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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 258


Chapter 258: Chapter 258 - The Sect Leader and the Envoy Reveal

Chapter 258 - The Sect Leader and the Envoy Reveal their Fangs

The one yelling turned out to be the Qinglong Sacred Area envoy.

His eyes flickered as he smilingly said, “Your suggestion sounds good. You two should resolve the conflict yourself, but this duel seems to be unfair to Qin Nan, hence I’m willing to also give one hundred Force Accumulating Stones. If Qin Nan were to win the duel, these one hundred Force Accumulating Stones will be his. Furthermore, I’ll give him a chance of becoming a disciple of the Qinglong Sacred Area!”

The words caused the crowd to stare with their eyes open wide.

One hundred Force Accumulating Stones?

And a chance to become a disciple of the Qinglong Sacred Area?

Wasn’t this envoy siding with Ouyang Ba, why was he offering such a tremendous reward?

As the crowd was immersed in their doubts, the envoy of the Qinglong Sacred Area raised his head and glanced at Old Shan, before saying with a smile, “I was told that you are Qin Nan’s master, right? Now that I’ve offered a hundred Force Accumulating Stones and a chance to become a disciple of the Qinglong Sacred Area, to be fair, you should offer a reward too. If Ouyang Jun were to win the duel, you should give him the Imperial Mortal Scriptures.”

The words served as a grenade to the crowd!

The disciples wore confused looks on their faces, but the faces of the Sect Leaders, the Hall Leaders, and the authorities inside the Sect Leader’s Hall utterly changed.

They finally realized why the envoy of the Qinglong Sacred Area was willing to offer the reward first. It seemed like the Imperial Mortal Scriptures were his target since the very beginning!

They had no doubt heard of the Imperial Mortal Scriptures before, as they themselves were interested in obtaining them. However, since Old Shan possessed incredible strength as his cultivation had reached the peak of the Martial Ancestor Realm, they stood no chance against him.

Ouyang Ba was the first to burst out laughing, “That sounds brilliant. I agree with the suggestion from the envoy. Sect Leaders, what do you think?”

After saying this, he glanced toward Zhao Fang and the others.

Zhao Fang and the others were astonished. It was clear that Ouyang Ba was forcing them to take a side with his words. They also realized why Ouyang Ba would hold a feast and invite everyone over after he failed to become a Martial Dominator. He was even willing to pay a huge price to invite the envoy of the Qinglong Sacred Area, because it was all his setup to retrieve the Imperial Mortal Scriptures from Old Shan!

“HAHAHA, the envoy’s words are wise indeed, I agree with the suggestion!” Zhao Fang said with a laugh.

“I have no comment.” Lin Xuan spoke in an icy tone.

Wei Tong hesitated for a moment as he recollected the series of events which had just occurred, and the attitude of the envoy, before he made up his mind and said, “The Disordered Flames Sect agrees with the suggestion!”

With the three Sect Leaders showing their stances, the Hall Leaders and the authorities had no choice but to follow, even if they possessed a different opinion.

“Yeah, let that be the case for the duel.”

“Since Ouyang Jun and Qin Nan have such a devastating conflict, this will be the best for both sides.”

“I agree with the envoy!”


Hearing the voices declaring their stances from the crowd inside the Sect Leader’s Hall, the crowd of disciples was aware that something was not right. Those who were smarter could even tell that this was a trap laid out by Ouyang Ba and the envoy to blackmail the other three sects and apply pressure on Old Shan!

“These assholes, these shameless pricks…”

The Longhu Ancestor Beast felt like turning mad.

What the actual f**k, it was Qin Nan that was severely injured, and this bunch of assholes is planning such an evil plot?

Princess Miao Miao remained silent, as she patted the Longhu Ancestor Beast’s dragon head to calm him down.

As for Old Shan, even facing the pressure from the entire crowd, his expression showed no sign of changing. He turned his head around and stared at Qin Nan with his eyes.

At that instant, Qin Nan’s eyes were filled with an endless iciness.

He had finally witnessed the shamelessness of these people. One hundred Force Accumulating Stones, and a chance to become the disciple of the Qinglong Sacred Area;these two combined together was not even close to the value of the Imperial Mortal Scriptures.

The envoy of the Qinglong Sacred Area was only trying to find an excuse. There was no difference compared to a robbery.

“Old Shan, you can accept the suggestion!” Qin Nan exhaled a few breaths and said in a calm tone, withholding the anger in his heart.

“Sure.” Outside of everyone’s expectations, Old Shan suddenly burst out laughing and said, “Since the envoy and everyone from the sect are supportive of it, I shall not doubt its validity. If Ouyang Jun were to defeat Qin Nan, I will give him the Imperial Mortal Scriptures!”

Hearing the words, the eyes of the envoy of the Qinglong Sacred Area and Ouyang Ba flickered vigorously.

They had planned the birthday feast as a disguise of a bizarre trap merely for the sake of the Imperial Mortal Scriptures. However, they had not expected Ouyang Jun to challenge Qin Nan to a duel, which he then accepted without hesitation. Therefore, it was easier for them to set up a bet to obtain the Imperial Mortal Scriptures.

With their understanding of Old Shan’s personality, he would definitely keep to his word. Hence, once Qin Nan lost the duel, they could easily obtain the Imperial Mortal Scriptures and save a lot of trouble for themselves. Even if Old Shan shamelessly denied the bet, it was perfectly justifiable for them to attack him by then.

As for the duel, they had no doubt that Qin Nan would lose.

“I’ll be in charge of the duel.”

At that instant, the Leader of the Hall of Life and Death said in a loud tone.

No one would have any objection if he were to be the judge of the duel. Everyone knew that the Leader of the Hall of Life and Death was extremely stubborn in following the rules. Even the Sect Leader’s words would be ignored if they were to disrupt the fairness of the duel.

“Qin Nan, bring it on. Show me the strength of the top-ranked outer disciple!”

Ouyang Jun uttered a crazy laugh. He did not care what his father and the envoy had in mind. His only thought now was to kill Qin Nan!

“As you wish!”

With a kick, Qin Nan landed in front of Ouyang Jun and immediately drew out his saber and lashed out with a slash.

“That’s more like it!”

Ouyang Jun uttered a roar as his flesh began to expand. His skin was covered in the color of copper, as endless hot steam was released from his pores toward the surroundings.


The slash landed onto Ouyang Jun’s body, resulting in a loud explosion. However, Ouyang Jun’s flesh was perfectly unharmed, who did not even alter his steps despite the powerful impact.

Even such a powerful blow could not harm Ouyang Jun!

“Qin Nan, don’t assume that you are the only one with outstanding flesh. I’ve been practicing this Atavistic Giant Body Technique since a young age!” Ouyang Jun let out an excited roar, “Come on, show me your full strength. I’ll let you attack me freely, and see if you are able to harm me…”

Before he could finish his sentence, a sudden roar took place.

“Shut the f**k up!”

The Suppression of the divine God of Battle was fired from Qin Nan’s left eye, which transformed into a huge mountain crushing downward above Ouyang Jun’s head.


A shriek of agony could be heard. Under everyone’s gaze, Ouyang Jun’s giant body was slammed right into the ground by the Suppression of the divine God of Battle!

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