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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 238


Chapter 238: Chapter 238 - The Suppression of the Godly Eyes

Chapter 238 - The Suppression of the Godly Eyes

“Humph, this Qin Nan is so daring…”

The eyes of the three Hall Leaders, the authorities, and the elders glistened, as grins appeared on their faces.

In their eyes, Qin Nan’s act was extremely immature, which could be considered committing suicide. Despite having the protection of two Martial Ancestor Realm experts, he still placed himself in great danger, vowing to take on two geniuses at the same time.

Does Qin Nan really think that he stands a chance against Tan Jian and Leng Feng?

At that instant, the Disciplinary Hall Leader—showing a miserable appearance and reddened eyes—uttered a dull roar, “Tan Jian, Leng Feng, if you two are able to kill Qin Nan… No, if you could cripple him, for the next ten years, I am willing to follow any orders from you!”

Upon hearing this, Tan Jian and Leng Feng shuddered violently, as their eyes were filled with a glint of excitement.

They were here due to Ouyang Jun’s command, but when they saw the Longhu Ancestor Beast and Princess Miao Miao, they began to hesitate in regards to whether they should involve themselves in such a bizarre situation. Although the Sect Leader was in the midst of becoming a Martial Dominator, for the time being, no one within the Mystic Spirit Sect was capable of fighting two Martial Ancestor Realm experts.

However, the two could not go against Ouyang Jun’s will, hence after a slight discussion, they decided to join forces and challenge Qin Nan.

If Qin Nan were to reject, they would have left straight away.

If Qin Nan were to accept, with their strength combined, defeating Qin Nan would be nothing difficult!

“Now is not the time to kill him yet. Let’s work together and cripple one of his hands and one of his legs. Not only would we be fulfilling Ouyang Jun’s order, we will also have the Disciplinary Hall Leader obeying our orders for the next ten years, and we could also rob Qin Nan’s possessions too…”

Tan Jian and Leng Feng exchanged glances with one another while communicating with some sort of secret technique, as they both immediately made up their minds.

“The battle begins!’ The Leader of the Hall of Life and Death remained expressionless as he declared.


Tan Jian and Leng Feng were indeed the first and second ranked super geniuses among the Inner Domain disciples. As soon as the Leader of the Hall of Life and Death announced the start of the battle, they immediately sprang forward like arrows being fired as strings were released, and attacked Qin Nan from both sides.

“Great timing!”

Qin Nan was engulfed in flames of battle intent as he uttered a laugh. Instead of using any Martial Skill, he stomped his foot on the ground and lashed out countless punches forward.


A series of explosions could be heard, as a shocking scene took place. It was as if Qin Nan’s body had turned into a terrifying beast, moving freely in the midst of the battle while lashing out with powerful punches which landed onto Leng Feng and Tan Jian’s figures, surprisingly placing them at a disadvantage!

The four Hall Leaders and the authorities were dumbfounded.

“This guy’s flesh is so powerful!”

Gasp, he can hold the two geniuses back with just his mere flesh. How strong is his flesh exactly? Did he learn some sort of secret technique capable of strengthening his flesh?”

“Impossible, I clearly remember that Qin Nan’s flesh was not this strong a month ago!”

“Is it because of the hidden treasure he obtained?”


Following the chatter, the crowd’s gaze toward Qin Nan turned fiery.

In just a month’s time, Qin Nan had managed to improve his cultivation by eight layers and obtain a fortune worth of over ten million Martial Emperor Pills. Even his flesh was extremely strong now.

How terrifying was the hidden treasure which Qin Nan found?

Many among the crowd finally came to the realization of why the Jun Alliance was willing to pay such a huge price just to deal with Qin Nan. If Princess Miao Miao and the Longhu Ancestor Beast were not present, they too would try to rob Qin Nan due to their greed!

“Void Sweeping Punch!”

Qin Nan uttered a roar as he hurled a punch forward, which emitted a vigorous gust of wind striking onto Leng Feng and Tan Jian’s figures, knocking them backward.

“Damn it!’ Leng Feng’s face turned incredibly unpleasant, who shouted, “Four Sides Extreme Saber!”

Leng Feng grabbed an ancient saber from his storage bag, which appeared to not have a razor edge. Despite that, an icy aura was fired in all directions. It was a top-tier Mystical Weapon which possessed an extraordinary power!

As a saber user, Leng Feng had been practicing the art of saber for many years. His Saber Intent had reached the Minor Success Stage of the Arcane Realm.

While holding the Four Sides Extreme Saber, he immediately launched himself forward as his rumbling Saber Intent expanded in all directions, as if it had turned into a huge cage striking downward above Qin Nan’s head.

“Your Saber Intent is far from matching mine!”

Qin Nan’s eyes flickered, as the ancient saber Ira rose into the air and lashed out a slash. The Saber Intent form his Greater Success Stage of the Arcane Realm was fired, taking the form of a dragon.


Leng Feng’s expression utterly changed. He did not expect Qin Nan’s Saber Intent to be this strong and terrifying. He immediately executed a movement technique, which produced numerous mirror images of himself to distract his foe, and managed to dodge the terrifying Saber Intent with a close miss. A drop of cold sweat flowed down Leng Feng’s face.

“Qin Nan, you are indeed no ordinary person. However, you are not the only one to master the Greater Success Stage of the Arcane Realm!’

A sudden loud yell was heard, which turned out to be from Tan Jian. He had been observing the situation from the side, trying to find a great opportunity. Now that the time had come, he immediately sprang forward as the giant sword on his back emitted a powerful Sword Intent, which combined with the bloody glow of the top-tier Mystical Weapon to form a bloody glow that took the shape of a sword striking downward.

Blasting explosions could be heard everywhere.

“Four Sides Without Limit, Four Sides Imaginary Blow!’ Leng Feng turned joyful after seeing this, who immediately executed a secret saber technique, causing his figure to transform into four blurry figures holding ancient sabers, which attacked following Tan Jian’s attack.

At that instant, from all directions, countless attacks were closing in!

“Nice!” Qin Nan could feel a rising pressure in his heart, which caused his blood to begin boiling. It was as if the blood which he had rejuvenated himself had finally awakened at that instant.

“The Suppression of the divine God of Battle!’

Qin Nan’s figure remained on the spot, as a green glow was emitted from his left eye. A shocking invisible suppression was instantly emitted like a surging flood.


Both Tan Jian’s slash and Leng Feng’s secret saber technique were vanquished by the suppression.

“This ain’t good!”

The expressions on Tan Jian and Leng Feng’s faces utterly changed. They could only feel an invisible mountain crushing down onto their bodies, hindering their movements and causing their hearts to be filled with endless terror.

Although it was only a slight stream of the Suppression of the divine God of Battle, it felt like they were facing some sort of prehistoric beast.

The Hall Leaders, authorities, and elders were astounded.

“What kind of eye technique was that?”

“Look, his left eye has turned green in color!”

Gasp, this Qin Nan is pretty good at hiding his strength, since when did he learn such a terrifying eye technique!”

“This is not looking good!”


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