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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 266


Chapter 266: Chapter 266 - Surrounded by Former Enemies

Chapter 266 - Surrounded by Former Enemies

“Qin Nan!”

Xiao Leng, Chu Yun, and the others were utterly shocked. Their bodies instinctively sprang forward, but the Martial Ancestor Realm aura of Ouyang Ba’s clone restricted them from getting close, like a barrier.

The crowd could only see that Qin Nan’s flesh had been seriously damaged after the fire dissipated.

His hands, his chest, and his knees were mangled beyond recognition. The other parts of his body were scorched due to the fire, and his skin had ruptured, forming lumps of condensated blood.

Qin Nan’s firm figure began to tremble vigorously, as if a tiny puff of wind would be enough to blow him down.

But… he was yet to drop to the ground!

Even when his chest, his arms, and his knees were badly mutilated, even when his body was severely damaged, under such circumstances, he remained standing, his head fixed, his waist straightened, and his legs standing firmly.

It was as if there was an invisible force supporting him within his body.

Even the Martial Ancestor Realm clone could not deal with him.


The Hall Leaders and the disciples were startled.

How strong did the will of a person need to be in order to sustain such mutilated flesh?

“Qin Nan!”

Ouyang Ba became furious after seeing this.

He had not expected a mere half-Martial Emperor Realm disciple with a tenth-grade Huang ranked Martial Spirit to hold such a terrifying will!

“Sect Leader, I’m here to help!” Following a shout, a figure appeared before them, who turned out to be the Leader of the Treasure Vault, who wore a spooky smile on her face, “Sect Leader, I have a rare treasure here with the name ‘Heart-Devouring Vetulicolia’. Once released, it will penetrate into his heart and tear at his heart, resulting in unimaginable pain!”


Ouyang Ba raised his eyebrow. However, for unknown reasons, he was surprisingly doubtful if the Heart-Devouring Vetulicolia was enough to make Qin Nan give up his struggle.

“Sect Leader, Qin Nan murdered my son, hence I want to punish him with my own hands!” At that instant, the Disciplinary Hall Leader stepped forward and uttered a roar, “In the Disciplinary Hall, there exists an atavistic punishment, known as the Blood Penalty. I believe that even Qin Nan would not be able to resist the torture of these two methods combined. Then, he would be willing to obey our orders and hand over his possessions!”

“Hmm? Sounds like a good plan. Hurry up and execute them!”

Ouyang Ba stood placing his hands behind him while looking down at Qin Nan. A cold smirk could be seen on his face.


The faces of the Leader of the Treasure Vault and the Disciplinary Hall Leader were filled with excitement. They could never forget the shame they had previously experienced from Qin Nan and Princess Miao Miao at the Hall of Life and Death. Now that the tide had changed, they would no doubt be willing to deal with Qin Nan!

Shoosh shoosh!

The figures of the Leader of the Treasure Vault and the Disciplinary Hall Leader arrived before Qin Nan in the blink of an eye.

Qin Nan stared at the two with a pair of reddened eyes, whose lips slightly moved as a hoarse voice could be heard, “...Ha....ha…”

The Leader of the Treasure Vault and the Disciplinary Hall Leader were stunned, before they were consumed by flames of anger.

Under such circumstances, this Qin Nan still dared to be so scornful!

“I shall let you have a taste of the Heart-Devouring Vetulicolia!”

The Leader of the Treasure Vault withheld her anger and grinned, before she took out an ancient box which contained a pitch-black worm half the size of a palm. The worm had eight pairs of tiny fangs, with two tentacles on its head and eyes like red dots. An erosive aura could be felt from its body.

“Bite him!”

The Leader of the Treasure Vault uttered a command. Following it, the Heart-Devouring Vetulicolia let out an excited buzz and flew toward Qin Nan’s shoulder. After a piercing sound, it tore a hole in Qin Nan’s shoulder and penetrated his body.

The crowd could only see a round lump on Qin Nan’s left shoulder, which began to advance toward where his heart was located, causing their hearts to be filled with an icy chill.

After a period of three breaths’ time, Qin Nan’s pupils vigorously contracted.


A cry of utter agony penetrated the sky, as Qin Nan’s face, fully covered in blood, was thoroughly twisted. His body began to tremble due to the great pain.

It was as if the cry of pain was able to penetrate the hearts of the crowd, causing them to feel a chill on their chests.

“Blood Penalty!”

The Disciplinary Hall Leader let out a hideous smile, as a long saber suddenly appeared in his hand. The saber was extremely sharp, with a serrated edge. Following this, the Disciplinary Hall Leader swung his hand at the speed of lightning, lashing out with a series of densely packed Saber Intents onto Qin Nan’s body.

Slash slash!

A series of piercing sounds could be heard, as countless arteries on Qin Nan’s body were slashed open, causing his blood to spurt out like a flood. The ground around him was instantly dyed red.

The Blood Penalty was carried out by shredding the veins of the target, allowing one to bleed to death, while experiencing fear as death approached at a slow pace.

Qin Nan, in particular, possessed a strong flesh. It would take at least half the period for an incense to burn for his blood to fully deplete.

In other words, Qin Nan would be experiencing the fear of death throughout half the period it would take an incense to burn!

The crowd was utterly stunned, their faces turning incredibly pale. Even though they were watching the scene from a distance away, they could feel their hearts clenching, causing their breathing to intensify.

What would happen if they were the ones suffering the penalty?

“HAHAHA, you two did a great job!” Ouyang Ba burst out laughing after seeing this, “Qin Nan, this is what you get for opposing me! Aren’t you a smug one, aren’t you being full of yourself, aren’t you unwilling to kneel before me? Now, if you drop to your knees and beg me, I’ll stop…”

As Ouyang Ba burst out laughing, both the Leader of the Treasure Vault and the Disciplinary Hall Leader could not help but let out sinister laughs, as if they could see the scene where Qin Nan dropped to his knees and begged them to spare his life, his face filled with terror in their imagination.

However, in the next moment, Ouyang Ba’s laugh halted, the faces of the Leader of the Treasure Vault and the Disciplinary Hall Leader stiffened.

They could only see Qin Nan staring at them with a slightly twisted face. Despite the blood that continued to flow out from his body, he seemed to be unaware of it, as his lips slowly moved, forcing the words out from his mouth, “...Don’!”

His body remained standing straight.

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