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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 253


Chapter 253: Chapter 253 - Astounding the Crowd with the Change

Chapter 253 - Astounding the Crowd with the Change of the Core

“These young people are the real geniuses, to be willing to assist Qin Nan’s breakthrough despite their identities as opponents!”

“Yeah, it would be a pleasant story if what happened today was made known to the public!”

“Both Qin Nan and the other three geniuses will surely have remarkable futures!”


The Hall Leaders and the authorities thoughtfully expressed their opinions.

If they were the ones involved, it was most likely that they would not be willing to lend a hand to someone who was more talented, especially when he was having a breakthrough.

Zhao Fang’s expression turned unpleasant, but Wei Tong felt proud of what he was witnessing, Lin Xuan remained expressionless throughout the whole incident. Only Old Shan had worn a smile on his face since the start of the duel, as if he had predicted this from the very beginning.


The Martial Emperor Core continued to sink downward due to the pressure, as cracks were formed on its uneven surface. The cracks began to thoroughly spread across its surface, as if it was going to break into pieces at anytime soon.

“Damn it!”

Cao Fan, Li Qingyu, and Yang Yiming were startled.

Although their Martial Spirits could apply a huge pressure onto Qin Nan to assist his breakthrough, there existed a risk that the pressure would shatter his Martial Emperor Core into pieces.

If the Martial Emperor Core was shattered, Qin Nan’s cultivation would surely regress due to the severe injury, which would be impossible to recover from in ten years, turning a genius into a cripple.

The crowd of disciples had never seen such an intense situation, as they all held their breaths while focusing their attention on Qin Nan.

“Please break, please break, please break…” Ouyang Jun stared at Qin Nan while a grumbling voice could be heard coming from his heart.

Crack! Crack! Crack!

At that instant, the Martial Emperor Core shook violently while emitting a sound, as if it was going to explode.


Cao Fan, Li Qingyu, and Yang Yiming were startled after seeing this and immediately decided to withdraw their Martial Spirits without hesitation.

“Friends, there’s no need to withdraw your Martial Spirits. Please lend a hand!”

At that instant, Qin Nan said this, as he was aware of their decisions.


Cao Fan and the others hesitated slightly, but after seeing the firm look in Qin Nan’s eyes, they immediately clenched their teeth and dispelled the thought of withdrawing their Martial Spirits, allowing them to continue applying the pressure onto the Martial Emperor Core.

As the Martial Emperor Core was now on the verge of shattering, Qin Nan’s body reflected the same condition, as his breathing and his aura were weakened.

“Hold in there!”

“I must endure it!

“Can’t I survive such a measly Tribulation?”

“Can’t I endure the suppression from these three Martial Spirits?”

Qin Nan uttered a series of dull roars in his heart, as a sense of unyielding was emitted from his bones.

How can I give up so easily!

How can I give up like that!


It was as if the Martial Emperor Core which was on the verge of shattering was influenced by Qin Nan’s will, as it began to shudder vigorously. It was not the sign that the Core was shattering, but it was reflecting the struggle which the Core was experiencing due to the unyielding attitude.

In other words, the Martial Emperor Core was Qin Nan, and Qin Nan was the Martial Emperor Core. If Qin Nan did not give up, his Martial Emperor Core would not give up either!


At that instant, following the explosion, Qin Nan’s Martial Emperor Core suddenly shattered into pieces.

The crowd was utterly shocked.

However, before they could react, the shattered pieces of the Martial Emperor Core turned into countless light dots emitting seven different colors that danced in mid-air, and finally merged into one in a slow fashion. When all the light dots combined together, a brand new seven-colored Core was produced!

As soon as the seven-colored Core finished merging, a sudden aura was emitted, which knocked the three Martial Spirits backward.


The invisible force of the Heavens and Earth appeared to detect the change, as it immediately lashed out a forceful attack.

The seven-colored Core let out a buzz before emitting a brilliant glow, which sprang forward directly and collided with the force of the Heavens and Earth, thoroughly nullifying the attack.

“This is…”

Many of the disciples and the crowd inside the Sect Leader’s Hall were astonished.

Cao Fan and the others wore blank expressions.

A seven-colored Core?

Did Qin Nan’s Martial Emperor Core have a breakthrough and complete the merging process?


At that instant, a blasting laugh was heard, which turned out to belong to Qin Nan.

Qin Nan wore a pleasant and energetic expression as his hair danced wildly, as if he had just received a new life. When his Martial Emperor Core leveled up due to the pressure, his spiritual will was improved too.

“Force of the Heavens and Earth, be gone!”

Qin Nan uttered a yell, as he controlled the seven-colored Core to spring into the sky toward the cluster of stormy clouds.

This time, it was his turn to attack.

It was as if the cluster of stormy clouds turned furious also, as an even scarier force of the Heavens and Earth was accumulated, preparing to deal a killing blow.

At that instant, a rare phenomenon took place!

A sudden golden glow was emitted from Qin Nan’s left eye, which ignited the eye on fire, causing the eyeball to vibrate vigorously.

“This is…”

Qin Nan was slightly startled.

Since his left eye was merged with the left eye of the divine God of Battle, he was capable of observing anything, but he had no idea as to the reason behind the rare occurrence.


Following a piercing sound, Qin Nan’s left eye spurted an arcane light into the seven-colored Core. The seven-colored Core which had initially been fired into the sky came to a stop, as a terrifying suppression was then emitted from it.

The terrifying accumulated force of Heavens and Earth instantly dissipated on its own, as if it had just encountered something terrifying, not daring to trouble Qin Nan any further.

The consequences of taking the path of Atavistic Cultivation were easily overcome just like that.


Under the crowd’s attention, the seven-colored Core rose upward and floated in mid-air. From the Core, a chaotic ray of obscure light was fired, which was filled with an ancient aura.

“This is the aura of the divine God of Battle…”

Qin Nan was stunned on the spot, but soon awakened all of a sudden.

He had forgotten!

He had forgotten a very important fact!

When he was merging the Martial Emperor Core, he had combined his will, his Saber Intent, the will of the Blazing Sun Golden Armor Body Technique and the will of the Art of Heart-Calming and Demon-Expelling, but he had not merged the will of the left eye of the divine God of Battle!

Since the left eye of the divine God of Battle had merged with his body, how could its will be left out when merging with the Martial Emperor Core?

As a result, when the seven-colored Core finished merging and was about to face the Tribulation, the left eye of the divine God of Battle ran out of patience and took the initiative to fire a stream of aura into the Martial Emperor Core!”


The boiling wind in the surroundings grew stronger, as if it was transforming into a huge hurricane that would be sweeping across the White Jade Dojo.

The initial two hundred foot wide cluster of stormy clouds grew bigger all of a sudden as it spread across the sky. In just a blink of an eye, it had now grown to a width of one thousand feet—five times bigger than the previous size.

The cluster of stormy clouds with a width of one thousand feet was like a black curtain covering the entire place, resulting in endless shadows. The rumbling lightning was stronger too, which danced wildly inside the stormy cloud like thunderous dragons and snakes, emitting a series of shocking explosions.

The shocking rare phenomenon caused every disciple to be utterly astonished, their faces filled with disbelief.

The authorities inside the Sect Leader’s Hall were stunned at that instant.

“How is this possible…”

The envoy of the Qinglong Sacred Area and Ouyang Ba both wore shocked expressions, whose figures rose from their seats almost at the same time, their eyes now fully focused onto the scene!

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