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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 24


Chapter 24 - Kill'Em All

It was exactly as Qin Nan had observed;Elder Bai Heng's cultivation had reached the Xiantian realm, leaving him only a step away from a Martial Emperor.

His aura exploded toward the crowd as if a huge boulder was pressuring them, giving them a suffocating feeling.

Everyone's expression changed slightly, their eyes filled with terror as they looked at Elder Bai Heng.

Elder Bai Heng showed no expression;he did not even glance at Qin Nan as he said, ’’What Fang Rulong said is it true?’’

An unusually large pressure was created with these few words.

The people of the Qin Clan wore horrible expressions, their eyes staring at Qin Nan as if they were scared he would say something disrespectful.

After all, even they were having a huge conflict with Qin Han.

If Qin Nan were to enrage Elder Bai Heng, the only outcome would be death, but he could also drag the Qin Clan to death with him.

Qin Nan, if you want to die, you should die alone. Why would you drag us all with you?

At this particular moment, the disciples, deacons and elders of the Qin Clan were filled with hatred toward Qin Nan, only they were not brave enough to reveal it.

No change was seen in Qin Nan's expression, as if the aura from Elder Bai Heng had no impact on him.

Under everyone's glare, Qin Nan rose and gave Elder Bai Heng a bow, before saying with a sincere tone, ’’Elder Bai Heng, I have no intention of vengeance. I believe Young Master Fang Rulong had a misunderstanding. If I have troubled Young Master Fang Rulong, please accept my apology.’’

After Qin Nan finished this sentence, he gave another bow in the Fang Clan's direction.

Elder Bai Heng's expression calmed down after the apology. He even felt a sense of satisfaction when Qin Nan bowed his head. He waved his hand and said, ’’Don't worry;although you're trash, you still have some manners. Let's forget it and continue the duels.’’

As Elder Bai Heng's aura diminished, everyone's breathing finally returned to normal.

After seeing Qin Nan the Young Master of the Qin Clan, the past genius of Linshui City, who was now the ultimate trash bowing his head and apologizing, the Fang Clan were delighted, their faces turning red with excitement.

On the other hand, the disdain on Fang Rulong's face grew even more.

Even if your cultivation has reached the fifth-layer Body Tempering Realm, and you have mastered the 'Greater Success Stage' of 'One with the Saber', so what? If I Fang Rulong want you to bow your head, then you must do it.

In contrast, the Qin Clan were feeling relieved.

The disciples, deacons and elders were giving Qin Nan an amiable look.

This was especially true for Qin Changkong, who initially thought Qin Nan would play a dirty trick at this critical moment and drag him to death. However unexpectedly Qin Nan took responsibility and apologized immediately, which even satisfied Elder Bai Heng.

’’Looks like I should change my plan. Once I've joined the Mystic Spirit Sect, I will only get rid of his cultivation base instead of taking his life. I believe Qin Nan would thank me for sparing his life...’’ Qin Changkong thought to himself, who straight up reduced Qin Nan's penalty.

Immediately after, the duelling tournament continued to take place.

Whenever it was Qin Changkong's turn even though his opponents from the Fang Clan merely possessed cultivation bases of the first-layer Body Tempering Realm along with second-grade Huang ranked Martial Spirits Qin Changkong would be extremely polite and was not willing to seriously injure them during the duels.

This behaviour caused the Fang Clan to be even more cocky.

When they saw this, the Qin Clan and Qin Chankong were not bothered at all. So what if we are embarrassing ourselves? Anything is better than enraging Elder Bai Heng and wrecking our future.

The tournament was in full swing. It was finally Qin Nan's turn in the twenty-eighth match.

Qin Nan's debut attracted everyone's attention;as he possessed the highest cultivation base among all the disciples in Linshui City, it was expected that he would be everyone's focus.

Qin Nan's opponent appeared it was someone from the Fang Clan.

Standing opposite Qin Fan was a young lad, whose face was filled with pride. His name was Fang Yu he was quite famous in Linshui City.

He was known for his fourth-grade Huang ranked Martial Spirit and his cultivation base of the second-layer Body Tempering Realm. Furthermore, Fang Yu was talented in Martial Skills;he had mastered numerous high-class Martial Skills, and was considered the second best after Fang Rulong in the Fang Clan.

As Fang Yu went onto the stage, he raised his head and looked at Qin Nan with a disdainful expression. Then with a smug tone he said, ’’Qin Nan, you should surrender. You're just a first-grade Huang ranked Martial Spirit trash. You don't stand any chance. If you take the initiative to surrender, at least there's still some honor left for you...’’

If Fang Yu were to face Qin Nan previously, he would have had pins and needles on his scalp from the feeling of hopelessness.

However now Fang Yu was not scared of Qin Nan at all.

Elder Bai Heng was in favor of the Fang Clan. What gave you Qin Nan, a piece of trash the right to disqualify a genius like me?

The Fang Clan were treating this scene as a joke. However, not only were the people of the Qin Clan not ashamed of how they were being treated, but their eyes were flickering as if to tell Qin Nan to surrender!

Despite that, Fang Yu did not even have the chance to finish his sentence both the Qin Clan and the Fang Clan couldn't help but notice this too.

Suddenly, an extremely sharp sword aura together with the sound of a thunder strike had been heard from the stage.

Fang Yu's eyes opened wide instinctively, but before he could react, a terrifying force tore his body in half.

Fang Yu's whole body was separated in just a strike, killing him thoroughly!

The area fell into complete silence. The crowd was still stunned from the scene.

It was because everything happened too rapidly;it happened in less than a single breath's time too fast for their brains to react.

Their brains had one and only one thought: Fang Yu is dead. Things were getting out of hand!

Qing Nan, who was standing on the stage, slowly put away his Black Iron Sword. With a calm face, his eyes glanced in the direction of Fang Rulong, while he said, ’’My idea is the same as Young Master Fang Rulong's. There is no need for trash to live in this world. Furthermore, I'm always clear of who to love and who to hate. If someone were to give me a punch, I'd return two punches to the person. Hence, I'm clearly telling you that for any Fang Clan disciple that I'll be facing, I'll...’’

Upon saying this, Qin Nan paused, as a ferocious expression appeared on his face.

’’I'll kill'em all!’’


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