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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 246


Chapter 246: Chapter 246 - The Birthday Feast

Chapter 246 - The Birthday Feast

“Has the feast started?”

Qin Nan was startled, who then executed his Eyes of the divine Battle Spirit and glanced toward the sect.

Following a loud explosion, a huge palace with a length of over six thousand feet and a width of four thousand feet slowly rose from the ground and floated in mid-air, forming a large shadow beneath it. Hundreds of mystical lights shone around the palace, resulting in a magnificent scene!

With just a glimpse, Qin Nan could see a human-figure Weapon Spirit deep within the palace, controlling over a hundred complicated formations.

“This is most likely the Sect Leader’s Hall, a Martial Emperor Weapon!” Qin Nan took a deep breath and continued to observe it.

As the Sect Leader’s Hall rose into the air, seven-colored light beams were suddenly emitted from the main entrance of the hall, which turned into a staircase with nine hundred and ninety-nine steps that slowly landed onto the White Jade Dojo.

The White Jade Dojo had already been modified, with each side filled with tables used for the feast. Each table was made of Atavistic Celestial Rocks, while the chairs were made of Millenium Redwood. On the tables, plates of delicacies had been prepared, including Dragon Emperor Bone Soup, Raging Emperor Beef, and more, along with jars of excellent wines. There were a total four hundred tables being set up.

Besides that, at the entrance leading to the White Jade Dojo, four hundred outer disciples wearing gowns lined up on each side of the path to welcome the guests.

“These four hundred tables are most likely for the disciples. Only those with respectable identities would be seated inside the Sect Leader’s Hall.” Qin Nan mumbled.

At that instant, a rapid shoosh could be heard from the sky, as a middle-aged man with a pair of sharp eyebrows standing on a sixty foot long sword—whose Sword Intent took the form of a huge dragon head—approached the White Jade Dojo.

As the middle-aged man arrived at the White Jade Dojo, with a stomp, the giant sword under him turned into a red glow, which shrunk ten times in size and launched itself into the air, before landing inside the sheath hanging on the man’s waist.

“I’m Zhao Fang, here with blessings for Sect Leader Ouyang Ba on behalf of the Flying Sword Sect!” The middle-aged uttered a yell which resounded through the sect

Following it, the people of the sect were startled, who all exclaimed in admiration.

The Leader of the Treasure Vault appeared from the Sect Leader’s Hall and said with a blasting laugh, “Sect Leader Zhao Fang, welcome to the Mystic Spirit Sect. Please make your way to the Sect Leader’s Hall to enjoy the soothing music and a few cups of excellent wine. Our Sect Leader will be here soon.”

Zhao Fang nodded his head without showing any expression, before entering the Sect Leader’s Hall.

“Martial Ancestor Realm expert…” Qin Nan’s eyes flickered. He was able to detect Zhao Fang’s cultivation to have reached the peak of the Martial Ancestor Realm with his Eyes of the divine Battle Spirit.

Meanwhile, the sound of footsteps was heard coming from the sky afar, causing cracks to appear in the air.

Following this, eight giant green bulls with four horns each, and a length of fifty feet, could be seen pulling a carriage emitting a green sparkle, giving it a magnificent appearance. A magical sound could be heard coming from the carriage.

“Are those the Four-Horned Emperor Bulls? Which Sect Leader is this, to have eight Emperor Beasts pulling his carriage…” Qin Nan took a deep breath.

The scene of eight Four-Horned Emperor Bulls pulling a carriage was a lot more shocking than Zhao Fang’s entry. Anyone would be intimidated feeling the aura from these eight Emperor Beasts.

“Lin Xuan, the Sect Leader of the Qing Nu Sect sends her blessings!” A pleasant female voice was heard, causing many people from the Mystic Spirit Sect to be astonished once again.

Qin Nan frowned his eyebrows slightly. Her voice sounded quite familiar, bearing similarities to Nangong Rou’s whom he had met on Autumn Mountain.

He did not overthink, but redirected his focus back to the feast.

Zhao Fang who was just about to enter the hall halted in his tracks, before he turned around and smilingly said, “I did not expect you would personally be here, what a surprise.”

“Why the surprise? There are too many people here. Let’s chat inside the hall.”

The previously gentle voice from the glowing carriage was replaced with a calm expressionless voice.

“There’s no rush for that. More of our old friends are arriving soon.” Zhao Fang let out a laugh, as his eyes were filled with layers of a sword’s shadow, glancing upward at the sky.

After less than twenty breaths’ time, the clouds from afar turned flaming red, as if they were ignited by flames.

A red-haired old man wearing dark red armor plates could be seen coming toward them, taking one step at a time. The armor plates on his body shuddered violently with each step, emitting a clanking sound, accompanied by some sort of magic, which felt like the cries of ferocious beasts.

This person was none other than the Sect Leader of the Disordered Flames Sect, Wei Tong!

As soon as Wei Tong arrived, he said with a grin on his face, “Tsk, tsk, how honored I am, to have two Sect Leaders welcoming me!”

“I guess you’ve been overthinking it.” The female voice from the carriage said. Following this, the eight Four-Horned Emperor Bulls advanced while uttering cries, entering the Sect Leader’s Hall.

“You old monster, you drove her away as soon as you arrived.” Zhao Fang shook his head and said, “You should improve your manners.”

“What now, the little brat seems to be annoyed.” Wei Tong rolled his eyes, no sign of the expected behavior of a Sect Leader.

Following this, the two burst out laughing before entering the Sect Leader’s Hall without wasting any further time.

Meanwhile, the Mystic Spirit Sect turned incredibly lively after the three Sect Leaders had arrived.

Inside Tianfeng Mountain, Qin Nan said with a frown, “Why is Ouyang Ba yet to show himself despite the fact that the three Sect Leaders are here already?”

As soon as he revealed his doubts, a rare occurrence took place above the Mystic Spirit Sect. Endless rays of golden light shone like a huge curtain, causing the place below to be covered in a golden radiance.

The Leader of the Treasure Vault yelled, “Let us welcome the Sect Leader, may the Sect Leader live a long life!”

After her lead, the Hall Leaders and the elders of the Mystic Spirit Sect all yelled, “Welcome, Sect Leader. May the Sect Leader live a long life!”

The sound of over ten thousand people shouting at the same time almost penetrated the Heavens.

Under everyone’s attention, the golden light in the sky was gradually withdrawn, as a middle-aged man appeared from it.

The middle-aged man possessed a fierce face and a pair of sharp eyes. His body was encapsulated within an imperious aura, giving him the appearance of an emperor, causing people to feel like submitting to him.

He was the Sect Leader of the Mystic Spirit Sect, Ouyang Ba!

“I shall take a look at this Ouyang Ba’s cultivation!”

Qin Nan inside Tianfeng Mountain executed his Eyes of the divine Battle Spirit and glanced at Ouyang Ba.

At that instant, Qin Nan could only see a vast golden glow blinding his vision. Following this, a mysterious force was emitted from Ouyang Ba’s body, as if some kind of equipment was preventing Qin Nan from peeking at his cultivation.

“Hmm?” Ouyang Ba floating in mid-air became aware of something, who glanced toward Tianfeng Mountain.

Following this, Qin Nan could sense a grave danger approaching him, causing his hair to stand on end, as his body began to shiver.

The huge Qi Dragon coiling around Qin Nan was awakened too, which uttered a dull cry and spat out an atavistic beam of light that enclosed his body.

The terrifying sense of death was then erased from Qin Nan’s body.

“Holy crap... That was close…” Qin Nan’s forehead was flooded with sweat. He could feel a sense of fatigue from his body. If it weren’t for the help of the Qi Dragon, Ouyang Ba would definitely be aware of my presence.

“Senior, thanks a lot!” Qin Nan panted, trying to catch his breath. Not only did the Qi Dragon allow him to absorb a great amount of Qi, it also saved his life.

“Don’…” The Qi Dragon appeared to be extremely weak, and fell into a deep sleep after saying the sentence.

Qin Nan was slightly stunned.

Be careful of Ouyang Ba?

Why should I be careful of Ouyang Ba?

And what exactly was the golden blinding light?

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Editor: DOCuinn


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