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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 250


Chapter 250

Chapter 250 - Suppressing the Geniuses

“Great timing!”

As was expected, Cao Fan, Yang Yiming, and Li Qingyu all let out roars, with their eyes filled with excitement.

They initially thought that Qin Nan was extremely smug, but they had not expected his strength to be so outstanding, capable of fighting the three of them at the same time.

“Tiger Devastating Punch!”

“Line Ensnaring Slash!”

“Soul Reap!”

The three geniuses executed their abilities, nullifying the power of the punches.

Despite that, Qin Nan’s Eyes of the divine Battle Spirit were extremely sharp;together with the aid of his divine Sense, he was able to fully analyze the situation of the battle. Hence, with his obscure movements and his capability of taking hold of the best timing, he was able to fully utilize the maximum strength of his flesh while lashing out attacks!


Following this, the three geniuses were constantly being knocked back by Qin Nan’s attacks.

“Demonic Flame Finger!”

While being suppressed, Mo Fan suddenly uttered a roar, as his figure leapt into the air. A ball of flame could be seen engulfing the tip of his finger, as he accumulated a terrifying blow and fired it at his target.

It was as if Qin Nan had predicted the attack from the start, whose figure dodged the attack with ease.

The other two geniuses both wore stern looks and fired their attacks at Qin Nan, but the outcome was the same.

“This ain’t good, it seems like this guy is able to see through our abilities!”

Cao Fan exclaimed in his heart as he glanced toward the other two geniuses.

Yang Yiming and Li Qingyu both wore stern looks on their faces, indicating that they both were aware of Qin Nan’s strange reaction.

“You two back off, let me deal with him!”

Yang Yiming uttered a roar. With a clunking sound, he drew out the ancient sword from his back and lashed out with a terrifying slash.

“Heavenly Sword Intent!”

A shocking Sword Intent was emitted from the ancient saber, which poured down from the sky like a thunderstorm, encapsulating an area with a radius of fifty meters, which prevented Qin Nan from escaping.

Cao Fan and Li Qingyu were both aware of it, as they both stayed out of the area of effect of the raining attacks.


Qin Nan’s movements came to a halt, as he flung his ancient saber, nullifying the attacks from the rain of Sword Intent.

At that instant, although Cao Fan and Li Qingyu did not possess the Eyes of the divine Battle Spirit, as the first ranked inner disciple of their sects, they were incredibly familiar with utilizing opportunities. Hence, they immediately lashed out their attacks during the gap when Qin Nan flung his saber.

“Heavenly Sword Intent!”

Upon seeing that Qin Nan was about to make his move as his left eye emitted a golden glow, Yang Yiming immediately executed his attacks, causing a rain of Sword Intent to pour down from above, entrapping Qin Nan’s figure within it.

The surrounding disciples were utterly stunned. Even though they were spectating from the side, the change of pace of the battle was enough to cause a great shock to their minds.

...Meanwhile, inside the Sect Leader’s Hall...

Zhao Fang burst out laughing after seeing the situation of the battle, “Oh no, no matter how observant Qin Nan is of the situation of the battle, there is no way he could escape from this entrapment.”

The other Hall Leaders did not dare to express their comments.


Old Shan let out a chuckle, without saying anything.

At that instant, not only did Zhao Fang’s expression turn unpleasant, Wei Tong too wore an irritated expression.

It was already remarkable for Qin Nan to survive until this stage facing three geniuses. Does that Old Shan really think Qin Nan is going to win the battle?

As for Ouyang Ba and the envoy of the Qinglong Sacred Area, they both remained indifferent toward the battle.

...The White Jade Dojo, inside the circle...

Qin Nan’s hair danced wildly, as his nerves tightened extremely. Although the Eyes of the divine Battle Spirit were able to discover the weak points of the attacks, there was no chance he could dodge them with his current speed.

“I can’t dodge them, and I can’t afford to receive any of the attacks”.

“If I were to take a risk with my movements, I’m afraid I’ll have to suffer one of the attacks, but even my current flesh could not survive any of the attacks!”

“There’s no escape, there’s no escape this time…”

In the nick of time, Qin Nan’s brain experienced an incredible pressure as it thoroughly calculated and deducted every single possibility. Suddenly, a flicker occurred in his mind.

“Suppression of the divine God of Battle!”

A golden glow was emitted from Qin Nan’s left eye. Under his control, the suppression immediately spread within fifty meters from where he was standing.


It was as if the time had stopped. The pouring rain of Sword Intent and the other two killing blows were suppressed, which halted for a breath’s time.

At that instant, Qin Nan uttered a roar and with a kick, his figure launched forward like a tyrannosaurus, holding the ancient saber Superbia in his hand as he gathered all of his might, slashing at the two attacks from Cao Fan and Li Qingyu.


An explosion was heard. The two attacks were shattered by Qin Nan with brute force. However, the repelled force ended up knocking Qin Nan over ten steps backward.

At that moment, the rain of Sword Intent began to pour down onto Qin Nan’s figure.

“Blazing Sun Golden Armor Body Technique!”

Qin Nan uttered a loud cry, as the burning flames in his body grew stronger, enduring the rain of Sword Intent.


A terrifying clash could be heard as Qin Nan uttered a dull moan. Even his flesh suffered a severe injury due to the series of attacks from the rain of Sword Intent, leaving a trail of blood beside his lips.

Cao Fan, Li Qingyu, and Yang Yiming were startled upon seeing this.

What is going on?

Qin Nan first shattered the two attacks, but endured the rain of Sword Intent with his flesh. What’s the point of that? Was he trying to kill himself?

Isn’t it better to dodge the two attacks and focus his attacks onto the rain of Sword Intent. He might even save some energy that way.

In the Sect Leader’s Hall, Zhao Fang could not help but burst out laughing after seeing this, “HAHAHA, Old Shan, did you see that? I told you that there is no way he could dodge the attacks, no matter how hard he tried…”

The Hall Leaders and the elders instinctively nodded their heads, as their eyes were filled a pitiful look.

If Qin Nan were to battle against a single opponent, he might still stand a chance. There was no way of knowing who would win in the end.

However, they did not expect this Qin Nan to be so smug, to challenge three geniuses at the same time!

Despite that, Zhao Fang’s words came to a stop in the next moment. The Hall Leaders and the others wore stunned looks too.

They could only see Qin Nan suddenly make a move. His figure turned into a ball of flames that arrived before Yang Yiming in just a breath’s time.

Cao Fan and Li Qingyu collected their thoughts, their faces turned pale.

They had misjudged the situation. In their eyes, it was ridiculous that Qin Nan had endured the rain of Sword Intent after shattering the other two attacks. However, it seemed like Qin Nan had done it on purpose, to leave the crowd in awe. He would then make use of this slight opportunity to lash out his killing blow at Yang Yiming!

If Yang Yiming were to be defeated, both Cao Fan and Li Qingyu would not have any attacks with a huge area of effect to suppress Qin Nan’s movements.

“Such a terrifying thought process, willing to endure the damage just to take us by surprise!”

Cao Fan and Li Qingyu both took deep breaths.

Although a slight hesitation seemed to be insignificant, it was extremely important in a battle between experts.

A breath or a blink of an eye was enough to change the tide of the battle!

“Shit! Heavenly Sword Martial Spirit!”

Yang Yiming’s face turned incredibly pale as he saw Qin Nan appearing before him. There was no way he could dodge the attack. He instantly uttered a roar as ten golden rays appeared behind him;an Ancient Sword Martial Spirit slowly rose from the ground.

This was his Martial Spirit, the Heavenly Sword!

As the Heavenly Sword appeared, it immediately fired a vast amount of sword contours, which combined into a sword dragon flying toward Qin Nan.

“Piss off!”

Qin Nan uttered a roar. The accumulated suppression in his left eye was fired, striking the sword dragon, causing it to shudder violently and halt in its tracks. During the gap, Qin Nan quickly dodged the sword dragon and went up to Yang Yiming, lashing out a powerful punch before he could react!


A loud explosion took place, as Yang Yiming’s figure was knocked ten steps backward by a huge force, before coming to a stop.

With the ten steps, his right foot exactly stepped outside of the circle.

The Leader of the Hall of Life and Death declared with an expressionless face, “Yang Yiming is defeated!"

Yang Yiming wore a blank expression on his face.

He did not expect it to turn out this way.

Following this, he collected his thoughts and took a deep breath, before bringing his fists together at Qin Nan. The punch from Qin Nan was so precisely calculated that its force was just enough to knock him out of the circle instead of severely injuring him.

Even though he was yet to expose his trump card, hence he was not truly defeated, it was a fact that he was eliminated from the battle according to the rules!


A series of gasps could be heard, as the crowd stared with their eyes open wide, jaws dropped.


Yang Yiming was defeated?

Even with the three geniuses cooperating, he was still defeated?

“Damn it…” Ouyang Jun standing among the crowd spoke with an unpleasant expression.

Inside the Sect Leader’s Hall, Zhao Fang wore a stiffened expression. He had not expected the tide of the battle to be reversed just like that.

The Hall Leaders all stared with their eyes open wide.

Wasn’t the strength of this Qin Nan a bit too ridiculous?

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