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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 241


Chapter 241: Chapter 241 - Imperial Mortal Scriptures

Chapter 241 - Imperial Mortal Scriptures

“Failed to level up, huh?”

Qin Nan was slightly startled, whose expression immediately turned calm.

From his point of view, the Sect Leader becoming a Martial Dominator had nothing to do with him.

“Qin Nan…” At that instant, the pale-looking Leader of the Treasure Vault forced a smile on her face and said, “Regarding what just happened, please forgive us if we misbehaved. Qin Nan, I believe you still remember that we once offered you our assistance when the First Elder of the outer disciples was troubling you…”

The Leaders of the Skills Library and the Hall of Fame nodded their heads in agreement.

As for the Disciplinary Hall Leader, his eyes were filled with a blank expression. The initially tremendous murderous intent had vanished. Now that the Sect Leader has failed to become a Martial Dominator, how can I seek revenge?

Qin Nan instantly laughed in a hysterical manner.

The world was pragmatic as such;at the beginning, the Treasure Vault Leader and the others were siding with the Disciplinary Hall Leader to eliminate him. Even when Princess Miao Miao and the Longhu Ancestor Beast showed themselves, they did not surrender. However, they utterly conceded after the tide changed, trying to beg for mercy by reminding him of the past.

As Qin Nan was about to speak, the Scarlet-Fanged Purple Dragon Badge shuddered violently, while transmitting Old Shan’s voice, “Qin Nan, meet me at once!”


Qin Nan’s eyes flickered, who turned his head around and spoke to the Longhu Ancestor Beast and Princess Miao Miao, “I’ll let you two handle the rest.”

After saying this, he greeted Gong Yang and the others, and gave the Leader of the Hall of Life and Death a bow, before his figure vanished from the Hall of Life and Death with a flicker.


Princess Miao Miao glanced at the Leader of the Treasure Vault and the others and wore a charming smile, before she gave out an order, “Longhu, keep an eye on everyone within ten miles of here! Make sure that the people here... do not escape!”

The Longhu Ancestor Beast had no idea what Princess Miao Miao had in mind, but it surely was not a good thing. He instantly let out an excited roar and launched himself into the air before recklessly unleashing the aura of an Ancestor Beast.

The faces of the Hall Leaders, authorities, and elders were contorted. Almost everyone could predict how Princess Miao Miao was going to deal with them!



In a rapid movement, Qin Nan’s figure arrived at the residence on top of the mountain.

After previously conceding, it had been more than a month since Qin Nan had last met Old Shan.

“Brat, with such a strong cultivation, how are you mismatched against Leng Feng?” As soon as Qin Nan entered the residence, he could hear Old Shan’s discontented voice, “Humph, why did you not discuss with me before you chose to surrender?”

Qin Nan glanced at Old Shan and spoke in an awkward tone, “Well, I was in debt of a huge amount of pills, and I was running short of time. Hence, I had no choice but to go on a trip to do some quests in order to earn some pills.”

Old Shan waved his hand and said, “Fine, your performance from before did not let me down. I’ll let it go this time. I summoned you here because I have something important to discuss with you.”

“Is it something to do with the Sect Leader trying to level up to the Martial Dominator Realm?”

“Yeah.” Old Shan slightly raised his head, his eyes showing a complicated expression as he asked, “Do you know why the Sect Leader and I can’t get along well?”

Old Shan did not wait for Qin Nan’s answer, as he continued speaking, “A few hundred years ago, when I was only an inner disciple of the Mystic Spirit Sect, a peerless genius was born in our sect! In just over ten years’ time, he became a Martial Dominator. When he just entered the Martial Dominator Realm, he managed to slay two Martial Ancestor Realm experts of the Flying Sword Sect in just less than sixty breaths’ time;he was known as the strongest cultivator of Luohe Kingdom! Following this, he went to the lower district on his own, and ended up stirring a huge chaos there in just less than five years’ time. His name was made known to everyone… However, the sect has yet to hear from him since then.”

Old Shan hesitated for a moment, as if he was recollecting the magnificent scene regarding the person he mentioned, before he continued, “Some say that he died after being hunted by the two Sacred Areas. Some say that he is currently cultivating in seclusion, or that he entered some kind of secret region. I have no idea if he’s still alive or not, but previously when he became a Martial Dominator, he handed me a book of scriptures before he left.”

Qin Nan’s eyes glistened.

One who was capable of stirring great chaos in the lower district. Therefore, he could easily tell how terrifying that senior was.

The conflict between the Sect Leader and Old Shan was most likely due to this book of scriptures.

Just as Qin Nan had predicted, Old Shan’s pair of eyes turned energetic, “This book of scriptures was named the ‘Imperial Mortal Scriptures’! The senior once mentioned that anyone who practiced his Imperial Mortal Scriptures would definitely be the strongest among cultivators of the same realm!”

“The strongest among cultivators of the same realm?”

Qin Nan’s heart skipped a bit. The words are savage to the extreme, even with the restrictions of the grades of one’s Martial Spirit and the existence of various treasures, he dares to refer to it as the strongest among the same realm!

That being said, if it was real, these Imperial Mortal Scriptures were definitely extraordinarily powerful and terrifying.

“The Sect Leader is a peerless genius with a third-grade Xuan ranked Martial Spirit, who aims to head to the lower district, hence he has always wanted to acquire these Imperial Mortal Scriptures.” Old Shan said in a calm tone, “However, according to my observations, this guy harbors evil intentions. If he were to obtain this book of scriptures, he would abuse it to carry out his evil acts, which is the reason I’m not willing to hand it over. As a result, he has been using all sorts of methods to force me to give him the scriptures. The current infighting took place because of this particular reason!”

Qin Nan took a deep breath. He did not expect such a complicated story would be the reason behind all this infighting.

“Well? You are not interested in the Imperial Mortal Scriptures?” Old Shan glanced at him and said in an indifferent tone, “With these Imperial Mortal Scriptures, you are able to freely roam across the lower district, and emerge as a strong expert!”

“Not interested.”

Qin Nan shook his head without hesitation. Despite how powerful the Imperial Mortal Scriptures were, it was still uncomparable against his Martial Spirit, his left eye, and the recently awakened blood in his body.

“I knew you were going to say that. If he were to be here, he would be quite mad after hearing your words…” Old Shan immediately cut off his words and his tone changed, “Qin Nan, now that the Sect Leader has failed to level up, the danger is resolved. Therefore, there is an event you must participate in!”

“What is it?”

Qin Nan instantly asked.

“The Sect Leader’s fortieth birthday!” Old Shan’s eyes glistened as he continued, “Just a moment ago, the Sect Leader delivered a message saying that he will be holding a feast in ten days. Not only will the three Sect Leaders of the other sects be there, even the Qinglong Sacred Area will send a representative here to the Mystic Spirit Sect!’

“Qinglong Sacred Area!”

Qin Nan’s body shuddered slightly.

“That’s right!’ Old Shan let out a smile and said, “I’ll bring you to a place where you will be able to cultivate your best in the next ten days to improve your cultivation, so you can display your talents at the Sect Leader’s birthday feast. If you are able to capture the representative’s attention, without the need to participate in the Hundred Sects Tournament, you are allowed to… join the Qinglong Sacred Area straight away!’

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