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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 235


Chapter 235: Chapter 235 - Are You Trying to Abuse Your Numbers

Chapter 235 - Are You Trying to Abuse Your Numbers?

Following the words, a ‘shoosh’ was heard as an old white-eyebrowed man landed from above.

His entry instantly caused many among the crowd to shudder violently and blurted out.

“He is the first elder of the inner disciples!”

“Why is he here, is he here to help the leader of the Disciplinary Hall?”


Following this, a few other ‘shooshes’ were heard as numerous Martial Emperor Realm experts arrived at the scene.

The disciples and elders at the Hall of Life and Death lost their ground after seeing this.

“It’s the first elder of the outer disciples!”

“That’s the third elder of the inner disciples!”

“Isn’t that the Vice-Leader of the Hall of Fame? And the Vice-Leader of the Disciplinary Hall?”


In just a period shorter than five breaths’ time, eight authorities arrived at the scene in a continuous fashion.

At that instant, the disciples and elders among the crowd finally realized that this Disciplinary Hall Leader was definitely going crazy!

“It’s been a long time since I’ve had the chance to witness such a magnificent scene.” At that moment, a calm voice could be heard, as an old man wearing a luxurious robe was seen approaching the crowd from the entrance.

As soon as he appeared, the previous eight authorities wore respectful expressions as they brought their fists together, “Greetings, Leader of the Skills Library!”

The words served as a series of hammering striking down on the hearts of the crowd!

The Skills Library Leader was here too!

“Old man, how are you always one step ahead of me?” Following a pleasant voice, a gorgeous middle-aged woman appeared in front of the crowd.

“Greetings, Leader of the Hall of Fame!” The eight authorities brought their fists together once again.

At that instant, the crowd’s mind went blank, unable to describe their feelings.

Four Hall Leaders and eight authorities. Such a grand scene just because of a mere duel!

With the Hall of Life and Death being the center, within five miles from it, there were at least over one hundred elders and one thousand disciples surrounding the place.

The Disciplinary Hall Leader had totally lost his mind, who did not care about anything else as he glared at the Leader of the Hall of Life and Death, “I know that your cultivation has reached the half-Martial Ancestor Realm. I would treat you respectfully usually, but today you have to step aside. Qin Nan must die!”

The eyes of the Leaders of the Hall of Fame and the Skills Library glistened, as their bodies began to emit a stream of battle intent.

The eight authorities stood behind them, whose Qi rumbled within their bodies like surging rivers, ready to execute their strongest attack at any time.

The Leader of the Hall of Life and Death wore a calm expression as if he was not aware of the battle which could break out at any second now, “There are rules here in the Hall of Life and Death. Since Qin Nan did not break the rules, I will not allow anyone to harm Qin Nan, even if the Sect Leader were to be here today!”

With a flick of his wrist, he grabbed the murderous spear in his hand once again and faced the authorities on his own.

“Great, I’m impressed by your backbone!”

The Disciplinary Hall Leader burst out laughing. He had not expected this guy to be so stubborn. Without a second thought, he took a step forward, as a Martial Emperor Realm aura burst out from his body.

“We shall lend a hand!”

The Leaders of the Hall of Fame and the Skills Library both uttered a shout, who performed a mystical gesture with their hands and together with the Disciplinary Hall Leader, formed a triangular formation surrounding the Leader of the Hall of Life and Death in the middle.

The Leader of the Hall of Life and Death had indeed reached the half-Martial Ancestor Realm, who held the spear in his hand and executed shocking spear attacks as if there was endless force residing within his aging body. He even managed to get the upper hand while battling against three hall leaders at the same time.

“Three Hall Leaders, allow us to lend a hand!”

After observing the situation, the eight authorities did not hesitate to lash out powerful attacks and joined the battle.

A terrifying brawl instantly took place, as countless explosions took place in the space above the Hall of Life and Death, causing the entire hall to tremble vigorously.

The elders and disciples inside the Hall of Life and Death were utterly frightened after receiving the impact of the battle’s shockwaves. Some of them instantly executed their movement techniques and swiftly left the scene, keeping a distance away from the shocking battle. Those with higher cultivations were not willing to miss such a great opportunity, and executed their defensive techniques while observing the fight. After all, it was such a rare chance to be able to witness a battle of such a scale. That being said, the spectators were being flung around too like lotuses floating on a great surge, who had no choice but to follow the waves.

Only Qin Nan was able to stand firmly on the platform despite the fact that he was right under where the battle was taking place.

At that instant, within five miles of the Hall of Life and Death, over a thousand elders and disciples—either floating in mid-air or standing on the ground—were utterly astounded watching the battle.

“It seems like the battle is currently at a draw, although the Leader of the Hall of Life and Death is fighting three Hall Leaders and eight authorities by himself!”

“This Leader of the Hall of Life and Death is exceedingly powerful. I did not expect such an expert to remain hidden within the Mystic Spirit Sect.”

“Damn it, what charm does this Qin Nan has, that the Leader of the Hall of Life and Death is so fond of him? I don’t believe that he is just trying to protect the rules!”

“Sigh, I have no idea how this battle is going to end!”


While the crowd was immersed in their discussions, a sudden explosion took place. Following it, an old woman appeared.

Her entry caused many among the crowd to blurt out once again!

“Leader of the Treasure Vault, she is here too!”

“This, this, this, apart from the Sect Leader, all five Hall Leaders have gathered here!”


The Mystic Spirit Sect consisted of six main halls, which were the Sect Leader’s Hall, the Hall of Fame, the Treasure Vault, the Skills Library, the Hall of Life and Death and the Disciplinary Hall. The Sect Leader was the Hall Leader of the Sect Leader’s Hall.

As such, a small duel ended up gathering five Hall Leaders here. It was definitely a rare sight over the past thirty years.

In the midst of their astonishment, the inner elders and disciples were having a different thought. Are these five Hall Leaders here because of a tiny duel?

“Leader of the Hall of Life and Death, why are you being so stubborn? Qin Nan is too full of himself, with a lawless attitude. He should have been killed a long time ago!” The Leader of the Treasure Vault instantly revealed her intention of wanting Qin Nan dead as soon as she hafd arrived.

The Leaders of the Hall of Fame and the Skills Library secretly exchanged glances with one another, without saying anything.

“The Hall of Life and Death has its own rules. Even if the Sect Leader was here, I would not change my decision!” The Leader of the Hall of Life and Death remained expressionless as he continued to fling his spear.

“Let’s fight then!”

The eyes of the Leader of the Treasure Vault flickered, who immediately joined the battle and combined her attacks with the other three hall leaders, while supporting the attacks of the eight authorities, resulting in a thoroughly calculated formation with a terrifying power.

At that instant, the tide of the battle was changed, as one attack after another landed onto the Leader of the Hall of Life and Death’s body.

The Leader of the Hall of Life and Death let out a painful moan, as a trail of blood could be seen flowing out from his mouth.

Although his cultivation was indeed outstanding, he could not hold out any longer facing the attacks from four hall leaders and eight authorities.

In the nick of time, he immediately uttered a cry, “Qin Nan, leave at once. I’ll handle everything here!”

“In your dreams!”

The Leader of the Treasure Vault took out an object and flicked it with her finger.

The object turned out to be a giant web emitting seven colors. After it was fired, it became alive and emitted a surprisingly bright glow, which encapsulated the figure of the Leader of the Hall of Life and Death, who was unable to break himself free despite trying his best.

“This is the Seven-Colored Emperor Sealing Web. Although it is only a Xiantian Weapon, it can apprehend a Martial Dominator for a period of three breaths’ time, and a Martial Ancestor for a period of thirty breaths’ time!” The Leader of the Treasure Vault said in a harsh tone, “What are you guys waiting for, kill Qin Nan now!”

At that instant, the four Hall Leaders and eight authorities, with the Disciplinary Hall Leader as their leader, landed onto the platform and gazed at Qin Nan.

It was not the first time the Hall Leaders had met Qin Nan, but this was the first time since they had declared their loyalty toward the Sect Leader. Hence, their only aim was to kill him.


The suppression from the twelve people alone caused the platform to vibrate vigorously, as cracks were formed on its surface.

“Qin Nan, die!”

The eyes of the Disciplinary Hall Leader glistened upon seeing the person who had killed his son, who uttered a roar and attacked.

In this moment of life and death, a hysterical smile appeared on Qin Nan’s face, “Well, well, well, four hall leaders and eight authorities are all here just to eliminate me! Princess Miao Miao, Longhu Ancestor Beast, how long are you guys planning to wait!”

In this final moment, Qin Nan let out a shout.


In the sky above the Hall of Life and Death, a thunderous explosion was heard, as a huge stormy cloud enclosed the ten miles around the Hall of Life and Death, bringing total darkness to the area.

Everyone was startled at that instant, causing them to raise their heads.

A huge dragon head poked out from the stormy clouds, whose ferocious pair of glowing dragon eyes glanced downward at the crowd, emitting a thunderous voice from its bloody mouth, “Are you trying to bully Qin Nan by abusing your numbers?”

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