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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 236


Chapter 236: Chapter 236 - Dare to Fight?

Chapter 236 - Dare to Fight?

This shocking occurrence took everyone by surprise.

The Disciplinary Hall Leader’s figure came to a halt when he sensed an invisible force locking onto him from above.

It was as if the invisible force would crush him into pieces if he were to advance another inch forward.

“This… This is…”

The Disciplinary Hall Leader and the other Hall Leaders immediately raised their heads and discovered the shocking sight.

A dragon head?

Is that really a dragon head?

Is a dragon hiding above the clouds?

It was said that the dragon was the ruler among the beast tribes. Even an ordinary water dragon was said to have a terrifying strength.


The Longhu Ancestor Beast harrumphed as his enormous tiger body slowly appeared from the clouds.

The Hall Leaders, the authorities, the elders, and the disciples at the Hall of Life and Death were utterly stunned.

Dragon head and tiger body?

What kind of living being is that?

“Dragon head and tiger body, dragon head and tiger body. Is it possible that this guy is the Longhu Ancestor Beast from the Longhu Mountain Range?” A hint of surprise appeared on the face of the Leader of the Treasure Vault after mumbling to herself.

At that instant, the lively Hall of Life and Death, and the area within ten miles from it fell into a dead silence.

The Longhu Ancestor Beast!

Since it was known as the Ancestor Beast, it means that the terrifying-looking beast in the sky above is a Martial Ancestor Realm presence!

“The scene is quite magnificent today, not bad, great job.” At that instant, a mocking voice was heard, as Princess Miao Miao’s figure could be seen on top of the Longhu Ancestor Beast’s head, who scanned the crowd with a pair of flickering eyes.

“Princess Miao Miao!”

Everyone including the Hall Leaders, the elders, and the disciples inhaled deeply at that instant, as their souls began to tremble.

Princess Miao Miao, the one holding a fierce reputation, that almost everyone has heard of her name.

Most importantly, they were far from being stupid;as soon as Princess Miao Miao and the Longhu Ancestor Beast showed up at the same time, they instantly discovered a shocking fact!

Apart from the Great Elder, there were two Martial Ancestor Realm experts supporting Qin Nan!

“This…” Gong Yang and the rest were dumbfounded. Princess Miao Miao showing up was expected, but where did this Longhu Ancestor Beast come from?

All of a sudden, they remembered the young man who had lumps on his forehead at the third residence. It seemed like the voice of the Longhu Ancestor Beast was the same as the voice of that young man.

At that instant, Qin Nan standing on the platform glanced at the four Hall Leaders and the eight authorities and said in a calm tone, “Now, are you still trying to harm me?”

The Leader of the Hall of Fame, the Skills Library Library, the Treasure Vault Leader, and the eight authorities immediately collected their thoughts, their expressions exceedingly stiffened.

Before coming here, they had predicted that Princess Miao Miao was likely to appear, but they had never expected the additional Longhu Ancestor Beast to be supporting Qin Nan!

How could they continue with the plan?

Although it seemed like the Hall Leaders and the eight authorities were quite formidable, the fact was that they could not even survive a single attack from these two experts!

The Disciplinary Hall Leader’s face reddened immensely. Although he knew he stood no chance against the two Martial Ancestor Realm experts, he could not let Qin Nan go just like that, and he ran out of patience and uttered a roar, “Princess Miao Miao, Longhu Ancestor Beast, this Qin Nan is being too rebellious for killing my son. I will avenge his death, and it is reasonable for him to pay the price. This has nothing to do with you two! Even though you two are Martial Ancestor Realm experts, if you were to interfere, when our Sect Leader becomes a Martial Dominator…”

He could not finish his words.

With a ‘shoosh’, the Disciplinary Hall Leader could only feel a huge figure appearing before him. Before he could react, a tiger claw could be seen flying toward him and scratching the left side of his face. The terrifyingly powerful force caused him to utter a shriek of pain, as his figure was sent flying six hundred feet away, destroying the buildings he collided with behind him.

With a slap, the Disciplinary Hall Leader was sent flying straight away!


The other three Hall Leaders and the eight authorities took deep breaths. Their gazes at Longhu Ancestor Beast were filled with extreme fear.

The Longhu Ancestor Beast chuckled and said, “Avenging your son? Reasonable? Why did you not think about the consequences when you are planning to harm Qin Nan? Does that mean you are free to bully him? Let me give you all a serious piece of advice…”

The Longhu Ancestor Beast gradually raised his tone, his face filled with a hint of excitement.

The Hall Leaders, the elders, the inner disciples, the outer disciples, a total of over a thousand people all had their eyes focused onto the Longhu Ancestor Beast.

The Longhu Ancestor Beast, being aware of the crowd’s gaze immediately raised his head and said, “Only I am allowed to bully Qin Nan!”


As soon as he finished his words, a slap landed on his dragon head, as Princess Miao Miao said in a furious tone, “You son of a bitch, what nonsense are you speaking?”

“Uhh… Your highness’s scolding is absolute, I’m sorry…” The Longhu Ancestor Beast wore a wronged look as he said, “Can you not do that in front of the crowd, at least save some of my reputation.”

Princess Miao Miao raised her head in satisfaction, “Let’s go, time to get down to some real business!”

After hearing the words, the crowd was startled, especially the three Hall Leaders and the eight authorities, whose faces turned incredibly pale.

Were these two Martial Ancestor Realm experts planning to massacre them?

As soon as the thought came to their minds, to their surprise, Princess Miao Miao stood on top of the dragon head and glanced downward at the crowd while saying in a serious tone, “Everyone here, take out all your possessions, and don’t you dare hide anything from me! Otherwise, I’m more than happy to let you have a taste of my punches!”


The crowd could only feel a knife sinking into their hearts.

Had she planned to rob them from the very beginning?

“Ok, enough with that.”

At that instant, Qin Nan suddenly spoke.

A hint of dissatisfaction could be seen on Princess Miao Miao’s face. This little bastard, instead of fulfilling his role as a servant, he is brave enough to order me now? She uttered a harrumph and lashed out another slap onto the Longhu Ancestor Beast’s head and stood behind Qin Nan, leaving a helpless expression on the Longhu Ancestor Beast’s face.

The ambiance of the scene grew heavy as everyone switched their focus onto Qin Nan’s figure.

This was because, despite the presence of the Martial Ancestor Realm experts and the Hall Leaders, Qin Nan was the real protagonist of the event.

“Qin Nan…”

The Disciplinary Hall Leader who was sent flying by the Longhu Ancestor Beast uttered a roar as his blood-covered body rose from the ground.

The Longhu Ancestor Beast instantly let out an unsatisfied harrumph, which caused the figure of the Disciplinary Hall Leader to shudder, who almost fell to the ground.

“Disciplinary Hall Leader, are you trying to kill me?” Qin Nan stared at him while asking in a calm tone.

“Yeah, I’m planning to kill you. I will crush you into pieces, and rip out every bone from your body. I’ll let you suffer to the extreme so that you will beg me for a quick death…” Hearing Qin Nan’s words, the Disciplinary Hall Leader reminded himself of his son’s death, resulting in an immense pain in his heart, which caused his body to tremble as he spoke while clenching his teeth.

“Haha.” Qin Nan let out a hollow laugh and said in a cold tone under the crowd’s gaze, “Your son, for no reason at all, came to my residence to rob me. He even abused his power and accused my friends of betraying the sect! He then agreed to a duel at the Hall of Life and Death, in which only one side would survive! Killing him means that I have killed my enemythe unjust. I have done everything while following the rules, how am I doing the wrong thing?”

Killing the unjust!

It was as if the words were implanted with some sort of magic, leaving utter astonishment in the hearts of the crowd!

The Disciplinary Hall Leader held his breath as his expression turned furious, indicating that he had lost his rational thinking, “So what? Your friends are nothing but mere ants, does it matter if they are wrongly accused? The Martial World follows the law of jungle, not to mention the fact that they are perfectly unharmed. However, it’s a fact that you have killed my son, despite the fact that it was only an insignificant conflict, you are the one who is vicious…”

“Shut up!”

Qin Nan uttered a yell, as he had no intention of wasting his time talking bullshit. Since mere words could not justify himself, the only way he could accomplish it was by using the saber in his hand.

Qin Nan scanned his surroundings and said, “It’s time for this farce to come to an end! We’ll settle it with the rules of the Mystic Spirit Sect. Anyone below the Martial Emperor Realm is welcomed to have a fair battle of life and death with me! As for those above the Martial Emperor Realm, you are more than welcome to challenge those two behind me!”

Qin Nan raised his saber and said, “Anyone here dares to fight?”

A strong battle intent was fired into the sky!

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Editor: DOCuinn


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