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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 261


Chapter 261: Chapter 261 - The Slash that Left the Top Four Sec

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Chapter 261 - The Slash That Left the Top Four Sects in Awe

The crowd of disciples could only see Qin Nan reached out his finger. An invisible absorbing force exploded at the tip of his finger, fully consuming the Qi within twenty feet of him, as an extraordinary force was gathered from his body as well.


A gleaming white dot was formed on the tip of Qin Nan’s finger, causing the area twenty feet around him to be consumed in the explosions of countless fireballs.

It was as if the surrounding space was being trampled by herds of giant beasts, producing a buzzing sound. The terrifying energy emitted from the gleaming white dot astonished the disciples, the authorities, the Hall Leaders, and the Sect Leaders.

“This is…”

The expressions of the envoy of the Qinglong Sacred Area and Ouyang Ba utterly changed. It was their first time displaying such a remarkable change of emotion on their faces.

“Such a terrifying force!”

“What on Earth is that?”

“My god, since when did Qin Nan master such a secret technique, could this be a legendary Tian-ranked Secret Technique?”


The authorities and the Hall Leaders were left speechless.

The crowd of disciples could feel their bodies shivering, and even the inner disciples whose cultivation had reached the Martial Emperor Realm could feel a chill in their hearts.

Princess Miao Miao and the Longhu Ancestor Beast wore stunned expressions. It was their first time witnessing such a terrifying ability as well!

While floating in the air accumulating the force for his killing blow, Ouyang Jun’s expression stiffened as if an icy sensation could be felt rising from his feet, giving birth to a sense of fear in his heart.

He sensed death, he sensed an ultimate destructive force from the incoming attack!

“Impossible, impossible, how did you master such a terrifying abili——”

At that instant, Ouyang Jun burst out screaming.

However, before he could finish, the pale-faced Qin Nan flicked his finger, firing the white sparkling dot toward his foe.

It was as if the time of the surrounding space was now in slow-motion.

The disciples, the authorities, and the Sect Leaders stared with their eyes open wide as the white sparkling dot slowly advanced through the air.

“Xiantian Weapons!”

“Soaring Dragon Missile!”

“Serpent’s Eyes Martial Spirit!”

“Atavistic Giant Body Technique!”

The thick sense of death caused Ouyang Jun to turn crazy, as he immediately drew out the Tyrannical Dragon Sword, the Shield of Stars, the Heavenly Fire Seven Roaring Cannons, and two other Xiantian Weapons, together with the Soaring Dragon Missile, which all combined into a blinding glow with a tremendous aura, forming a barrier before Ouyang Jun.

Ouyang Jun’s body instantly expanded, further increasing his defense. At the same time, ten golden rays appeared behind him, as the Serpent’s Eyes Martial Spirit summoned over a hundred blurry figures of giant serpents which coiled around his figure in numerous layers.

Finally, the sparkling white dot landed onto the stack of Xiantian Weapons.


A terrifying explosion took place at that instant.

The tiny sparkling white dot instantly exhorted a terrifying force, completely destroying the five Xiantian Weapons and the half-Emperor Weapon before Ouyang Jun, turning them into dust as the force devoured Ouyang Jun’s figure within it.


A cry of devastating agony could be heard throughout the entire Mystic Spirit Sect.

Ouyang Jun’s body landed on the ground, which was thoroughly pitch-black, with countless visible wounds, leaving him in a miserable state. His aura was extremely weak, a bright contrast with his previous imperious appearance.


The disciples, the Hall Leaders, and the rest all took deep breaths.

How terrifying was the damage of the ability?

With just a single blow, everything within twenty feet of the attack was totally destroyed!

With just a cultivation of the half-Martial Emperor Realm, Qin Nan—who currently could only exhort three tenths of his full strength due to the injury—managed to defeat Ouyang Jun with the attack!

This Martial Skill was absolutely unbelievable!

After a period of silence over ten breaths’ time, an uproar took place among the disciples and the Hall Leaders!

“Incredible! That’s super incredible!”

“Half-Martial Emperor Realm crushing an opponent with a first-layer Martial Emperor Realm cultivation, how many people in the Luohe Kingdom are able to do that?”

“Don’t forget he is currently injured! He is severely injured still!”

“HAHAHA, that son of a bitch Ouyang Jun, serves him right!”


The Longhu Ancestor Beast uttered a deafening roar, causing the surroundings to quaver as his enormous body could not help but do a flip in mid-air as he burst out laughing, “HAHAHA, Qin Nan, nice one. That attack was superb! F**k him right in the p****!”

The Qinglong Sacred Area envoy and Ouyang Ba were lost for words.

They initially thought Ouyang Jun would surely win the duel after unleashing his Martial Emperor Realm cultivation. Who could have expected Qin Nan to achieve such a comeback, crushing Ouyang Jun with such an unbelievable ability!

“You two old men, hurry up and pay out the bet!” The Longhu Ancestor Beast went berserk and roared at the envoy and Ouyang Ba.


The envoy and Ouyang Ba could feel a slap to their faces, especially the envoy, whose lips began to twitch. Due to his previous words, he had to hand over one hundred Force Accumulating Stones and a chance for Qin Nan to become a disciple of the Qinglong Sacred Area!

Although these were entirely not a problem for him, he was more concerned with his loss of reputation.

At that instant, a sudden yell took place, “Qin Nan!”

The one shouting was none other than Princess Miao Miao.

The lively atmosphere of the crowd tremendously dropped as the crowd instinctively glanced toward Qin Nan.

At that instant, Qin Nan’s face was exceedingly pale, whose figure trembled vigorously. His aura was extremely weak, as if he would collapse to the ground anytime soon.

It went without saying that Qin Nan’s flesh was already severely injured to begin with. Now after executing the Heavenly Accumulating Strike, his entire body was on the verge of facing destruction!

After hearing Princess Miao Miao’s shout, Qin Nan raised his head and forced a smile onto his face. He then withdrew his gaze and stared at Ouyang Jun, as he made his way toward him.

However, as soon as he took a step forward, his body staggered forward, almost collapsing onto the ground.

“Qin Nan!”

With a flick, Princess Miao Miao’s figure swiftly arrived beside Qin Nan and reached out her hand to prevent him from falling.

“Dont… worry!”

Qin Nan spoke with a slightly hoarse voice, “Wait at the side and watch closely.”

After saying this, he forcefully held his body together and staggered forward in a limping fashion, as he made his way toward Ouyang Jun.

Even though he was only a mere thirty feet away from Ouyang Jun, everyone could tell that the distance was like five thousand miles in Qin Nan’s eyes, a distant journey.

Following this, the entire crowd fall silent, as everyone watched closely with their eyes open wide, not knowing what Qin Nan was planning to do.

All of a sudden, Zhao Fang inside the Sect Leader’s Hall collected his thoughts and blurted out, “Shit, he is planning to…”

Following his voice, Qin Nan’s staggering figure finally arrived before Ouyang Jun with a grin on his face. He then raised the saber in his hand.

The crowd was utterly stunned, Qin Nan… is really going to kill Ouyang Jun!

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