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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 26


Chapter 26 - Unstoppable

The situation calmed down after Xiao Qingxue spoke.

Both Fang Li and Fang Rulong wore dull expressions on their faces, while they sent death stares in Qin Nan's direction. If not because of their fear toward Xiao Qingxue, the father and son would have gone up to the fearless imbecile and killed him.

It was as Qin Nan had predicted;Fang Li and Fang Rulong had come to a secret agreement with Elder Bai Heng. The initial plan was to annihilate the Qin Clan on the spot.

However, Fang Li and Fang Rulong never thought that Qin Nan would have been fearless enough to oppose Elder Bai Heng's words, and kill the second genius of Fang Clan, causing a huge lost to the clan.

’’Father, now the plan has to change. It looks like we won't be able to do anything in the first round anymore, after those words from Elder Xiao. If that's the case, let's wait for round two. I'll show them my true talent, and completely destroy the Qin Clan without mercy.’’ Fang Rulong whispered into Fang Li's ear with a murderous aura.

Fang Li nodded his head;the expression on his face had calmed down.

Even though Qin Nan gained an advantage from Xiao Qingxue's help, when it came to the second round, Qin Nan still possessed a first-grade Huang ranked Martial Spirit which was utterly useless. On the other hand, Fang Rulong had a sixth-grade Huang ranked Martial Spirit more powerful than Qin Changkong's. From this point on, even Elder Xiao would not help the Qin Clan anymore.

The Martial Arts world followed the law of the jungle;although Xiao Qingxue helped Qin Clan this time, there would not be a second time.

It was because Fang Rulong was the true genius of Lingshui City;only he was worthy enough to become a disciple of the Mystic Spirit Sect.

Qin Nan noticed the gaze from the father and son duo of the Fang Clan. Apart from a wry smile, there was no sign of worry on his face. He came down from the arena and walked toward the Qin Clan.

At this moment, the Qin Clan were looking at Qin Nan with weird expressions.

They were not willing to let Qin Nan go against Elder Bai Heng, but they didn't dare to say it after Elder Xiao had spoken up. What gave them the right to say anything?

Elder Xiao was more powerful than Elder Bai Heng. If she was helping the Qin Clan, it was something they should be happy with!

Due to this reason, the Qin Clan had complicated feelings;they never expected Qin Nan to receive a blessing out of the misfortune.

However, the next thing they knew, a shocking scene took place once again.

The judge's forehead was dripping with cold sweat, as he said with a trembling voice, ’’Next duel, number thirty-one. Qin Nan versus Fang Huo...’’

In that instant, everyone stood stunned on the spot. They would never have expected that after Qin Nan's disrespectful declaration toward the Fang Clan and Elder Bai Heng, that he would be dueling with a Fang Clan's disciple so soon.

Is this... what karma is?

The people of the Fang Clan had terrible looks on their faces, since Fang Huo was the third genius after Fang Yu for their clan.

Qin Nan revealed a brief smile and went onto the stage. His eyes scanned the Fang Clan calmly.

At the same time, Fang Huo appeared on the stage too. A while ago, he was a cocky and prideful person. However, his face was now filled with terror;he did not have the appearance of the third genius of Fang Clan.

’’I... I surrender... I surrender...’’ As soon as Fang Huo got onto the stage, he yelled out immediately not caring about embarrassing himself.

When facing such a fearless and malefic person as Qin Nan, pride was no longer important. Fang Huo still looked forward to his bright future;thus, dying here right now was not what he hoped for.

He was willing to do anything to keep himself alive.

Despite that, in that instant, a familiar thunderous sound was heard again. Following it was an icy slash, which tore Fang Huo into pieces.

A killing slash without mercy.

Everyone had their eyes opened wide, staring at the pouring blood on stage, completely stunned at what had just happened.

Did the third genius of the Fang Clan simply die like that?

Qin Nan had a calm face as he said, ’’I have the same opinion as Young Master Fang Rulong;trash does not have the right to beg for mercy or surrender death is the only ending for them.’’

Upon hearing this, a twisted expression appeared on the faces of Fang Li and Fang Rulong.

Even Elder Bai Heng who was located on the platform was breathing heavily with a ghastly pale expression.

However, they did not dare to move;they could only watch it happen, as Elder Xiao had given her say. They were not stupid enough to challenge Elder Xiao's power.

Despite that, the tragedy did not come to an end. What happened next caused the atmosphere to be even more irregular!

Number thirty-three. Qin Nan versus the fourth genius of Fang Clan!

Number thirty-five. Qin Nan versus the fifth genius of Fang Clan!

Every battle was the same as the ones before;with just a single breathtaking slash, the fourth and fifth geniuses of the Fang Clan were both killed.

At this moment, the people of the Qin Clan were speechless and the same with the Fang Clan. Even Xiao Qingxue appeared to be slightly shocked.

Isn't all this... a bit too bizarre?

As soon as the Fang Clan had offended the Qin Clan which caused Qin Nan to be angry his next four opponents all turned out to be disciples of the Fang Clan;is this a coincidence?

Not only that, his opponents were the four geniuses of the Fang Clan after Fang Rulong!

It was as if there was some force helping Qin Nan in secret. Are you trying to offend Qin Nan? Very well then, I'll give you the chance to learn how terrifying he is!

In the meantime, everyone from the Fang Clan including Fang Li and Fang Rulong were staring at Qin Nan with wide eyes.

Four of their geniuses had just died in such a brief period of time.

Even though the Fang Clan was one of the top two clans in Lingshui City with a history of over a hundred years it was still unaffordable to lose four top geniuses like that.

With their geniuses gone apart from Fang Rulong who among the Fang Clan was capable enough to lead the people?

No one!

If a clan planned to grow stronger, it could not rely on a single person;it needed many talents to work together, which would then allow the clan to grow and develop.

These talents were the foundation of a clan.

However in the time it took an incense stick to burn Qin Nan had destroyed their foundation.

On the platform, Elder Bai Heng's veins showed on the surface of his skin. His aura rumbled within his body.

Even though it was only a simple arrangement between him and the Fang Clan, Qin Nan's fearless action of killing four geniuses in a row felt like continuous slaps to Elder Bai Heng's face.

The clan which Elder Bai Heng was looking after;how did he dare bully them?

Not only Bai Heng, but the eyes of Fang Li and Fang Rulong were both red with rage, with a ferocious aura rumbling within them. They would go completely crazy if not for the remaining hint of sanity left in their minds.

’’Qin Nan you nice... very nice. You're indeed very impressive.’’ Fang Rulong's eyes were completely red;his voice squeezed out from his throat, as if he were a beast on the verge of going berserk, ’’What you have done today, I will not forget! I hope you won't regret it when the time comes!’’

The last sentence felt like a deep roar from Fang Rulong.

As a genius with a sixth-grade Huang ranked Martial Spirit, Fang Rulong was the top genius of Lingshui city since when had he felt so insulted before?

However, the only thing he could do now was be patient. If he could not hold in his anger and infuriated Xiao Qingxue it would not matter if he was a genius with a sixth-grade Huang ranked Martial Spirit;he would still bring ultimate disaster to the Fang Clan.

As a result, Fang Rulong could only hold his murderous intent in, and threaten Qin Nan with words.

Qin Nan made a wry smile upon hearing these words;he then said, ’’Stop that nonsense. Did you ever think of this when you disabled the Qin Clan's disciple? Despite that who do you think you are to threaten me!’’

Qin Nan's aura transformed immediately;it was the same as when he had challenged Bai Heng before ignorant and fearless.

Qin Nan stared down at Fang Rulong with an icy-cold pair of eyes, as he said, ’’If you're not impressed, come onto the stage and fight me. If you don't agree with my actions, don't just stand down there and argue with words. Fang Rulong, let me remind you, who do you think you are? You're just trash. If you're trash, then you should shut your mouth!’’


Fang Rulong opened his eyes wide;he felt like his face had been hit by a powerful slap. He started to become dizzy.

Endless feelings from being insulted and rage were rising up within his heart. He felt like letting out a roar and going straight onto the stage to fight Qin Nan.

However, his legs were heavily rooted to the ground, as if endless molten iron was being poured onto them.

Apart from Fang Rulong, other disciples of the Fang Clan found their faces flush with fury. However, besides their anger, there was also another overwhelming feeling.

Fang Rulong didn't dare to move;the others didn't dare to move either.

In that instant, Qin Nan appeared to be unstoppable!

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