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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 245


Chapter 245: Chapter 245 - Merging Half of the Core

Chapter 245 - Merging Half of the Core


A terrifying roar exploded inside the mountain, as the freshly awakened enormous Qi Dragon discovered a miniscule human on his body who had been absorbing the Qi inside its body.

“Oh no!”

Qin Nan’s face turned incredibly pale.

“ Are you trying… to get… yourself killed…” The Qi Dragon glared with his pair of large eyes, its voice blasting like thunder. The Qi inside the mountain began to turn exceedingly unstable, like the pre-expulsion of a volcano, which felt like it was going to explode anytime soon.

“Senior, I’ll need your aid to cultivate for ten days!” Qin Nan collected his thoughts and said, “In ten days’ time, during the Sect Leader’s birthday, the representative from the Qinglong Sacred Area will be here, thus I need to improve my cultivation!”


The Qi Dragon let out another roar, as an invisible force began to accumulate from its surroundings, hinting at a terrifying killing blow.


Qin Nan’s expression stiffened. He could feel his body being locked onto by a powerful force, hindering his movements.

In the nick of time, the divine Battle Spirit behind him slightly lowered its head, as an ancient glow was emitted from its left eye, staring straight at the Qi Dragon.


The Qi Dragon cried in agony, as the killing blow it had accumulated dissipated straight away. Its pair of dragon eyes were filled with utter terror.

“divine Battle Spirit?” Qin Nan was startled. He had not expected his Martial Spirit to directly astonish the Qi Dragon at such a crucial timing.

“Human… What… What on earth… your Martial Spirit…” The Qi Dragon crawled on the ground with its body trembling, a total contrast to its previous murderous appearance.

“Senior, pardon me as I can’t tell you.” Qin Nan settled down his emotions and brought his fists together, “Senior, please allow me to cultivate here for the next ten days.”

The terror in the eyes of the Qi Dragon was yet to be dispelled, as it replied after a slight hesitation, “...Fine!”

After saying this, the Qi Dragon raised its enormous body, and its tail began to wrap around Qin Nan’s body like a snail.

“The Qi is much stronger now!”

Qin Nan’s eyes flickered as he brought his fists together at the Qi Dragon, before he sat down with his legs crossed and began cultivating with his divine Battle Spirit.

In the meantime, without Qin Nan’s knowing, the Qi Dragon stared at the divine Battle Spirit behind him, its eyes filled with a blank expression as it mumbled to itself, “ I able…to detect the force...force of creation…from this Martial Spirit…”

After saying this, it fell into silence and slowly closed its eyes.

Following this, the people of the Mystic Spirit Sect got used to the rare phenomenon occurring at Tianfeng Mountain, as they all returned to their own tasks.

Besides that, the news regarding the fortieth birthday of the Sect Leader was spread within the sect. Countless elders and disciples began decorating the sect. Although the Great Elder seemed to be more powerful for the time being, the Sect Leader was still their Sect Leader. Despite the fact that he failed to become a Martial Dominator, they were not daring enough to oppose him.

What was worth mentioning was that after the four Hall Leaders were robbed by Princess Miao Miao and the Longhu Ancestor Beast, not only did they not complain, they even paid a visit to the Great Elder’s residence with gifts to beg for his forgiveness.

As for Ouyang Jun and his Jun Alliance, they had disappeared from the public’s attention. It was said that Ouyang Jun had gone into seclusion to cultivate to hide from Qin Nan.

Furthermore, Gong Yang, Xiao Leng, and the rest were being fawned upon by countless people after the incident. Many elders even supported them with resources, allowing them to go into seclusion to cultivate to improve their strength.

As for the other three sects, when they heard that Qin Nan had reached the half-Martial Emperor Realm and acquired the top spot among the outer disciples, with three Martial Ancestor Realm experts supporting him, they all took deep breaths.

They had now realized that the Qin Nan who they had previously despised and mocked was completely out of their league. Within the Luohe Kingdom, only the core disciples were able to match his talents!

...Time passed swiftly, nine days were gone in the blink of an eye!

The Mystic Spirit Sect was thoroughly decorated with lights and ornaments. Most of the famous cultivators of the Luohe Kingdom were all invited to the Mystic Spirit Sect.

...Meanwhile, inside Tianfeng Mountain...

After cultivating for the past nine days, the liquefied Qi inside his body was now incredibly abundant, as if it was compressed numerous times. Although it seemed to be the same size as before, the thickness of the Qi inside his body was equivalent to five tenth-layer Xiantian Realm cultivators!

“I shall try leveling up to a Martial Emperor!”

Qin Nan’s eyes sprung open, filled with a sharp gaze. He immediately utilized his divine Sense to gather the liquefied Qi inside his Dantian together.


At that instant, Qin Nan thoroughly executed the Blazing Sun Golden Armor Body Technique, causing his meridians to be engulfed in ferocious flames. The blurry beastly figures within the pool of his divine Sense uttered resonant cries at the same time.

Two techniques being executed at the same time, causing him to emit two totally different auras.

“My Saber Intent!”

Qin nan’s eyes flickered as a stream of Saber Intent was fired from his body.

“My will!”

Qin Nan uttered a cry, as his will and his personality merged into one at that instant, as if an invisible force was produced.

“Merge into one!”

The auras from the two techniques, the Saber Intent, and his will all combined with the liquefied Qi at that moment.

The liquefied Qi began to vibrate vigorously. Qin Nan immediately took hold of the chance to utilize his divine Sense to control the liquefied Qi, with the intention of compressing it.

To form the Martial Emperor Core, not only would one require a certain amount of Qi, the person would also need to absorb the auras of his techniques and his will and merge them into one to form his personal Core.


The liquefied Qi emitted a series of explosions. While the Qi was being compressed, the different auras and will were gradually merged together as well.

In just a short period, the liquefied Qi had vanished, replaced by a pill-like object the size of a fist.

“Hmm? The Martial Emperor Core is half merged. Now is the time to communicate with the Heavens and Earth, to trigger the Martial Emperor tribulation in order to refine the core…” Qin Nan’s eyes were filled with a hint of joy, who then spat out the pill-like object from his mouth, causing it to float in mid-air.

As soon as the Core appeared, an uproar immediately took place in its surroundings. As if endless forces were being absorbed from the Heavens and Earth toward it.

“The tribulation of the Martial Emperor Realm, descend at once!”

Qin Nan let out a roar.

However, at that instant, the sky began to rumble vigorously, as an invisible force descended from above and struck the Core.


The Core was sent back into Qin Nan’s body by the force of the Heavens and Earth.

Qin Nan’s body shuddered violently, as his aura became enraged and a trail of blood flowed out from his mouth.

“The Heavens and Earth do not acknowledge its existence…”

Qin Nan’s face turned slightly pale as a wry smile could be seen on his face.

He finally understood why an Atavistic Cultivator had difficulty becoming a Martial Emperor. The reason being that the Core formed by an Atavistic Cultivator would be rejected by the Heavens and Earth.

Qin Nan shook his head and sat with his legs crossed, swiftly recovering his strength.

At that instant, an imperious voice could be heard coming from the Mystic Spirit Sect, “Let the feast begin!”

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