-called Imperial Exterminator about to kill them all?

“Im...Senior Imperial Exterminator…” The heart of the envoy of the Qinglong Sacred Area was thoroughly filled with an icy aura, as he said in a trembling voice, “It’s…it’s…it’s our fault what just happened… Please...please...please give us a chance…”


The faces of Zhao Fang and the other Sect Leaders turned incredibly pale.

According to the words of the Imperial Exterminator, they were told to commit suicide. Do we really have to kill ourselves now?

“Senior Imperial Exterminator, we have nothing to do with the conspiracy. Ouyang Ba was the once who threatened us…” Zhao Fang, Wei Tong and Lin Xuan cried immediately.

“Ok, time’s up.”

The old man calmly spoke, “I forgot to tell you guys something;I prefer to kill those who are lower-ranked first, and so don’t think about escaping—I don’t like it. Just sit down and wait for your turn, it will be less painful that way.”

The crowd could not react in time hearing the words, as a split second later, a deafening explosion could be heard throughout the entire Tianfeng Mountain.

Without anyone’s notice, the old man’s figure was now floating in mid-air, as he gently flung his pitch-black saber in the direction of the Sect Leader’s Hall.


A two hundred foot long Saber Intent could be seen soaring across the sky and landing on the Sect Leader’s Hall, causing the Weapon Spirit inside the Sect Leader’s Hall to utter a ferocious growl as countless formations inside the hall were activated. Despite that, the incredible Saber Intent penetrated the hall with ease with a destructive force, annihilating everything it contacted, tearing the entire hall in half.


Too fast!

Even when the Sect Leader’s Hall was slashed in half, the Hall Leaders and the others inside the hall were yet to react. When they finally collected their thoughts, they only saw the old man’s figure vanishing with a flicker, causing their hearts to be instantly filled with coldness.

The entire place fall into dead silence, as the crowd could only see countless Saber Intents being emitted at various angles and directions, thoroughly filling the broken Sect Leader’s Hall and encapsulating the Hall Leaders, the elders, and the rest. It was as if a giant flower made of Saber Intent could be seen from a distance away.


The next second, the old man’s figure appeared one hundred meters away from the Sect Leader’s Hall as he calmly said, “Too weak.”

A period of two breaths’ after his words, it was as if time had resumed flowing after a brief pause, as a series of explosions took place.


The Sect Leader’s Hall, which was an Emperor Weapon, was instantly drowned in the series of explosions. As for the Hall Leaders and the authorities of the top four sects inside the hall, as soon as their hearts were filled with coldness, and before their eyes were yet to display the fear in their hearts, their bodies were devoured by the overwhelming Sword Intents, shredding them into a rain of blood.

Following this, the previous terrifying explosions disappeared, as the surroundings fell into dead silence once again.

The crowd was still immersed in a great shock;they could only see a rain of blood pouring down from above, and hear the sound of the rain hitting the ground. Some of the disciples could feel droplets of blood landing on their face. The cold sensation on their face and the smell of blood deeply stimulated their soul, allowing them to slightly recover, but they still wore blank expressions.

What...just happened?

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