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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 255


Chapter 255: Chapter 255 - Unveiling of the Evil Plot

Chapter 255 - Unveiling of the Evil Plot

Nobody could have expected such a shocking turn would occur to the scene.

The auras from the four Martial Ancestor Realm experts almost shattered the sky. Many of the disciples at the White Jade Dojo were impacted by the auras, and some were even sent flying while spurting blood from their mouths.

Ouyang Jun’s movement came to halt as his eyes were locked onto the terrifying auras, causing his eyes to be filled with a hint of terror.

He felt like an ant under the presence of these auras.


Ouyang Jun’s heart had completely turned insane, as his mind was filled with a single thought, urging him to kill Qin Nan. He then endured the terrifying pressure and dashed forward, lashing out a punch at the back of Qin Nan’s head.

The punch contained the might of the first-layer Martial Emperor Realm. Even Qin Nan’s flesh would be destroyed upon receiving the attack.


At that instant, Princess Miao Miao, Old Shan, and the Longhu Ancestor Beast arrived and nullified the attack with an incredible force!

“Soaring Dragon Missile!”

Ouyang Jun’s attack thoroughly dissipated, but he did not show any hint of disappointment. Instead, his expression was filled with madness as he fired a sharp object, dark blue in color, which had a scaly surface like a swordfish. The aura it emitted indicated that it was a half-Emperor Weapon.

As soon as the Soaring Dragon Missile appeared, it immediately enveloped Ouyang Jun’s figure and transformed into a blue ray of light, causing his figure to disappear from the spot, dodging the attacks from Princess Miao Miao and the others.


The expressions of Princess Miao Miao and her crew darkened as they swiftly turned around.

As they expected, a blue ray of light appeared together with Ouyang Jun’s figure above Qin Nan’s Martial Emperor Core.

“How venomous!”

Princess Miao Miao and her companions went enraged. Outside of their expectation, this Ouyang Jun’s target from the beginning was not Qin Nan, but Qin Nan’s Martial Emperor Core.

At that instant, the three Martial Ancestor Realm experts executed their attacks once again, causing the surrounding scenery to tremble strenuously.

“Have mercy, my friends!”

At that instant, Ouyang Ba’s voice could be heard, as his figure landed above, blocking in front of them. A blinding golden glow was emitted from his body, serving as a barrier against the attacks from the three Martial Ancestor Realm experts.


The eyes of Princess Miao Miao and her companions were engulfed in flames.

Isn’t this Ouyang Ba purposely blocking their attacks to create an opportunity for Ouyang Jun?

As they expected, Ouyang Jun approached the Martial Emperor Core and lashed out a lightning-fast punch toward it without hesitation.

“Qin Nan, watch out!” Princess Miao Miao and her crew let out a shout while emitting a shocking force toward Ouyang Ba.

However, Ouyang Ba’s strength was incredibly powerful. Although on the surface it seemed like his cultivation had only reached the peak of the Martial Ancestor Realm, his strength was extraordinary, which was equivalent to four peak Martial Ancestor Realm experts.

As a result, even Princess Miao Miao and her companions could not advance past him. They could only watch as Ouyang Jun executed his attack.


Qin Nan had long collected his thoughts at that instant. Upon seeing Ouyang Jun trying to destroy his Martial Emperor Core, he immediately uttered a roar, unleashing his maximum strength and lashed out with a slash.


Ouyang Jun’s expression slightly changed, his figure immediately dashed aside as if he had a pair of wings, dodging the slash.


Qin Nan understood that it was not wise to fight Ouyang Jun for the time being. With a thought, he swiftly dragged the Martial Emperor Core—which was on the verge of completing its merging process—back into his body.

“Hilarious! Qin Nan, your Martial Emperor Core will be destroyed today!”

While immersed in a murderous aura, Ouyang Jun had already prepared for this from the start, as the Soaring Dragon Missile suddenly shrunk and transformed into a ray of blue light striking at Qin Nan.

It seemed that not only could this Soaring Dragon Missile greatly boost one’s speed to escape from a hazardous situation, it could also be used as a surprise killing blow.


Qin Nan’s face turned pale as his figure sprang forward at the Soaring Dragon Missile, but his speed was mismatched against it.

Under the crowd’s attention, Qin Nan’s Martial Emperor Core which was encapsulated within an atavistic aura was directly struck by the blue ray of light!


A loud explosion took place, which felt like a huge mountain being shattered into pieces.

The Martial Emperor Core was suddenly filled with cracks as its glow turned incredibly dull. The previous imperious aura had vanished, as the Core was now on the verge of shattering.


A cry full of agony could be heard.

As the Martial Emperor Core suffered such terrifying damage, Qin Nan’s flesh could not avoid severe damage too. His meridians exploded as a consequence, splattering blood everywhere, causing his forceful aura to be diminished outright!

“Qin Nan!”

Princess Miao Miao’s expression stiffened, as a terrifying aura was emitted from her body, encapsulating the entire Mystic Spirit Sect.

At that instant, she could feel her heart being slightly stung, as an endless flame of anger was ignited deep within her body.

“Asshole, I’ll f**king kill you!”

The eyes of the Longhu Ancestor Beast reddened too. Although he was not fond of Qin Nan, he could not withhold his own anger after seeing Princess Miao Miao’s furious expression. He then uttered a blasting roar as his body transformed into one with a ferocious dragon head and an enormous tiger body, before launching an attack toward Ouyang Ba.

“Calm down you two…”

Ouyang Ba’s eyes were filled with a deep look, showing no sign of being effected. An endless golden glow continued to be emitted from his body, resulting in a deafening clash when facing the attacks of Princess Miao Miao and the Longhu Ancestor Beast.

“Ouyang Jun!”

Old Shan’s expression was dark like an abyss, as he stood in mid-air while glaring at Ouyang Jun, before he unleashed a terrifying aura toward him.


Ouyang Jun was about to use his Soaring Dragon Missile when he felt his hair standing on end and his scalp turning numb, as if his figure was being locked onto, causing his movements to be restricted, while staring at the approaching attack.

Although he showed no sign of intimidation facing the previous attacks of the Martial Ancestor Realm experts, now that Ouyang Ba was being suppressed, he himself was only a mere ant facing a Martial Ancestor!

“Father, save me!”

Ouyang Jun let out a shriek.

At that instant, a giant hand reached out from the Sect Leader’s Hall, which grabbed Old Shan’s aura as a thunderous voice was heard, “Enough!”

It was as if the voice was accompanied by a terrifying magic, which caused the surroundings to fall into dead silence.

Following this, the halls and the mountains more than ten miles away from the Sect Leader’s Hall exploded at the same time, firing countless shattered pieces into the sky.

A single shout capable of turning the world upside down.

The envoy of the Qinglong Sacred Area walked out from the Sect Leader’s Hall and snapped, “Stop it right there!”

Even the furious Princess Miao Miao, Longhu Ancestor Beast, and Old Shan shuddered violently and halted their attacks.

Ouyang Ba squinted his eyes, as a smile appeared on his face.

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