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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 249


Chapter 249

Chapter 249 - A Fair Battle

The crowd’s eyes immediately glistened after hearing Cao Fan’s words.

“My name is Yang Yiming.” The other young man that was carrying an ancient sword with a slightly cold expression said, “Just as Cao Fan said, I agree to have a fair battle!”

“Since you two have said so, how could I be left out?” Li Qingyu of the Qing Nu Sect giggled, giving her an attractive appearance.

The words of these two geniuses caused the crowd to be astonished.

Even Qin Nan’s eyes flickered upon hearing the words. The attitude of these three geniuses caused his blood to start boiling.

Who was worthy to be called geniuses?

These people are the true definition of geniuses!

Due to their pride as a genius, even if it was extremely important, they insisted on having a fair battle under the crowd’s attention.

Instead of abusing their advantages, despite facing their enemies, they insisted on having a fair battle!


Qin Nan let out a laugh while unleashing his aura, “I shall give it my best today. I hope you three will be doing the same thing too!”

Cao Fan, Yang Yiming, and Li Qingyu frowned after hearing this.

What is Qin Nan implying?

Is he trying to challenge the three of them at the same time?

Following this, Qin Nan moved to the center of the circle as a golden glow was emitted from his left eye. The terrifying Suppression of the divine God of Battle was unleashed, covering a radius of one hundred meters, like a dragon exiting the ocean!

The three geniuses were startled, as their breathing intensified and their bodies turned extremely heavy, as if they were carrying huge boulders on their back.

They finally realized why Qin Nan had said those words.

“Such a powerful eye technique!”

The crowd was immersed in a shock.

The Sect Leaders and the others inside the Sect Leader’s Hall were surprised too.

“Great timing!”

Cao Fan uttered a roar as the temperature of his body began to rise rapidly. His limbs, his chest, etc. were engulfed in a strange flame, allowing him to resist the Suppression of the divine God of Battle.

“As expected of Qin Nan!”

Yang Yiming’s eyes flickered as the ancient sword on his back began to buzz. He then took three steps forward, each step carrying an incredible weight that shattered the ground. When he took the fourth step, a shocking Sword Intent was emitted from his body, expelling the suppression from his body.


Li Qingyu let out a giggle, as her figure was encapsulated within a cloudy mist. Even the Suppression of the divine God of Battle could not penetrate it.

“That’s more like it!”

After seeing this, Qin Nan could not help but exclaim. His heart began to beat rapidly, his blood began to boil, and the Battle Intent began to rise from his chest, as if it was going to explode at anytime soon.


Qin Nan uttered a roar, as three ancient sabers were fired into the air. He grabbed two of them and executed the Flying Saber Art, hurling the sabers toward Yang Yiming and Li Qingyu.

His figure continued to rise upward, before he grabbed the last ancient saber and slashed downward with a terrifying force!

Cao Fan, Yang Yiming, and Li Qingyu wore cold expressions upon seeing the approaching attacks.

They had agreed to have a fair battle, but Qin Nan dares to fight the three of them alone?

Isn’t this Qin Nan too full of himself?

The surrounding disciples were not surprised seeing this, as they had expected Qin Nan to react in such a way.

...Meanwhile, inside the Sect Leader’s Hall...

Many of the Hall Leaders and authorities frowned their eyebrows.

The envoy of the Qinglong Sacred Area continued to enjoy his wine without paying any attention to the duel. As for Ouyang Ba, after uttering his commands, he too enjoyed the food and wine with silence, showing no attention to the duel.

The duel between mere ants was not worthy enough for his attention.

“Hehe, this Qin Nan from your sect is indeed remarkable, challenging the other three geniuses by himself!” Zhao Fang said with a sneer.

Wei Tong wore an unpleasant expression, but he remained silent. As for Lin Xuan, her face was covered with a mask, thus no one was able to interpret her thoughts.

“Hehe.” Old Shan replied with a smile, whose expression remained the same, “Sect Leader Zhao Fang, why are you so impatient? Let’s continue watching the duel…”

Zhao Fang harrumphed coldly and turned silent.

The Hall Leaders and authorities did not dare to speak after hearing the confrontational words from both sides, as they fully focused on the duel.

...On the White Jade Dojo, inside the circle of the duel...

“Do you think such attacks are enough to defeat me?”

With a flick, Yang Yiming’s figure turned into a ray of light, dodging the incoming attacks with ease while he snapped, “Qin Nan, if you plan on challenging us three, you will need to reveal your true strength!”

After saying this, his figure appeared on top of Qin Nan’s head and lashed out a powerful slash downward at his target!

“Qin Nan, don’t blame us for attacking you, since you took the first step!”

Cao Fang and Li Qingyu said at the same time, as they sprang toward Qin Nan at a rapid speed while executing their powerful blows.

In just a blink of an eye, a deadly situation took place as terrifying attacks were approaching Qin Nan’s figure.

“HAHAHA! I’ve been waiting for this moment!”

Qin Nan burst out laughing as his left eye of the divine God of Battle fully observed the movements, the auras and all the details of his opponents. His divine Sense encapsulated the surroundings like a large web, allowing him to thoroughly analyze the entire situation.

Facing the attacks from the three geniuses, his figure instantly turned blurry and moved rapidly, dodging the attacks at extremely sharp angles with ease, like a cloud of smoke.


Cao Fan, Yang Yiming, and Li Qingyu all wore confused looks on their faces.

“Guys, I won’t be hiding my strength anymore!”

The Battle Intent on Qin Nan’s face grew stronger as he uttered a laugh. He immediately executed the Blazing Sun Golden Armor Body Technique, causing his body to turn into a blazing flame while the strength of his flesh was unleashed to its maximum potential.

Shoosh! Shoosh! Shoosh!


Qin Nan’s figure moved around like a ball of flames, appearing at different locations in a rapid manner. Each time his movement halted for a slight period, he lashed out a shocking punch.

Three punches, resulting in a terrifying gust of wind sweeping the entire White Jade Dojo.

The crowd of disciples was utterly astonished.

Such terrifying flesh!


Cao Fan was the first one to let out a shout, as his figure backed off immediately, but he then realized his movement was being locked onto by the aura of the punch, preventing him from escaping. He then uttered a roar, causing his joints to be engulfed in strange-looking flames, forming a burning shield!

“Dust Repudiating Orb!”

“Stasis Rune!”

Yang Yiming and Li Qingyu did not practice any defensive Martial Skills, hence they could only defend using their Mystical Weapons.


Three explosions were heard, as Cao Fan’s blazing flame shield was shattered into pieces. The Mystical Weapons of Yang Yiming and Li Qingyu shared the same outcome, and before the three could react, the gust from the punches landed onto their bodies, knocking them three steps backward!

“Let’s continue!”

Qin Nan did not give them any time to catch their breaths, as he lashed out another three punches with a flick.

He was not trying to be cruel, but it was his way of respecting his opponents, by attacking with his full strength without mercy!

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