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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 25


Chapter 25 - Dare to Fight Me?

Everyone at the scene had their eyes wide open with shocked expressions on their faces. The words of Qin Nan struck their brains like a bolt of lightning from the highest of heavens, causing their brains to buzz from the shock.

Qin Nan's action was outside of everyone's expectation;it was much crueler than Fang Rulong. With just a slash, he ended the life of the second genius of the Fang Clan.

Not only did he do it, he even said that he would kill every disciple of the Fang Clan who he would be dueling with!

How cocky was that? How ruthless was that?

The truth was, his action not only served as a vengeance directed at the Fang Clan, but was also a challenge to Elder Bai Heng's dignity a disrespectful challenge.

Who exactly was Elder Bai Heng?

Someone from the Mystic Spirit Sect.

Even though no one knew just how powerful Elder Bai Heng was in the Mystic Spirit Sect, even disciples of the Mystic Spirit Sect who were only in charge of miscellaneous affairs were highly respected in the Luo River Kingdom. Small clans like the Fang Clan and the Qin Clan were incomparable to them.

Now, Qin Nan was going against a person like Elder Bai Heng in front of everyone!

’’Qin Nan, you...’’ Both father and son Fang Li and Fang Rulong had shocked and furious expressions on their faces. Their fingers were pointed at Qin Nan, but they didn't know what to say.

In that instant, both father and son were unable to find any words to describe what they just witnessed.

In addition to Fang Li and Fang Rulong, everyone from the Qin Clan excluding Qin Tian and Tie San;who were just stunned had expressions of rage on their faces.

Qin Nan is crazy, he dared to kill Bai Yu, and challenge Elder Bai Heng!

Wouldn't his actions bring destruction to the whole Qin Clan, wouldn't he be dragging everyone to death with him?

Qin Changkong's face was especially twisted with anger. He initially thought that Qin Nan had apologized after understanding the situation. However, his actions could only be described as an outlaw's.

Qin Changkong didn't care about Qin Nan's life, but why would Qin Nan drag him to death too?

The whole Qin Clan would not be able to withstand the anger of Elder Bai Heng!

Above the high platform, Elder Xiao Qingxue was stunned for a while, but recovered shortly after, with a trace of a smile to be seen in her beautiful eyes, which went undetected.

Elder Bai Heng also realized what had happened, but his expression was completely different than Elder Xiao Qingxue's his face was filled with fury.

Even though his position in the Mystic Spirit Sect was not superior, he was still an outer disciple. Despite that, a first-grade Huang rank Martial Spirit trash who was merely a young master from one of the clans of the small Linshui City, in Luo River Kingdom was brave enough to oppose him and challenge his dignity!

In Elder Bai Heng's opinion, it was a total slap in the face.

Suddenly, Elder Bai Heng rose in a quick motion and released a burst of aura from his peak level of the Xiantian Realm, and dominated the place like an emperor releasing his anger.

Everyone was trembling under the terrifying aura. Even Fang Li and Qin Tian who had both reached Xiantian Realm did not stand a chance against it, as their hearts were filled with terror.

However, the most terrified ones were those of the Qin Clan.

It was as if they could smell the scent of death. What were the chances for them to stay alive when Elder Bai Heng released his anger onto them?

Apart from the terror in their hearts, the disciples, deacons, and elders of Qin Clan were also dominated by their hatred toward Qin Nan.

If Qin Nan wasn't here, why would Elder Bai Heng be angry?

If Qin Nan wasn't here, why would us of the Qin Clan be faced with utter disaster?

Hatred. Hatred down through even their bone marrow. Hatred deep within their souls.

At that moment, Elder Bai Heng wore a terrifying expression. He did not execute any attack, but gave Qin Nan a deadly stare. His Xiantian Realm Peak's aura was released toward Qin Nan, squashing him without mercy.

At last, Elder Bai Heng spoke. His tone was calm, but behind that calm tone, a frightening bloodlust was exposed, ’’Qin Nan, do you know what you have just done?’’

On stage where everyone's focus was, even though Qin Nan's heart was racing;even though his blood was freezing and he almost fainted due to the suffocation from the terrifying pressure of the aura, his expression still remained the same as if he was not affected at all.

’’I do know.’’ Qin Nan said calmly, seemingly not noticing Elder Bai Heng's anger, and said, ’’I've only killed a piece of trash. Just like what Young Master Fang Rulong was saying, 'trash is not allowed to exist on this world.' However, Fang Rulong had only crippled his opponent, which I thought was nowhere enough. Hence, I've decided to kill this trash without hesitation.’’

Qin Nan appeared to be fearless, as he continued, ’’Furthermore, Elder Bai Heng, there were no rules for these duels between disciples no matter of life or death. It wasn't against the law when I killed Fang Yu, right? Why is Elder Bai Heng so angry?’’

After he said this, everyone was shocked once again.

The Recruiting Ceremony indeed does not have any rules for the duels. However, isn't Elder Bai Heng's words more important than the rules?

Plus, this Qin Nan even threw a question back at Elder Bai Heng asking, ’’Why is Elder Bai Heng so angry?’’

You, Qin Nan, dared to oppose Elder Bai Heng's words, why wouldn't he be angry?

This Qin Nan is crazy he has completely lost his mind!

’’Wonderful, wonderful indeed. This is the first time I, Bai Heng, have experienced a Body Tempering Trash a first-grade Huang ranked trash directly opposing me!’’ Bai Heng was so mad that he started laughing, and released a ferocious aura, ’’I'm telling you now that my words are the rules. If you dare to oppose me, I'll kill you. Not only you, but the whole Qin Clan will accompany you to hell!’’

In that instant, Elder Bai Heng's rage finally spilled over.

His whole body then appeared to be gathering Chi, which transformed into a giant hand possessing gigantic force that slapped hard in Qin Nan's direction.

’’Nan'er, be careful!’’ Qin Tian finally reacted to the situation as he let out a loud yell. His expression changed as he rushed forward without hesitation.

Even if he Qin Tian were to die today, he would not allow his son to be killed here.

Suddenly, in the nick of time, a cold voice spoke up, ’’Bai Heng, are you done messing around? Stop it now.’’

The one who spoke was Xiao Qingxue, who had remained silent until now.

Xiao Qingxue's words were like an invisible force which caused the raging Bai Heng to feel a sudden chill in his heart, causing him to stop his actions and relinquish his Chi.

’’Xiao... Senior Sister, what's this about?’’ Bai Heng was confused, with a troubled look on his face.

He was just trying to kill a trash to kill a waste. How come Xiao Qingxue had spoken up to stop him? Why was that?

Not only was Bai Heng confused, but everyone else was even more confused.

Firstly, they did not expect Elder Bai Heng to call the beautiful lady his Senior Sister. Secondly, why was Elder Xiao stopping Bai Heng?

’’Bai Heng, what he said was right.’’ Xiao Qinxue said calmly, ’’It was a duel;their background was not a factor. Do you really think that being a disciple of the Mystic Spirit Sect gives you the right to bully others? So what if he killed someone that just means his opponent was too weak. That's all, now stay here and watch the duels, and don't make any noise.’’

As Xiao Qingxue finished her sentence, a sense of coldness appeared within her beautiful eyes.

Bai Heng's heart trembled, and an undetectable fear appeared in his eyes, and his forehead was covered with cold sweat.

Although he did not understand why Xiao Qingxue interfered and even scolded him Elder Bai Heng did know that as Xiao Qingxue had already said not to, so he could never kill the trash.

With this thought, Bai Heng's heart was filled with flames of anger. If it wasn't because of Qin Nan, the trash, why would he have made Xiao Qingxue unhappy?

Everyone had a stunned expression on their faces... Qin Nan was unharmed?

Without a doubt, this caused them to feel incredulous.

Why did Qin Nan remain untouched after making Elder Bai Heng angry?

Wasn't the expected outcome that Qin Nan would be killed, with all the Qin Clan being eliminated after? How come the reality was completely different?

At that moment, everyone collected their thoughts and redirected their focus to Xiao Qinxue, who was behind Bai Heng.

The initially furious Elder Bai Heng had no choice but to obey the order from this beautiful Elder Xiao... This indicated that the beautiful Elder Xiao's position and power were much more terrifying than Elder Bai Heng's.

On seeing this, Qin Nan's racing heart felt relieved;his brain still felt a bit heavy.

When he was facing Bai Heng's aura and his powerful attack, Qin Nan consumed a lot of energy just to maintain his unaffected appearance. If he did not have the eighth-grade Huang ranked divine Battle Spirit along with his cultivation base he would have fainted straightaway.

It was obvious how terrifying and powerful one was after reaching the peak of the Xiantian Realm.

However, Qin Nan did not regret his actions, even though he was not close with Qin Li. Maybe Qin Li had even secretly mocked him, but Qin Nan would not remain silent.

Why was the Fang Clan allowed to seriously injure the disciples of the Qin Clan? Yet the Qin Clan was not allowed to return the favor?

Why was it that with just a sentence from Elder Bai Heng, the Qin Clan was not allowed to pay them back, but instead they needed to carefully obey his words?

From the series of things that happened, Qin Nan clearly understood that the Fang Clan and Bai Heng were on the same side. It seemed like this Disciples Recruitment Ceremony was the Fang Clan's evil plan to eliminate the Qin Clan, with the help from Bai Heng. In return, Bai Heng must be obtaining some benefits from the Fang Clan thus, he agreed to destroy the Qin Clan.

If that was the case, then Qin Nan would not remain idle.

It's true that you are strong, Elder Bai Heng, plus you're a disciple of the Mystic Spirit Sect, and your cultivation has reached the peak of the Xiantian Realm, giving you a respectful identity.

However, this was insignificant in Qin Nan's eyes. He possessed the divine Battle Spirit, which was his ultimate trump card and support. His future was limitless. As a whole, there was no way that Bai Heng could be comparable to him.

The only thing that troubled Qin Nan was Xiao Qinxue's attitude.

Even though Qin Nan had his final card, Xiao Qinxue's interruption did save Qin Nan a lot of trouble.

This made Qin Nan quite interested in the mysterious, powerful, and beautiful lady. From the way she behaved, it seemed like she was not on the same side as Bai Heng, and she was reasonable too.

The atmosphere at the scene had now turned strange.

Elder Bai Heng was sitting at the front with a terrible face, and remained silent. Xiao Qinxue who was behind him was quiet too.

The people of the two clans had their gazes on Qin Nan. Their eyes were filled with complicated emotions such as hatred, shock, and even jealousy.

Suddenly, it seemed like something came up in Xiao Qinxue's mind, who said, ’’Resume the duels, so we can move faster into the second round.’’

Translator: XephiZ

Editor: Allenwa


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