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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 242


Chapter 242: Chapter 242 - The Dragon Vein Within the Mountain

Chapter 242 - The Dragon Vein within the Mountain

The Qinglong Sacred Area, one of the two Sacred Areas;one of the most formidable forces within the entire lower district.

Comparing the Mystic Spirit Sect to it was like comparing a firefly to the Moon.


Qin Nan’s eyes were engulfed in flames as he said, “Old Shan, where are you taking me to, so that I can cultivate in seclusion?”

Currently in the Mystic Spirit Sect, following the failure of the Sect Leader’s leveling up, both Ouyang Jun and his other enemies would have a hard time recovering, hence Qin Nan had no need to waste his time dealing with them. Therefore, Qin Nan was more keen on interacting with the Qinglong Sacred Area, to meet more powerful geniuses, so that he could have satisfying battles with them!

“Follow me!”

Old Shan reached out his hand and grabbed Qin Nan’s shoulder, before their figures flew across the sky.

After around ten breath’s time, the two landed at the peak of Tianfeng Mountain, which was filled with howling winds and a freezing temperature, surrounded by an endless sea of clouds.

Qin Nan wore a confused expression. He tried scanning his surroundings with his Eyes of the divine Battle Spirit, but did not discover anything extraordinary.

“The arcane nine becomes seven, buckling the concealing door, understanding the hidden secrets;the formation shall be activated!”

Old Shan suddenly uttered a chant as his hands formed a mudra, producing a beam of atavistic light penetrating the ground below him.

At that instant, Qin Nan could feel the ground beneath him trembling as a large formation hidden at the peak of the mountain was awakened, causing countless densely packed lines of runes to surface, covering the entire peak.

“This is…”

Qin Nan’s heart shuddered slightly.

Before he could react, he suddenly felt an empty sensation below his feet. The ground beneath him had disappeared, causing his figure to swiftly fall into some kind of abyss.


In just the blink of an eye, with a loud thump, Qin Nan had landed on something solid.

As soon as he arrived, he could feel a cloud of rumbling Qi enclosing his body, as if he was now in an ocean of Qi, causing his pores to relax and him to feel energetic.

“Qin Nan, even core disciples are not allowed to enter here unless they contributed a lot to the sect…” Old Shan’s voice could be heard in his ears.


Qin Nan was slightly startled. He then calmed his thoughts and glanced at his surroundings.

With a glimpse, his face was filled with utter astonishment.

He could only see that the entire Tianfeng Mountain—which was over six hundred feet tall—was thoroughly empty.

In other words, this Tianfeng Mountain was a hollow mountain!

Within the mountain, endless streams of Qi could be seen forming an ocean of Qi that collided against the walls of the mountain, but the Qi was locked inside the mountain by a huge formation. Deep down in the ocean of Qi, he could see an enormous dragon formed by Qi with a length of around two hundred feet. The scales on its body were relaxed, as if it was real and alive. Its huge dragon eyes were shut tightly, and its pair of dragon horns were stacked with countless runes.

It was as if this huge Qi Dragon was hibernating, with a stable rhythmic breathing. Each breath felt like a terrifying tsunami as it breathed out a rich stream of Qi.

“This is…”

“This is called the Dragon Vein. When the amount of Qi reaches a certain level, it forms a Dragon Vein. This Dragon Vein possesses intelligence;it can absorb the force of the Heavens and Earth, to transform them into its own Qi.” Old Shan calmly said, “The reason why the amount of Qi is abundant in the Mystic Spirit Sect is because of this Dragon Vein. It’s the backbone supporting the entire Mystic Spirit Sect!”

Qin Nan was absolutely astonished!

He finally understood why the Qi was richer in the higher ranked residences of the Outer Domain Peak and the Inner Domain Peak. Each residence was receiving a different amount of Qi from the Dragon Vein.

“Take your time cultivating here.”

Old Shan let out a smile, and was about to make his leave.

“Wait!” A sudden thought came up to Qin Nan, “Old Shan, is there any chance that you have suitable techniques to temper the flesh or enhance divine Sense?”

“Temper the flesh, or enhance divine Sense?” Old Shan was slightly startled, before shaking his head, “I do have a useful technique to enhance divine Sense. As for tempering the flesh, I don’t think… I almost forgot, I do have one, but it’s only an incomplete version.”

“That’s better than nothing.”

Qin Nan let out a sigh of relief. His main focus at the moment was to strengthen his flesh and his divine Sense.

“This technique focusing on practicing divine Sense is called the Art of Heart-Calming and Demon-Expelling. Mastering its foundation allows you to calm your heart and prevent it from being invaded by external evil presence. Mastering it thoroughly allows you to utilize your divine Sense to expel demons!” Old Shan took out two ancient books and said, “As for this flesh-tempering technique, I stumbled onto it coincidentally. It’s name is the Blazing Sun Golden Armor Body Technique. From my observation, if you were to find the complete version, it would be a terrifying technique…”

While talking, Old Shan suddenly realized something, whose face was filled with surprise, “Qin Nan, have you awakened your divine Sense?”

Most people could only awaken their divine Sense after becoming a Martial Emperor. It was his first time witnessing someone awakening divine Sense with a cultivation of the half-Martial Emperor Realm.

Qin Nan let out a smile without saying anything, as he received the two books of techniques, and said in a serious tone, “Thank you, Old Shan.”

“You little brat…”

Old Shan pointed his finger at Qin Nan and smilingly uttered a curse. Following this, he thoughtfully glanced at Qin Nan, before his figure rapidly disappeared.

“Phew, I’m not in a rush now to comprehend these two techniques. I should first improve the grade of my divine Battle Spirit!”

Qin Nan made up his mind. The representative of the Qinglong Sacred Area would be arriving in ten days. If he could further increase the grade of his divine Battle Spirit, it would grant him a better chance of catching the attention of the representative, and of joining the Qinglong Sacred Area.

After all, when it came to recruiting disciples, the grade of one’s Martial Spirit was always the main focus!

Qin Nan sat with his legs crossed. Behind him, seven green rays were emitted, as the over sixty foot tall divine Battle Spirit appeared.

Currently, he had seven million two hundred thousand Martial Emperor Pills from selling the Beast Cores, three hundred and sixty thousand Martial Emperor Pills which he had robbed, which combined for a total of seven million five hundred and sixty thousand Martial Emperor Pills. Excluding the five hundred thousand Martial Emperor Pills which he owed, he still had a remaining around seven million Martial Emperor Pills to be consumed!

“I can only devour a few hundreds Martial Emperor Pills at a time. How long will it take to devour all seven million Martial Emperor Pills?”

A wry smile appeared on Qin Nan’s face, who then took a deep breath and began consuming the Martial Emperor Pills by taking handfuls and shoving them into his mouth at a rapid speed.

After sixty breaths’ time, he had consumed one hundred thousand Martial Emperor Pills, but the divine Battle Spirit showed no reaction.

Eight hundred thousand!

One million!

One million six hundred thousand!

Two million three hundred thousand!

After several hours, he had consumed two million nine hundred thousand Martial Emperor Pills, but the divine Battle Spirit still showed no reaction, as if it had turned into a bottomless hole.

“Damn it, after the divine Battle Spirit has improved to the seventh-layer Xuan rank, the amount of pills it needs for the next level is extremely terrifying…”

Qin Nan let out a curse in his heart. Despite the fact that he was relatively wealthy now, how many times could he afford to be spending pills like this?

However, as soon as Qin Nan consumed three million Martial Emperor Pills!


With a loud bang, an eighth green ray was behind the divine Battle Spirit, as the aura of the divine Battle Spirit grew stronger.

Qin Nan’s heart was filled with joy, as he suddenly realized a change.

“This is…”

Qin Nan’s expression changed, as the green eyeball in his left eye started jumping suddenly. He could faintly feel a huge door being opened before him.

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