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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 256


Chapter 256: Chapter 256 - The Weird Change of the Tide

Chapter 256 - The Weird Change of the Tide

The disciples and the crowd inside the Sect Leader’s Hall were stunned on the spot. Everything had happened too quickly, and they were unable to react in time.

Ouyang Jun gave Qin Nan a surprise attack?

Qin Nan’s Martial Emperor Core was severely damaged?

Ouyang Ba confronted Old Shan, Princess Miao Miao, and the Longhu Ancestor Beast by himself?

The envoy of the Qinglong Sacred Area interrupted, which side is he on?

What does all this mean?

Countless doubts appeared in the crowd’s thoughts.

At that instant, on the severely messed up White Jade Dojo, the Qinglong Sacred Area envoy landed and had the situation under control, nullifying the terrifying auras from before, restoring calmness of the place.


Qin Nan vomited a mouthful of blood. He was severely injured as his Martial Emperor Core had suffered serious damage from the attack.


Qin Nan forced the word from his throat, resulting in a hoarse voice. The trembling Martial Emperor Core which floated in mid-air, its surface filled with cracks, slowly moved toward Qin Nan and entered his body.


The Martial Emperor Core vibrated even more vigorously upon entering Qin Nan’s body, with a disordered aura, as if the different streams of will merged within it were on the verge of collapsing.

Any other ordinary Martial Emperor Core would have shattered into pieces upon receiving the attack from a half-Emperor Weapon like the Soaring Dragon Missile. However, Qin Nan’s Martial Emperor Core was quite different, it survived because of the aid from the aura of the eye of the divine God of Battle.

However, the final result was that of the aura of the left eye of the divine God of Battle being dissipated, causing the internal of the Core to start crumbling.

“......This ain’t good……”

Qin Nan’s face turned pale. If he could not come up with a way to recover, his Martial Emperor Core would completely break into pieces.

However, as he was about to move his body, a sense of incredible pain and weakness was felt from his body, hindering his movements.

“Is… my Core… definitely going to shatter into pieces?”

Qin Nan’s mind went blank.

At that instant, he could feel a faint pain coming from his left eye of the divine God of Battle, resulting in a drop of blood which somehow penetrated his flesh and landed on the Martial Emperor Core, before dissolving into it.

With a soft buzz, the damaged Martial Emperor Core surprisingly began to recover, as its previously disordered aura also stabilized.

Although it was yet to fully recover, it was saved from destruction.

“Left eye of the divine God of Battle, it seems like I owe you a favor once again…”

Qin Nan mumbled. Together with the recovery of the Martial Emperor Core, he began to regain his strength. Although his body still had suffered a severe injury, it was a lot better than its previous condition.

At the same time, the Qinglong Sacred Area envoy and Ouyang Ba were aware of the change in Qin Nan’s condition. Their eyes flickered with a hint of lust. Apart from the Imperial Mortal Scriptures, they would also need to retrieve whatever Qin Nan possessed.

As for Princess Miao Miao and her companions, they all let out a sigh of relief. Princess Miao Miao ignored the presence of the envoy of the Qinglong Sacred Area and flicked a purple-colored drop of blood toward Qin Nan and said, “Qin Nan, rest well.” After seeing the look in Qin Nan’s glistening eyes, she turned her head around and said, “Don’t you worry, leave the rest to us.”

Qin Nan was startled for a brief while, before consuming the purple drop of blood to aid the recovery of his injury.

Ouyang Jun, who was not far away, wore a dark expression upon seeing that Qin Nan had managed to stabilize his condition in such a short period of time. After paying such a huge price, he had still failed to give Qin Nan a devastating blow.

Outside of everyone’s expectations, before Princess Miao Miao and her crew could speak, the envoy of the Qinglong Sacred Area suddenly harrumphed and snapped with a ferocious tone, “Look at yourselves, you are all Martial Ancestor Realm experts, why are you making such a fuss over an insignificant sneak attack? Do you have any idea how many disciples here could survive if a battle were to break out between you all?”

At that instant the crowd was stunned. Even the people inside the Sect Leader’s Hall were stunned.

An insignificant sneak attack?

Ouyang Jun personally sneak attacked Qin Nan, which almost shattered Qin Nan’s Martial Emperor Core into pieces, and you call that an insignificant sneak attack?

Although Qin Nan appeared to have prevented his Martial Emperor Core from being destroyed, he would no longer have the help of the three geniuses when he attempted to have a breakthrough next time, not to mention having the pleasure of being spectated by the Sect Leaders, the Hall Leaders, the elders, and the disciples.

Without these, it would serve as a great hindrance to Qin Nan’s progress. If he were unfortunate enough, he might not be able to become a Martial Emperor in the next two years.

Hence, the crowd immediately came to a realization. The words spoken by the envoy of the Qinglong Sacred Area clearly indicated that he was trying to protect Ouyang Jun!

At that instant, Ouyang Ba took a step forward and brought his fists together at Princess Miao Miao and her crew, “What happened just then was my son’s fault, and my fault for not teaching him the right manners, resulting in such a severe injury to Qin Nan. I’m very sorry. Please give my son a chance to repent as a sign of respect to me.”

The speech pretty much covered what needed to be said, but his tone was not filled with any hint of apology.

Princess Miao Miao and her companions burst out laughing.

“Envoy of the Qinglong Sacred Area? Sect Leader of the Mystic Spirit Sect?” Princess Miao Miao’s eyes turned icy as she continued, “I don’t care if you are Martial Dominators or whatever the shit you are, if you don’t hand Ouyang Jun over, I swear I will destroy you all!”

“Smug, very smug indeed. Do you think I would be afraid to fight you? Bring it on!” The Longhu Ancestor Beast uttered a roar.

Old Shan wore a stern look on his face despite his calm behavior, an indication that he too had the intention to kill.

The previously calm atmosphere was once again intensified at that instant, and was even more terrifying than before.

Inside the Sect Leader’s Hall, Zhao Fang, Wei Tong, and Lin Xuan—the three Sect Leaders—were astonished. They clearly knew that despite the outcome, if the battle were to take place, they would have to clearly decide their stance based on the possible consequences.

Besides, they could sense that Ouyang Jun’s sneak attack was not as simple as it had seemed.

“Oh? It seems like you guys prefer to settle it with violence then?”

A smile appeared on the face of the Qinglong Sacred Area envoy, which turned stone cold as a terrifying aura was awakened within his body.

Ouyang Ba continued to wear a calm expression as he said in a calm tone, “I did apologize just then. If you three still insist so, I guess a battle cannot be avoided.”

“Very well!”

Princess Miao Miao let out a hysterical laugh, as an arcane glow was emitted from her eyes.

A grand battle was about to take place.

Beyond everyone’s expectations, a sudden shout was heard, “Wait, seniors, I would like to say something!”

The one speaking turned out to be Ouyang Jun.

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