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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 237


Chapter 237: Chapter 237 - Leng Feng, Tan Jian

Chapter 237 - Leng Feng, Tan Jian

Within ten miles of the Hall of Life and Death, the crowd of elders and disciples fell into a dead silence.

The Hall Leaders were in a state of silence too.

With the two Martial Ancestor Realm experts standing behind Qin Nan, even all of them joining forces were not be enough to match their strength.

On the other hand, Qin Nan’s cultivation had reached the half-Martial Emperor Realm, and his Martial Spirit was tenth-grade Huang ranked. Who among the Mystic Spirit Sect would dare to battle against him?

Gong Yang and the others could feel their blood boiling upon seeing this.

A while ago, when the news broke regarding the Sect Leader who was in the process of leveling up to a Martial Dominator, those who were on the Great Elder’s side were being picked on continuously.

Now that Qin Nan had returned, he had firmly retained his attitude as a peerless genius;even a formidable presence like the Jun Alliance was being suppressed!

“I’m afraid the battle will come to an end soon, as no one dares to fight Qin Nan! We can only wait and see if the Sect Leader of the Mystic Spirit Sect manages to become a Martial Dominator…” The same thought came to many elders’ mind.

However, at that instant, a hollow laugh appeared all of a sudden, “A defeated foe like you dares to challenge the Jun Alliance, do you really think no one from the Jun Alliance could match your strength?”

Hearing the laugh, everyone immediately glanced in the direction of the voice.

They could only see a young man wearing a black attire approaching them, whose face wore a cold expression.

This person turned out to be Leng Feng!

The quiet Hall of Life and Death was immediately consumed in a huge chatter.

“Leng Feng, it’s him. He is here!”

“Does it matter? Now that Qin Nan’s cultivation has reached the half-Martial Emperor Realm, even he would be mismatched against his strength!”

“Judging from Leng Feng’s aura, it seems like he has reached the tenth-layer Xiantian Realm, only a step away from the half-Martial Emperor Realm. His strength should not be underestimated, don’t you think?”


The elders who were siding with the Sect Leader had their eyes glisten.

Qin Nan had not expected Leng Feng to appear. With a glimpse, he immediately discovered his cultivation, and said in a calm tone, “Leng Feng, right? You alone are not worthy enough to be my opponent!”

Leng Feng’s mouth began to twitch.

Although he did not feel pleasant, he could not find any words to refute it.

“What if I join forces with him!”

At that instant, a shout was heard.

A young man wearing a white shirt and carrying a long sword appeared out of nowhere, wearing a ferocious look, as if nothing was worth his attention in his eyes.

His entry immediately caused the elders siding with the Sect Leader to wear an astonished look!

“Tan Jian!”

“Tan Jian is here, HAHA. After Ouyang Jun became a Martial Emperor, the first spot of the inner domain was taken by him!”

“Tsk, tsk, his cultivation has reached the Half-Martial Emperor Realm, and his Martial Spirit is tenth-grade Huang ranked, placing him on par with Qin Nan!”


The four Hall Leaders had their gazes locked onto him too, whose eyes were filled with a hint of anticipation.

They could not wait to see Tan Jian join the battle, and slay Qin Nan in the Hall of Life and Death!

Qin Nan’s expression remained unchanged, as he continued to speak in a calm tone, “Tan Jian, is it? You are not worthy enough to be my opponent either! Since there is no conflict between us, there is no need for you to be involved.”

After hearing the words, many of the elders were utterly stunned.

Wasn’t this Qin Nan too full of himself?

“Is that so? Since you are challenging the Jun Alliance, it’s reasonable for me to take part too.” Tan Jian’s expression turned slightly dark as he let out a hollow laugh, “Besides, do you think us two joining forces are still not enough to face you? It sounds like you are overestimating your own strength. We will now challenge you on the spot, to have a battle of life and death right here at the Hall of Life and Death!”

“Shameless pricks!”

Before the crowd could react, Gong Yang and the rest immediately stepped forward and cursed.

If Leng Jian and Tan Jian were to join forces, they could even face a first-layer Martial Emperor Realm expert.

And now they were challenging Qin Nan to a two-on-one duel?

The elders siding with the Sect Leader remained silent, as if they agreed with the challenge in silence.

“Both of you challenging me at the same time?”

Upon hearing this, Qin Nan’s left eye and the divine Battle Spirit in his body began to vibrate vigorously, encapsulated within a strong battle intent.

Tan Jian was ranked first among the inner domain disciples, and Leng Feng could be considered to be ranked second.

If Qin Nan were to defeat them both, he could no doubt acquire the top spot!

Every real man had the dream of becoming the best, to fight for the top spot, to strive for the top spot!

“Qin Nan…” Gong Yang and the rest yelled as if they were aware of something.

Before they could finish, Qin Nan uttered a laugh on the platform, “That’s more like it. First rank of the inner domain and a tenth-layer Xiantian Realm presence. You two together do have the right to fight me!”

The crowd was startled, as they had not expected Qin Nan to accept the challenge.

Leng Feng and Tan Jian exchanged glances with one another, as their eyes showed a hint of joy. Qin Nan was really himself, to be ruthless as always.

Following this, Tan Jian harrumphed and said, “However, since you have two Martial Ancestor Realm experts protecting you, if we were to have a battle of life and death, if they were to interfere, there is no way we could kill you! What are you going to do to ensure a fair battle?”

The elders and the four Hall Leaders nodded their heads, as their gazes toward Tan Jian were filled with a hint of admiration. It was important for the battle to be fair. If not, there was no point in them participating in the battle.

“Don’t you worry.” Before Qin Nan could reply, an unexpected person stepped forward, who turned out to be the Leader of the Hall of Life and Death. He had now broken free from the entrapment, and showed no sign of being harmed from the previous surrounding attacks as he spoke, “It doesn’t matter who you are, no one can interfere the battles taking place at the Hall of Life and Death until a side has fallen. This is the rule!’

The crowd was startled. They had initially thought that the Leader of the Hall of Life and Death to be siding with Qin Nan, but it now seemed like he was only following his protocols to ensure the rules of the Hall of Life and Death was being followed!

“You two, don’t worry. I will not interfere.” The Longhu Ancestor Beast rolled his eyes.

“Yeah, if you two ended up killing him, the Princess will accept you two as the Princess’s core disciples.” Princess Miao Miao blinked her eyes.


The crowd was utterly speechless.

Qin Nan let out a sudden laugh and said, “I swear to god that the battle between us will be perfectly fair. I will not seek assistance, and no one will be helping me. Otherwise, I will be struck by lightning and perish in hell!”

The crowd was exceedingly touched by Qin Nan’s determination. They had not expected Qin Nan to be willing to utter such a vow.

However, they had no clue that Qin Nan had already taken a vow in the name of the divine God of Battle—he would eliminate any foe who dared to trouble him and his friends!


Tan Jian and Leng Feng’s eyes flickered after seeing this. With a flick, both their figures landed on the platform.

The real battle between the top geniuses of the Inner Domain disciples had begun!

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Editor: DOCuinn


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