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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 263


Chapter 263: Chapter 263 - Live and Die Together

Chapter 263 - Live and Die Together

“Martial Dominator! Ouyang Ba is a Martial Dominator!”

“How is this possible, didn’t he fail in his level up? How is he a Martial Dominator?”

“What’s going on here?”


Zhao Fang, Lin Xuan, and Wei Tong were lost for words.

The Hall Leaders and the disciples were utterly astonished, failing to react in time.

Just a few days ago, everyone was notified of the news regarding Ouyang Ba failing his attempt to level up!

What exactly was going on right now?

Ouyang Ba emitted a terrifying suppression of the Martial Dominator Realm, like the arrival of a dominator as his voice penetrated the hearts of the crowd, “I have long become a Martial Dominator, but I was hiding it to use it as a tool to obtain the Imperial Mortal Scriptures during the birthday feast. However, I did not expect a mere ant like you to disrupt my plan!”

Ouyang Ba gazed at Qin Nan, his eyes filled with utter fury.

According to his plan, he would hide the truth of him becoming a Martial Dominator and hold a feast to gather the crowd. Therefore, he could take everyone by surprise by working together with the envoy of the Qinglong Sacred Area to suppress Old Shan, in order to retrieve the Imperial Mortal Scriptures. He would then threaten the people of the other three sects to surrender, making him the ruler of the top four sects.

However, who could have expected a mere half-Martial Emperor Realm presence would dare to go against his will and the will of the envoy of the Qinglong Sacred Area, How bold!

After hearing this, the Sect Leaders and the Hall Leaders were immediately awakened. Just like they had predicted, Ouyang Ba was planning some sort of conspiracy, but they had never expected him to have succeeded in becoming a Martial Dominator!

Now that there were two Martial Dominators siding together, who would dare to oppose them?

Qin Nan could feel his blood solidifying due to Ouyang Ba’s gaze, as an invisible pressure could be felt from the surroundings, causing his flesh to turn extremely weak and stiff;he could not even swing the saber in his hand downward!

At that instant, even Qin Nan’s face was filled with a hint of shock.

He finally realized why he only saw a brilliant golden glow when he took a peek at Ouyang Ba, as that was the aura of a Martial Dominator!

Besides that, he finally understood the reason that the huge Qi Dragon would advise him. It seemed like Ouyang Ba was too secretive with his evil plan. He only chose to reveal his true colors since Ouyang Jun was going to be killed!

However, Qin Nan’s astonishment only existed for a period of thirty breaths’ time, before he returned to a calm state. A silent laugh was uttered from his mouth.

“Martial Dominator?”

“Do you think you are strong since you are a Martial Dominator?”

“Do you think two Martial Dominators are enough to intimidate me?”

The smile on Qin Nan’s face grew stronger as his voice could be heard traveling across the Heavens and Earth, “The thing that I’m never afraid of is death! So what if you have two Martial Dominators? Your son will still need to pay the price for troubling me!”

Qin Nan almost let out a roar toward the end of his sentence.

He could feel a stream of force coming from his extremely weakened body, as the saber in his hand directly overcame the powerful suppression, slashing downward to Ouyang Jun’s head.

At that instant, the Sect Leaders were dumbfounded. The disciples were also dumbfounded.

What was the definition of an imperious attitude?

This was an imperious attitude!

Having the guts to challenge two Martial Dominator Realm experts with his half-Martial Emperor Realm cultivation!

If others were in his shoes, who would possess such courage?

“Qin Nan!”

Ouyang Ba’s eyes were engulfed in flames of anger. He had not expected his aura of the Martial Dominator Realm to be nowhere enough to suppress Qin Nan’s movement. Following this, he uttered a raging roar, causing the golden glow in his body to form a large dragon which sprang forward in Princess Miao Miao’s direction.”

“My servant is unveiling his wrath, and you dare to interrupt? Not on my watch!”

Princess Miao Miao wore a prideful face as her tiny figure began to emit a stream of Primary Force, causing her figure to slightly grow together with her cultivation, which stopped at the half-Martial Dominator Realm level.

With a stomp, over ten Sword Formations were formed, which immediately nullified the golden dragon attack and restricted Ouyang Ba’s movements.


Ouyang Ba was incredibly furious as he executed one terrifying blow after another, but he still could not break free from the formations. He uttered a shocking roar as he saw Qin Nan’s saber about to slash downward, “Qin Nan, if you dare to kill my son, all your friends and family members—anyone who is related to you—will be buried together with you!’

Hearing the shout, Qin Nan’s saber shuddered violently as it halted in its track in mid-air.

Ouyang Ba was aware of this as he burst out laughing, “Qin Nan, I’m pretty sure you have quite an amount of friends in the Mystic Spirit Sect! Not only your friends, even old Shan, the Longhu Ancestor Beast and Princess Miao Miao would die at our hands today! Do you really think they stand a chance against two Martial Dominators?”

“I’ll give you a final chance. Kneel down before me and hand over all your possessions, before crippling your meridians. If you do as I say, I’ll spare your life!”

Ouyang Ba snapped in a fierce tone.

At that instant, everyone could see Qin Nan’s hand begin to tremble for the first time.

He was not afraid of death.

He was not afraid of two Martial Dominators.

But what would happen if he ended up slaying Ouyang Jun?

Princess Miao Miao, Old Shan, the Longhu Ancestor Beast, Gong Yang, Xiao Leng, Huang Long, Chu Yun, Mo Zishan, Xu You, and the others would not be able to face the wrath of two Martial Dominators, which meant they would possibly lose their lives for his sake?

“Qin Nan!”

A faint shout could be heard all of a sudden in the midst of the grand battle.

Qin Nan and everyone in the crowd glanced toward it. They could only see Xiao Leng’s figure, which appeared incredibly tiny compared to the explosions taking place in the sky. However, his eyes were reddened, as his body trembled vigorously due to his anger. He opened his mouth and shouted with all his might, “Kill that son of a bitch for me! Don’t you worry about my life! I’ve had an enjoyable life for the past eighteen years, and the worst scenario would be me having a brand new life! Hence, you must kill him. If you don’t, from today onward, we are no longer friends!”

“Qin Nan, if you’re a man, kill him!”

“Damn it, I had already hated this asshole from the very beginning. Kill him, f**k him hard, I’m not scared of death!”

“HAHAHA, my heart is fully filled with fear, but I still have to tell you—kill him!”

“Do you need a saber?”

A series of passionate screams could be heard. Huang Long, Xu You, Mo Zishan, Xu You all stepped forward as if they had planned the act together. Despite their presences were extremely insignificant when compared to the impacts from the shocking grand battle, as if a mere breath was enough to shatter them, they still stood firm.

That’s right, although they truly are miniscule, with cultivations of the mere Xiantian Realm, who couldn't even be considered ants in this shocking battle, they were still Qin Nan’s friends.

At the same time, they were scared of death. When a Martial Dominator Realm expert threatened them, they would feel exceedingly terrified, their hearts filled with iciness.

But why did they step forward?

When they personally witnessed Ouyang Jun ambushing Qin Nan, which almost shattered his Martial Emperor Core, their hearts were filled with a devastating anger. When they saw Ouyang Jun challenging the injured Qin Nan, when they saw the envoy of the Qinglong Sacred Area bullying Qin Nan, they almost exploded due to the anger in their hearts.

But what could they do despite the tremendous anger?

They were miniscule, they were weak. They could not help in any way, but only stare with their eyes.

However, despite being miniscule, despite being weak, they would not allow themselves to be a burden to Qin Nan!

Such a twisted and vicious son of a bitch, Ouyang Jun, since Qin Nan had the chance to slay him, what other concern did he have?

He must be slain!

He must be slain!

Even if it were to result in grave danger, they would live and die together!

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Editor: DOCuinn


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