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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 254


Chapter 254: Chapter 254 - The Abominable Villain

Chapter 254 - The Abominable Villain

Even a super genius with a tenth-grade Huang ranked Martial Spirit could only trigger a tribulation with a fifty foot wide stormy cloud.

The crowd was dumbfounded enough when Qin Nan had managed to attract a two hundred foot stormy cloud, not to mention that it was now a thousand feet wide!

How significant were a thousand feet?

Even the core disciples with Xuan-ranked Martial Spirits could not achieve that—no one in the entire Luohe Kingdom was able to achieve that!

Although one’s Martial Spirit rank and level of cultivation did not necessarily determine the difficulty of the Tribulation, only those with the greatest potential would be able to trigger such a ridiculously wide storm cloud!

The difficulty of the Tribulation was a direct reflection of the person’s strength after leveling up to the next realm!

Since Qin Nan had triggered a one thousand foot stormy cloud, which was twenty times harder than ordinary Tribulation, it could be interpreted that as Qin Nan had reached the first-layer Martial Emperor Realm, he would be able to fight twenty first-layer Martial Emperor Realm super geniuses at the same time!

...Meanwhile, inside the Sect Leader’s Hall...

The Qinglong Sacred Area envoy and Ouyang Ba were gobsmacked. Even though they had met countless peerless geniuses in the past, it was utterly shocking to see Qin Nan triggering such a ridiculous Tribulation with his tenth-grade Huang ranked Martial Spirit!


They both inhaled sharply at the same time, before recovering from their astonishment.

“The fortunate encounter he came across was nothing ordinary!”

The same thought came up in their minds, causing them to exchange glances with one another while they discretely conversed. Following this, Ouyang Ba shuddered violently, before transmitting a message to the envoy with his thoughts, which resulted in a calm expression on the envoy’s face.

The astonished Sect Leaders and authorities had no idea of the interaction between the Qinglong Sacred Area envoy and Ouyang Ba. They all exclaimed after collecting their thoughts!

“This is too terrifying! Too terrifying!”

“This Qin Nan is extremely ridiculous!”

“I’m afraid only the Imperial Exterminator has experienced the same level of Tribulation before!”


Even Zhao Fang, Wei Tong, Old Shan, and Lin Xuan—who had remained silent since the very beginning—blurted out expressing their thoughts.

However, these Sect Leaders, Hall Leaders, and authorities who were quite experienced in life wore complicated expressions on their faces after calming their thoughts.

Everyone knew about the fact that Qin Nan had improved from the second-layer Xiantian Realm to the half-Martial Emperor Realm in just a month, solely with the aid of the fortunate encounter at the Longhu Mountain Range!

Judging from the scene they had just witnessed, how incredible was the fortunate encounter that Qin Nan discovered?

...At the same time, on the White Jade Dojo...

“What the f**k, Qin Nan, you are superb!”

The Longhu Ancestor Beast stared with his eyes open wide and his jaw dropped, as he instinctively swore, without realizing that he had dropped the cup in his hand, which shattered on the ground.

“Woohoo! A thousand foot stormy cloud!”

Princess Miao Miao exclaimed with her mouth open wide. Her current appearance was exceedingly adorable.

The first-ranked inner disciple, the second-ranked Ma Qian, and the other genius disciples were lost for words as they let out gibberish, “Leveling up to a Martial Emperor, astonishing the crowd with such an act, how would his name not be made known to the world…”

Qin Nan’s previous achievements had resulted in his name being made known to the top four sects.

However, with the presence of the envoy of the Qinglong Sacred Area, the Sect Leaders, the Hall Leaders, and the authorities, and the geniuses from the top four sects, in such a grand event, not only would Qin Nan’s achievement cause an uproar, it would also mark the birth of a legend!

What happened today would definitely be recorded in history which would be passed down for generations—an achievement to be celebrated by millions of people!

For a cultivator of the Martial World, possessing outstanding strength in order to protect his own dignity and controlling other people’s fate was not the sole purpose, but rather also to ensure the spread of his reputation. This was because of the limit of the Canglan Continent;even a Xuan-ranked Martial Spirit or Di-ranked Martial Spirit all had their own limits which were impossible to exceed.

When one had reached their maximum limit, as one’s lifespan was only around a thousand years, someone who was approaching death would no longer focus on battling against each other or going against the will of the Heavens, but rather on leaving an eternal legacy.

There existed an end to the life of a cultivator, but eternal fame would continue to be spread!

“Qin Nan!”

Cao Fan, Li Qingyu, and Yang Yiming had their eyes filled with utter excitement.

Previously, there did not exist friendship between the three and Qin Nan;it was only them respecting each other’s strength. However, with the three cooperating in the process of applying pressure to Qin Nan’s Martial Emperor Core, allowing him to breakthrough the barrier and achieve such a marvelous accomplishment, their hearts were filled with a strong sense of joy instead of jealousy.

This was because they had all played a part in helping with the birth of a peerless genius—their contribution was essential.

“Why...Why...Why…” Ouyang Jun wore a blank expression while witnessing the process.

How is he so powerful!?

How did he become the limelight of the crowd once again!?

Why him again instead of me?!

All of a sudden, following a thought, Ouyang Jun was immediately awakened, as his expression turned incredibly dark, filled with thick hint of jealousy, unwillingness, enmity, and struggle, causing his face to turn exceedingly twisted and hideous, and whose eyes were filled with a demon-like hatred in the end.

...Meanwhile, where the attention of the crowd was focused...

When the one thousand foot stormy cloud appeared, rolling thunder could be seen within the cloud, but it showed no sign of descending.

This was because a stream of dark grey atavistic aura encapsulated the Core as it gradually penetrated it, causing its power to grow stronger.

The will of the eye of the divine God of Battle was absolutely dominant, which could not be merged easily.

“Atavistic era, a hasty period… An endless stream of river… The cruelty of the Heavens and Earth, the savagery of the creations… The place where I belongs, was that particular battle…”

Qin Nan sat with his legs crossed, as his figure floated in mid-air due to some kind of arcane force, while he mumbled to himself.

In the crowd’s eyes, it seemed like Qin Nan’s figure was trying to merge with the Martial Emperor Core into one.

The Martial Emperor Core suddenly buzzed, as three final streams of the Atavistic Aura were fired, merging with the Martial Emperor Core.

The entire place fell silent, as a ray of brilliant light was emitted from the Martial Emperor Core, similar to the sunlight at daybreak!

Everyone halted their breathing.

The utterly outstanding Martial Emperor Core was about to finish merging!

However, at that instant, an unexpected occurrence took place!

“Qin Nan, die!”

A loud roar could be heard, as Ouyang Jun’s figure sprung toward Qin Nan with a tremendous murderous aura, lashing out with his strongest attack!

The scene took everyone by surprise, as they all had their attention focused on the rare phenomenon of the Martial Emperor Core.

“How dare you!!”

At the same instant, a shocking raging roar was heard, which belonged to Princess Miao Miao as she reacted and emitted an imperious aura while the strength of her cultivation exploded!

“Son of a bitch!”

“Don’t you dare!”


The Longhu Ancestor Beast, Old Shan, and Ouyang Ba became enraged, emitting terrifying auras.

The Sect Leader’s Hall began to shake vigorously as the four Martial Ancestor Realm experts turned furious. Even the White Jade Dojo began to crack into pieces as the sky turned incredibly gloomy.

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