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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 251


Chapter 251: Chapter 251 - An Upcoming Breakthrough

Chapter 251 - An Upcoming Breakthrough

“Outstanding, truly outstanding!”

“Not only is his strength powerful, his ability to seize opportunities in the midst of battle is truly terrifying.”


Inside the Sect Leader’s Hall, the group of Hall Leaders and authorities began to discuss among themselves. Not only had Qin Nan’s actions tricked his opponents, it had also tricked them as well.

Unknowingly, both Ouyang Ba and the envoy of the Qinglong Sacred Area had their eyes focused on the White Jade Dojo while they were enjoying their wine. Their gazes were similar to majestic emperors watching a brawl between ants.

...At the White Jade Dojo...

Cao Fan and Li Qingyu both wore shocked expressions. However, they were able to swiftly recover due to their extraordinary mindsets, as their gazes toward Qin Nan turned fiery.

This Qin Nan is a strong opponent indeed. The stronger he is, the stronger the flames of our pride and the lust for victory are!

“Qin Nan, you are very strong. Within the same realm, you are almost the strongest opponent I’ve ever faced!” Cao Fan blurted out, “Which is why I’ll be joining forces with Li Qingyu today, to defeat you with our strongest attack!”

Li Qingyu nodded her head with a stern expression.

At this stage, the two had no choice but to face Qin Nan together.

Based on the situation before, it was obvious that they would be mismatched against Qin Nan if they were to fight him one-on-one. Therefore, the solution now was to work with each other, and see if Qin Nan would end up defeating the three of them, or if the two of them were enough to suppress Qin Nan!

“Bring it on!”

Qin Nan’s eyes emitted a surging golden glow while his hair danced wildly, giving him a ferocious appearance.

The battling blood inside his body had been boiling since long ago!

“Demonic Flame Martial Spirit!”

Cao Fan uttered a roar as ten golden rays were emitted from his back, together with the rising of a demonic-looking flame. To everyone’s surprise, the surrounding temperature was lowered instead of rising, as if a chilling wind had swept past the scene.

“Heaven-Scorching Blazing Flame!”

The Demonic Flame Martial Spirit emitted a roar before crashing down on Qin Nan in a fierce manner.

The surrounding crowd was utterly astonished. Even standing a distance away, they could feel the tremendous force of the Demonic Flame Martial Spirit, as if their bodies were going to melt.

“Such a powerful Martial Spirit!”

Qin Nan’s face showed a hint of surprise. This Demonic Flame Martial Spirit was stronger than Wei Hao’s Martial Spirit. The main reason being that Cao Fan’s cultivation had reached the peak of the Martial Emperor Realm, hence he was more familiar with the capabilities of his Martial Spirit, allowing him to unleash its full potential!

“Cao Fan, your Demonic Flame Martial Spirit is truly fascinating, but it won’t be enough to entrap me!” Qin Nan uttered a dull roar, as his figure swiftly escaped from the attack of the Demonic Flame Martial Spirit and approached Cao Fan in an unorthodox fashion.

“Qin Nan, don’t you ignore my presence!”

Li Qingyu’s attractive eyes were filled with a sharp look as golden rays were emitted behind her, together with a floating pink cloud.

“Descending Cloud Martial Spirit, with ninety-nine variations, descending ten thousand feet;Enormous Cloud Entrapping Cage!”

Following Li Qingyu’s shout, the pink-colored cloud Martial Spirit suddenly exploded, as countless cloud clusters sprang to surround Qin Nan. Surprisingly, a series of sonorous sounds were heard, as the cloud clusters turned firm as steel and merged together, forming a large cage enclosing Qin Nan within it, covering an area with a radius of thirty meters.


Following Li Qingyu’s yell, the cloud cage covering an area with a radius of thirty meters began to shrink in Qin Nan’s direction at a rapid speed.

“Trying to trap me?”

Qin Nan’s eyes were filled with a rumbling Battle Intent, as his figure sprang forward while he lashed out a punch!


After an explosion, Qin Nan’s expression instantly changed. It felt like his fist had landed on the surface of a sturdy mountain, which had had no effect on it. In comparison, the reflective force from his punch penetrated his body and disrupted his Qi.

“Let me see how firm you are!”

The Battle Intent in Qin Nan’s eyes grew stronger, as his figure lashed out continuous punches like a rain of fists!


A succession of shocking explosions took place, causing the cloud cage to tremble vigorously, but it showed no signs of being destroyed while it continued to shrink toward Qin Nan’s location. As for Qin Nan’s body, after receiving one reflective impact after another, his breathing had turned incredibly disordered.


Qin Nan leapt backward while drawing out an ancient saber from the sheath on his back, emitting a terrifying Saber Intent. At that instant, the Demonic Flame Martial Spirit floated right above Qin Nan and spat a sea of flames that poured down on Qin Nan’s head.


Qin Nan’s face turned pale as he immediately executed the Blazing Sun Golden Armor Body Technique, encapsulating his body with blazing flames.

The next moment, Qin Nan’s figure was thoroughly devoured by the rolling demonic flames.


Within the demonic flames, Qin Nan was thoroughly ignited with fire, causing his temperature to swiftly rise and his skin to redden. If it were not for the Blazing Sun Golden Armor Body Technique, he would have been severely injured by the flames.

The surrounding disciples could feel their hearts racing watching this. If they were the one battling, it was impossible for them to survive the attack of either of the two Martial Spirits.

However, they were now confident that Qin Nan would lose judging from the situation of the battle.

Meanwhile, the crowd inside the Sect Leader’s Hall had their attention fully focused onto the battle.

Even Zhao Fang did not utter mocking comments.

This was because… Qin Nan was yet to unleash his Martial Spirit!

Before the capabilities of Qin Nan’s Martial Spirit were revealed, it was still too soon to determine the outcome of the battle!

...In the meantime, in the White Jade Dojo...

“Qin Nan, are you still unwilling to unleash your Martial Spirit? If you don’t do it sometime soon, you will be burnt to death alive!” Cao Fan shouted.

Li Qingyu frowned her eyebrows.

Even at this stage, Qin Nan still doesn’t want to unleash his Martial Spirit?

Inside the cloud cage, surrounded by a sea of demonic flames, Qin Nan could only feel an endless heat, causing his skin to feel boiling hot, resulting in a sharp pain as his veins began to pop out on his forehead.

Should I unleash my Martial Spirit now?

Qin Nan’s eyes turned cold. There was no need for him to unleash his Martial Spirit. He could easily break the cage with his Heavenly Accumulating Strike.

However, the battle would be meaningless!

“No, I’ve yet to reach my limit!”

“Now is not the time to use my trump card, I can still fight!”

“How should I break out from the cage? How should I resist the sea of flames? There must be a way, there must be a way…”

Qin Nan quickly analyzed the situation.

In the midst of such an intensely pressuring situation, his entire body turned incredibly excited. He liked the feeling when he was approaching his own limits under exceeding pressure, because in return it would become the best feeling if he ended up defeating his opponents under such circumstances!

His brain felt like a string being stretched taut, approaching its maximum limit.

At that instant, the demonic flames grew stronger, causing Qin Nan’s skin to start cracking, as his strong flesh was gradually incinerated!

Just a while longer, I can still resist it!

Just a while longer, I can still resist it!

It was as if Qin Nan could hear a deep roar coming from his heart. He could smell the scent of death, which grew stronger as time passed. However, the voice was telling him to just resist a while longer, that he was yet to reach his limit!

The looks in the eyes of the surrounding crowd changed.

In the Sect Leader’s Hall, the looks in the eyes of the Sect Leaders, the Hall Leaders and the elders changed too. Even Ouyang Ba and the envoy of the Qinglong Sacred Area frowned slightly after seeing this.

“This ain’t good!”

Cao Fan and Li Qingyu were both dumbfounded.

They could feel Qin Nan’s flesh to be on the verge of collapsing, as if it was going to be incinerated by the demonic flames.


The face of the Leader of the Hall of Life and Death turned pale as he raised his palm, preparing himself to rescue Qin Nan!

However, at that particular moment!

The roar inside Qin Nan’s heart grew louder as he was surrounded by the sea of demonic flames. The surging heat from the surroundings and the sign that his flesh was being incinerated, caused the sense of death in his heart to grow incredibly stronger.

Just a while longer, I can still resist it!

Just a while longer, I can still resist it!


All of a sudden, the moment when Qin Nan’s flesh collapsed, the moment when Qin Nan was about to unleash his Martial Spirit, the Core inside his body began to tremble violently while emitting a blinding light, as if it was going to free itself from the shell, causing the force of the Heavens and Earth to turn unstable.

At that instant, the Martial Emperor Core had triggered the tribulation of the Martial Emperor Realm!

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